GDK 703: Beaten black and blue

Han Shuo did not expect that so coincidentally, just a few days after his Celestial Pearl Pharmacy opened its doors for business his first few customers besides Carmelita and Andre would be this bunch from the House of Lavers.

Cage, Teng Fei and Eve, who were walking into the shop, did not pay much attention to Andre and Carmelita whose backs they were facing. They thought that the two were just random, ordinary customers.

A thought crossed Han Shuo’s mind when he saw the three enter. He put on a mischievous smile and said, “Sorry, the shop is closed for business right now. Please leave!”

“How could a shop be closed for business when the front doors are wide open?!” Teng Fei said with a warm smile. They did not leave as Han Shuo had instructed but walked further into the shop.

“You scum, don’t you assume that because you and elder sister Donna have gotten friendly that you can think so highly of yourself. Let me tell you this, as long as you are not in our House of Lavers, not even elder sister Donna can protect you!” Cage was born arrogant and naturally did not care about Han Shuo’s instructions. He continued to march inside with large strides.

Andre who was facing Han Shuo revealed feelings of displeasure on his face. However, he did not turn around. Carmelita’s face, meanwhile, was filled with loathing. With her back facing the three, she coldly groaned, “Uncultured bunch, he has said that the shop is not open for business. What are you still walking inside for?”

“And who might you be? Don’t bother intervening in the business of our House of Lavers!” That pretty, young lady Eve did not forget to once again announce her family name.

But unfortunately for her, she did not know that she was, in fact, talking to the infamous woman of the House of Sainte - the demon that no sane person in the City of Shadows would dare offend. The power and influence that Eve had were nothing compared to that which Carmelita possessed, 

“Little whore, so what if you are from the Lavers? Has the City of Shadows become a territory of your House of Lavers?” Carmelita turned around and stared at Eve with her eerie, cold triangular eyes. The terrifying energy on her body faintly overflowed, inducing an immense feeling of intimidation.

That terrifying demeanor that suddenly erupted from Carmelita, coupled with her malevolent and hideous face with ferocious eyes glaring at Eve had frightened her so much that she shrieked, “Monster!”

Nothing could have enraged Carmelita more than that word!

Carmelita’s original intention was merely to intimidate Eve but this word that came out of her mouth had completely infuriated her. It was as though Eve had stabbed her at a sore point deep in her chest.

A shadow flashed through. Nobody saw how it happened but in an instant, Carmelita was buckling Eve by her fair neck. She was raised high into the air. Carmelita stared at Eve with her triangular eyes and questioned coldly, “What did you say? Say it again. I dare you!”

Eve was kicking at the empty air with her legs. Her face was filled with unrestrainable fear. With her neck tightly buckled by Carmelita, she couldn’t utter a word even if she wanted to talk. It was only at this moment that the terrified Eve knew who she was facing. Her heart was even more crammed with terror.

Eve’s older brother, Cage, was perspiring profusely. Seeing that his sister’s life could be taken at any moment, he hastily knelt down on one knee and pleaded piteously, “Miss Carmelita, my little sister is silly and immature. Please forgive her slip of the tongue. We the House of Lavers have been loyal and devoted to assisting the House of Sainte in all kinds of governmental affairs for many years. Your Merciful Ladyship, please spare her for the sake of our Lavers Family!”

Teng Fei who came along with the siblings was long aware of the reputation of this devilish woman. He too was growing anxious. But as he wasn’t an inhabitant of the City of Shadows, his words carried no weight here. He could only stare at Carmelita in shock and silence.

“Ahem…” Andre gently cleared his throat after turning around. He first bunched his brows and looked at Cage drenched in cold sweat. Shortly after, he turned to the maddened Carmelita and advised, “The House of Lavers has indeed performed well all these years. Although this young lady is wrong to have spoken so offensively and should be taught a lesson, she is not to be killed.”

