GDK 718: Touch him and I will kill you!

Han Shuo crouched and pressed his hand on the victim’s back to probe his body conditions. The news of Han Shuo saving Carmelita’s life two days earlier had spread throughout the entire City of Shadows. Had Rugersey not been aware of it, he likely wouldn’t have allowed Han Shuo anywhere near his nephew.

The victim was in between Han Shuo and Rugersey and therefore he couldn’t clearly observe what Han Shuo was doing.

Han Shuo’s demonic yuan moved into the person’s body like multiple formless little snakes, attempting to locate the root cause of the problem. Han Shuo was very clear about the composition and effects of his Pill of Tranquility. And with the help of his miraculous demonic yuan, he quickly figured out the situation.

“This is not right!” Han Shuo creased his brows and exclaimed in a deep voice, “There is a compound in his body which is causing his body to spasm. I’m sure that this compound will never appear in any Pill of Tranquility I refine. Did he take some other medicine with it?”

“I… I didn”t…” The boy on the floor spoke in a very weak voice and had difficulty speaking.

“You are trying to shift the blame, aren’t you?” Rugersey shouted as soon as his nephew denied taking another medicine. Obviously, he had no trust in Han Shuo.

“Impossible!” Han Shuo coldly shouted, “It is absolutely impossible that my medicine contained this compound. There must be something wrong elsewhere!”

“My, My Lord!” it was at this moment that a divine guard suddenly rushed into the building.

Rugersey was about to explode. He gave the flustered divine guard a slap across his face before asking, “What is it?!”

After stopping himself from stumbling with difficulty, ignoring the drop of blood flowing from the corner of his mouth, the divine guard anxiously answered, “A divine guard suffered injuries at a gymnasium. After he consumed a Pill of Rejuvenation that belonged to Gilco, not only did he fail to stabilize his injuries, he died on the spot!”

Han Shuo’s face went cold as soon as he heard those words.

Rugersey became exceptionally enraged. He glared at Han Shuo and shouted, “Tell me again how this isn’t a problem with your medicine! This has happened not just once, but twice! There is no room for you to disavow your responsibility. Men, seize him!”

“Lord Rugersey!” Anito immediately cried out softly and intended to remind him that Han Shuo was under the protection of Erebus and Andre.

“No need to warn me! Even if Erebus and Andre are here, I will still proceed with capturing him and I will handle all the blame. Seize this youngster immediately and for a start, break his arms and legs. I will personally look for Erebus and Andre later. I want to see how they will defend this big conman!” Rugersey was so angry that he could no longer be reasoned with.

After hearing Rugersey’s instructions, those divine guards of the Sixth Corps no longer hesitated. Immediately, they surrounded Han Shuo and pointed their divine weapons at Han Shuo.  

Han Shuo was infuriated to hear Rugersey wanting to break his arms and legs. It was obvious to him that there was something fishy about the matter and yet, not only did Rugersey refuse to listen to all explanation, he jumped straight to condemning Han Shuo as a conman and wanted to punish him. His actions had violated certain regulations of the City of Shadows.

Han Shuo wasn’t afraid of Rugersey’s threats. Using the insane rejuvenation ability of his body, Han Shuo could even regrow his organs if they were completely obliterated. Clearly, reconnecting broken bones could not be more effortless for Han Shuo. Besides, Han Shuo was curious if the attacks of those midgod divine guards could make a ding to his Invincible Omen Body.

Even though breaking his arms and legs would do him nearly no harm, Han Shuo could not put up with being insulted like that. Immediately and secretly, he assembled the energy in his body in preparation to resist those divine guards. He inwardly thought that in the worst possible scenario - if the matter escalated to the point where even the House of Sainte could not shield him, he would just leave the City of Shadows. Han Shuo believed that he would still be able to prosper outside the City of Shadows, even though it may take some time to rebuild his reputation.

But before Han Shuo could do a thing, Andrina, who had been watching coldly all along, suddenly sprang into action. A splendid radiance circled around Han Shuo. All the divine weapons pointing at Han Shuo suddenly exploded, throwing those divine guards of the Sixth Corps holding the weapons flying into the distance.

The ice-cold Andrina stood proudly before Han Shuo. She kept silent as she stared fixedly at Rugersey with her pair of murderous eyes.

“Er…” Anito, who was about to persuade Rugersey not to use force, stared and gaped just as Han Shuo did. Neither of them knew how to react to the sudden and unforeseen turn of events.