“I know I’m ugly, but for so many years, never has anyone had the guts to say those words right to my face. Today, however, I could not have foreseen that I would run into someone so unafraid of death. Hehe… good… very good. You said I look like a monster? Well then, let’s make you look like one as well!” Carmelita said with an evil grin smeared across her face. A knife appeared in her grasp out of nowhere as she threatened to disfigure Eve.

It was only at this moment that Han Shuo recognized just how domineering and menacing Carmelita was. He used to be rather skeptical about some of the hearsay regarding Carmelita because, in all this while, Han Shuo had only seen the good side of Carmelita. After witnessing Carmelita having no qualms about disfiguring Eve of the Lavers Family, Han Shuo finally realized why every person in the City of Shadows was so terrified of her.

Han Shuo sighed. He knew that he had to step in. No matter the offense that Eve committed, for the sake of Donna, he could not sit and watch. Otherwise, this might bring about an irreparable crack in their friendly relations.

Han Shuo appeared beside Carmelita in a flash. Before her knife could pierce Eve’s tender skin, Han Shuo unrestrainedly fanned his big hand on Eve’s cheeks. PapPapPap… PapPapPap…  A rhythmic slapping noises started to play. After some time, Eve’s cheeks became as swollen a pig’s head. Anyone would laugh at her appearance.

“Look at her, does that look like the face of a pig?” said Han Shuo to an astonished Carmelita, who was still holding a knife in her hand.

Carmelita’s rage greatly diminished after watching Han Shuo slap this beautiful lady into a pig lady. She couldn’t help but laugh wickedly, saying, “Indeed, she looks just like a gilt! Bryan, you really are quite skillful to make both sides equally swollen. Hehe…”

The terrified Eve was beaten half-conscious by Han Shuo’s slapping. She was in a daze and had absolutely no idea what just happened. Her eyes were filled with confusion.

“Alright, alright, let’s not waste any more of our time and energy on this type of people. I will drive them out!” Han Shuo said to Carmelita smilingly while casually grabbing Eve from her hands. After the round of slapping, Carmelita’s mood improved a little. She did not continue with her plan of disfiguring Eve but loosened her grasp for Han Shuo.

Han Shuo heaved a sigh of relief. After taking the muddle-headed Eve from Carmelita, he pushed her at the startled Cage. While winking at Cage, he shouted furiously, “This shop has yet to officially open for business! Go away!”

Cage was jolted by Han Shuo’s loud shout and he hastily caught the staggering Eve. After giving Han Shuo a strange look, he started exiting the shop with Eve and did not look back. Teng Fei stared blankly for a moment before he gave Han Shuo an amiable smile and left with the siblings.

Soon after the three left the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy, Eve at last sobered up from the daze. She shrieked and cried loudly at once, perhaps because she discovered her new pig-like face. She was blurting out something as she cried mournfully. After focusing his attention to listen in for a while, Han Shuo heard something about wanting to kill him. Han Shuo sneered and inwardly remarked that Eve was indeed so brainless to not realize that she was rescued.

After the trio left some distance away, Andre turned to Han Shuo and gave him a look of praise. It was only natural that a character as influential and powerful as him could make out the true intentions behind Han Shuo’s assault on Eve. The House of Lavers was a considerably big family clan in the City of Shadows. If Carmelita was to disfigure Eve for a matter as small as this, it would appear as though the House of Sainte was overly oppressive. Han Shuo’s sudden intervention had indirectly helped him. This improved the favorable impression Andre had towards Han Shuo. He noted that although Han Shuo’s strength was poor, his conduct and judgment was worthy of praise.

“Count her unlucky. If you did not turn her into a pig head, I would have turned her into a real monster!” Carmelita said angrily.

“Alright, I believe that’s all the business we will do for today. And you, you have a medicine to try so I’ll let you go!” Han Shuo said in all smiles. He was very casual when talking with Carmelita.

Carmelita was dying to know the efficacy of Han Shuo’s medicine. Therefore, after hearing those words, she nodded and replied, “I will go try it immediately!” Carmelita thanked Han Shuo and returned to the Sainte Residence excitedly, leaving her uncle Andre behind.

Andre was very understanding of his niece’s temperament and naturally wouldn’t take offense about it. After watching Carmelita hastily leave Han Shuo’s Celestial Pearl Pharmacy, Andre turned around and smiled at Han Shuo. He nodded and said, “Young man, I owe you thanks. If it wasn’t for your quick-witted response, that young lady would likely have been disfigured. Although my House of Sainte isn’t afraid if that happens, it nonetheless will trouble us. We might even be accused of bullying the House of Lavers.”

“When I first arrived on Elysium, Miss Donna of the Lavers Family was very caring of me. Although the few of them might be prejudiced against me, for Donna’s sake, I cannot stand and do nothing. You don’t have to thank me. I only did it because I don’t want to go against my conscience,” Han Shuo told the truth as it was. He did not intervene to help Andre and the Sainte Family.

However, after hearing Han Shuo’s explanation, Andre became even more admiring of Han Shuo. He praised, “Very good! Repaying kindness is a virtue. It’s excellent that you adhere to this virtue! Carmelita has indeed found a worthy friend. Right, don’t worry, I will go say hello to the patriarch of the Lavers Family. That young guy named Cage is no fool either and he should know you did so out of good intentions. They likely won’t give you trouble for it.”

“I hope so!” while Eve was leaving, Han Shuo had heard her repeatedly shout about killing him while weeping grievously. Although he had saved her from being disfigured, if she was not wise enough to see that and instead selectively remember being slapped, well, it was really hard to say if she would give him trouble!

“Alright, no matter what, I owe you one for this favor of yours. I should make a move now. Goodbye,” Andre said smilingly and waved his hand as he departed from the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy.

There were many more who entered the shop after Andre and Carmelita left. However, as the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy did not have a reputation yet, with the described effects of the medicinal pellet sounding exaggerated to most people, on top of the expensive price tag, although there had been much human traffic, no one was willing to spend so many black crystal coins to make a purchase, not even the cheapest Pill of Rejuvenation.

However, Han Shuo did not feel anxious about it. He believed that with Carmelita’s promotion and with Andre’s assistance, those medicinal pellets he refined with utmost care would one day sell like cupcakes. He even believed that the day wouldn’t be too distant.

As to express his gratitude for Carmelita’s assistance, Han Shuo refined a few medicinal pellets for eliminating toxins from her body. Once those medicines took effect, Carmelita’s unsightly skin would see some improvement. Given how active and involved she was in the City of Shadows, it wouldn’t take long before the entire city learned of his Celestial Pearl Pharmacy.

Most of those gods who entered Han Shuo’s shop would be shocked by the astronomical prices. Even some of those gods with sufficient purchasing power were unwilling to risk their money, as they had no idea if they would be that efficacious. Therefore, for five days straight, although many had walked into Han Shuo’s shop, not a single one of them purchased a thing.

Han Shuo would sit on the first floor and rest his eyes when it was empty. Sometimes, he would be silently watching the people walking around his shop or explain to the potential customers every now and then. He lived in leisure during those initial days. 

Then one day, a beautiful woman walked into the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy. She had long brown hair that trailed over her shoulders, dark, luscious eyebrows, bright eyes, a tall nose, and bright red lips. She had a pair of beautiful slender legs. She carried a modest but elegant and refined quality. In that sky-blue skin-tight battle suit, the wonderful curves and contours of her body were clearly emphasized.

Having lived in the City of Shadows for some time, Han Shuo had come across a lot of women. However, he had only seen a few who were as beautiful as she was. Perhaps only Donna’s appearance could compare to hers. Although Han Shuo was rather surprised to see such a beautiful woman walk into his pharmacy, he did not behave particularly passionately. He merely continued to sit leisurely and carefreely in his seat while looking over his shop.