“Who… who are you? How dare you hurt my Sixth Corps! Rebel, you are making enemies with the City of Shadows!” Rugersey, as the Chief the Sixth Corps, wasn’t one to admit defeat easily. Although he too was momentarily startled by the strength displayed by Andrina, he soon came to his senses and assigned guilt to Andrina in a practiced manner.

“If you touch him, I will kill you!” Andrina said with a bone-chilling voice as she stared coldly at Rugersey.

Rugersey, who was prepared to strike, felt as though he was affected by a bizarre energy field in an instant. The next moment, an immense sense of danger surged into his mind. It was so intense that he thought of taking a few steps backward. A shiver traveled through his heart.

After keeping silent for some time, Han Shuo finally said, “We will leave!” He glanced coldly at the indecisive Rugersey and said, “Give me some time, I will get to the bottom of this matter. I dare assure you that there is no issue with my medicine at all!”

“He has injured so many of our divine guards, don’t let him escape!” a member of the Kisa Family appeared out of nowhere and shouted from a distance.

No one answered the shout. All the divine guards of the Sixth Corps gazed at Rugersey, waiting for him to make a decision.

At this moment, Han Shuo had started walking towards the exit with Andrina. However, they were on high alert, ready to deal with any sudden attack from the House of Kisa.

Rugersey who had been staring at Andrina silently for a long time suddenly sprung into action. This early-stage highgod of death charged at her like a savage beast.

In midair, Rugersey’s face suddenly turned as pale as paper and his entire figure shrank and thinned. A piece of bone appeared in his hand with a flash. A domain of divinity of death enveloped the area and following that, the bone shot towards Andrina with a trail of ghostly light.

Chilling rays glistened from Andrina’s eyes as though she was scorning on Rugersey. Her body and even her little dress suddenly became as sparkling and translucent as gemstones. Before the crowd could see what was happening, an intense energy fluctuation erupted from her body. Something that seemed to be a vortex whirled out from her body and violently struck Rugersey’s body.

Rumbles… The sound of an explosion accompanied the burst of blinding light.

Rugersey withdrew at a speed even faster than he had charged forward. He returned to the same place where he originally stood with an expression of disbelief.

The radiance in Andrina’s eyes grew even more chilling. She took several deep breaths while staring fixedly at Rugersey and suddenly, dazzling light yet again glowed from her body. She had charged towards Rugersey.

Andrina acted too fast. At this point in time, even if Han Shuo wanted to, he was powerless in stopping the fight. Seeing that a battle to the death was unavoidable, Han Shuo started to consider which path he should take to leave the City of Shadows. 

Suddenly, out of the blue, a pair of shadows descended beside Rugersey.

An enormous explosion sounded from the intense darkness. Then, when the darkness scattered, two people were revealed to be standing beside Rugersey. One of them was Andre, whom Han Shuo was familiar with. Han Shuo did not expect that Andre would show up here at this time. The other person beside Rugersey was a gentleman in pitch-dark armor who then cried out in surprise, “So powerful! Who is this little girl?” He stared at Andrina appalled.

Andrina gasped for air and withdrew back to Han Shuo in an instant. She grabbed onto Han Shuo’s hand and said softly, “My injuries have not completely recovered. I cannot defeat all three at once!”

“It’s okay, they are not here to fight,” Han Shuo soothed Andrina and from a distance, he respectfully bowed, “Greetings, Lord Andre, Lord Erebus,” Han Shuo figured out the identity of that gentleman as soon as he heard his voice. Back when he had been trapped by Brovst, Han Shuo had heard Erebus’ voice. As one who was mindful of powerful figures, Han Shuo remembered the voice by heart.

Andre and Erebus snapped out from their dazes after hearing Han Shuo’s greeting. They nodded to Han Shuo in response. Erebus then put on an amicable and fascinated smile and said to Han Shuo, “Thank you for your medicines. They are truly miraculous!”

“Miraculous?! Two people in my family have fallen victim to his poison! Erebus, Lord Andre, even if this youngster is under your protection, you must be fair and uphold justice for me!” Rugersey yelled angrily.

“Bryan, what is going on exactly?” Andre held an extremely favorable impression towards Han Shuo. And now, after discovering that the little girl beside Han Shuo was an expert with unfathomable strength, Han Shuo’s importance in his mind increased yet another level higher.

“Two from the House of Kisa took my medicines and had adverse reactions. I have examined this guy and discovered that there is another type of compound present in his body, which I’m certain did not originate from my Pill of Tranquility. Before I could explain the situation, a second person was reported dead after taking my medicine. Rugersey arbitrarily asserted that it must be my medicine that caused it. He refused to listen to any reasoning and wanted to break my arms and legs…” Han Shuo briefly explained.

Throughout the explanation, the gazes of Andre, Erebus, Rugersey and even the divine guards of the House of Kisa, lingered on Andrina who was holding Han Shuo’s hand.

After a while, Andre gently cleared his throat and said to the furious Rugersey, “Something is fishy about this. I don’t think that it had to do with Bryan. Many in the city have taken his medicines and they are all doing just fine. The Sainte Family and divine guards under Erebus have all been safe and sound - two of us can confirm this. Thus, it is much more likely that something is wrong with those two in your family clan.”

“How is that possible?” Rugersey shouted. However, his voice started to lack confidence.

Rugersey, after seeing the exchange of glances between Han Shuo and Andre, suddenly realized that he had miscalculated on one thing. He originally assumed that the friendship between Han Shuo and the House of Sainte was shallow. He thought that Andre and Erebus would favor him over a small little lowgod. However, it was now obvious to him that the two were protective of Han Shuo and were on Han Shuo’s side. This forced Rugersey to reconsider his approach.

“We should investigate the matter further before any discussion of upholding justice,” said Erebus.

“Bryan, you said that this person has a compound in his body which doesn’t belong to your Pill of Tranquility, right?” Andre asked Han Shuo smilingly. He could see that Rugersey was slowly lacking in confidence.

“It definitely doesn’t belong in my medicine. I am certain that the Pill of Tranquility he consumed was either tampered with, or he is lying, or he had taken some other medicine!” Han Shuo said confidently.

“There is someone else, isn’t there? Why don’t we check his condition as well?” Andre was trusting in Han Shuo and turned to ask Rugersey.

“Get his body over here!” Rugersey, under Andre’s watchful eye, instructed unwillingly. 

Soon enough, a body was carried to the scene by divine guards from the Sixth Corps. Han Shuo leaned forward and carefully examined the body before he said assuredly, “This person also has another compound in his body which definitely isn’t inside my Pill of Rejuvenation!”

“Oi, can you still talk? Try to recall, other than yourself, did anyone touch the medicine you consumed?” the gentlemanly Erebus suddenly crouched beside the person who was twitching on the floor and asked while looking at him with cold eyes.

Rugersey’s nephew was obviously rather flustered to be stared at by Erebus. His body trembled for a moment before he seemed to recall something and said, “Gilco, Gilco wanted my Pill of Rejuvenation in exchange for this Pill of Tranquility. I heard from uncle that the Pill of Tranquility is much more expensive than the Pill of Rejuvenation and so I agreed to exchange it!”

“The Pill of Rejuvenation this deceased divine guard ate was also given by Gilco, wasn’t it?” Han Shuo suddenly grinned and asked.

“Where is this Gilco?” Erebus stood up and asked Rugersey.

“I heard his voice just now. Where is he?” Rugersey looked around puzzlingly before he turned to a divine guard beside him and instructed, “Go look around and bring him in. It probably has nothing to do with him. He is a member of our House of Kisa.” Rugersey’s heart was feeling unsure when he said those words as the clues were not pointing in his favor.

A dozen or more minutes later, several divine guards, wearing anxious expressions, rushed back to the party. The leader hastily reported, “My Lord, Gilco has disappeared, so have the crystal coins in his room!”

Rugersey wasn’t a complete idiot. The expression on his face immediately became anxious after he heard those words. He angrily said, “What is Gilco doing?! How could he disappear at this moment?! Find him!”

“Rugersey, I believe it is now obvious that the problem is with your House of Kisa, not Bryan’s medicines!” Andre raised an eyebrow as he lightly groaned.

“This… this is…” with things having developed to this stage, even Rugersey was clear about what exactly was happening. He seemed embarrassed as he said to Han Shuo, “That… this… Bryan…  I’m sorry… very sorry…”

“Fret not!” Han Shuo replied with a faint smile as though he wasn’t bothered about the matter at all. He got up from his seat, bowed at Andre and Erebus, and announced, “From this day onwards, the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy will conduct no business with your House of Kisa!” upon finishing those words, Han Shuo marched resolutely towards the exit with Andrina.

“Noo…” Rugersey could not feel more remorseful. He realized just how grave his mistake was!


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