After the beauty entered the shop, a party of young men who seemed to be her suitors followed and dispersed around her as though she was the center of the universe. Those men too were wearing battle suits. They seemed to have just come out from a gymnasium.

“Miss Jiya, why would you come into a shop like this? The way I see it, this shop is complete bullshit. I truly can’t understand how they would have the guts to sell all these medicines at such an ungodly price!” a golden-haired young man with a handsome appearance and a tall and straight body scornfully remarked after seeing the price tags.

However, that beauty named Jiya did not pay attention to the words of that golden-haired young man. She looked around with her beautiful eyes before resting her gaze on Han Shuo. She faintly smiled and asked in a rather interested manner, “Excuse me, are you the owner of this pharmacy?”

Han Shuo nodded but did not stand up to welcome her. He replied in a casual manner, “Yes, I am. The medicines all have clearly marked prices and the functions are clearly written on them so I will not waste words explaining. Please help yourself. If you’d like to purchase, you may do so with crystal coins. But if you are skeptical of their efficacy, you may leave the pharmacy silently. Thank you for your cooperation,” Han Shuo had tried being enthusiastic to his potential customers a few days before. However, in the end, not a single person was willing to spend money. Therefore, he has now becoming too lazy to make any unnecessary explanation. He had decided to count on Carmelita to promote his pharmacy instead.

However, Han Shuo’s indifferent and arrogant attitude seemed rather strange to these people. In every shop, the owner would try to sell as many things in their shop as quickly as possible and they would be very enthusiastic towards any potential customer. Han Shuo’s apathetic and inattentive attitude, in fact, seemed rather insulting to these people.

“Are you actually doing business?” That beauty named Jiya obviously did not anticipate that there would be a shop owner like Han Shuo and never thought that he would be so impolite. She immediately called him out with baffled eyes.

Merely in lowgod realm, weak, no symbol of any big family clan. He should be an outsider as I have never seen him before. Is he trying to do business or not? Jiya thought as she looked at Han Shuo.

“Oi, you there, do you do business or do you not? The City of Shadows is big but I have never met any shop owner as arrogant as you. You are new to the city, aren’t you? You obviously are, because you did not even recognize Miss Jiya! Have you not heard of the House of Kinson?” that golden-haired man was displeased by Han Shuo’s arrogance.

Kinson Family, one of the five major family clans. Oh, no wonder… So this is her…  After being reminded by the golden-haired man, Han Shuo immediately recalled about Jiya’s identity.

She was the daughter of the patriarch of the Kinson Family. She cultivated in the energy of fighting aura and possessed late-stage midgod strength. She was one of the well-known youngsters in the City of Shadows.

Jiya wasn’t just famous for her beauty. She was also known for going against the wishes of her family for her to cultivate in either the energy of death, destruction, or darkness. Instead, she cultivated in the energy of fighting aura which was not as mainstream on Elysium. But nonetheless, her cultivation of fighting aura was fruitful, exceeding many others of her age.

Jiya who had cultivated to late-stage midgod realm was more powerful than Donna who was at midstage midgod realm although being younger than Donna. This alone was very impressive. In the City of Shadows, Jiya was only second to Carmelita in terms of talent. 

“Of course I have heard of the Kinson Family. But still, such is the practice of my shop. The price and uses are written very clearly so I don’t think that there is anything that I need to explain. If you wish to buy something, go ahead. If you don’t, just leave the shop, lest you get in the way of other customers,” Han Shuo said unhurriedly. He was calm and unperturbed.

“How, how dare you talk to me like that! Say that again and I’ll tear your shop down!” that golden-haired young man, not wanting to appear weak before Jiya, suddenly shouted furiously. He thought that Han Shuo was a newcomer to the city and has no one to back him.

Han Shuo squinted his eyes. In an eerie and cold expression, he replied, “Do it. I dare you.”


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