GDK 728: Returning home with honor

**Profound Continent.

There were no obvious changes in the environment. The ocean around the Cemetery of Death was still as blue as the sky. Ocean breezes gently blew across his face. The air was refreshing. However, as the elemental energies found on this material plane were just too sparse compared to on Elysium, Han Shuo needed a while to adapt to it.

“The elemental energies are really thin,” Andrina creased her eyebrows and remarked after walking out from the Cemetery of Death, carefully analyzing the surroundings with her eyes closed.

“This place is no Elysium. If the elemental energies here weren’t as low as it is now, there would be a lot more gods in this material plane,” said Han Shuo. He expanded his consciousness and immediately gained a clear glimpse of his surrounding conditions. He suddenly laughed out cheerfully and said, “Come, let’s head to my city!”

The two took to the air and flew towards Brettel City of Lancelot Empire. 

Half a day later, Han Shuo and Andrina appeared on the streets of Brettel City. A live, miniaturized scene of the entire Brettel City was projected into Han Shuo’s mind as soon as he was in the vicinity of the city.

Brettel City seemed to have grown even more prosperous and busy. Every street was packed with horses, carriages, people, and activities. There were a plethora of goods being sold.

A sense of familiarity and homecoming rose from his heart when he again walked the streets of Brettel City. Han Shuo headed towards the City Lord’s Mansion with Andrina.

Brettel City had undergone an enormous transformation during the several dozen years Han Shuo had been away. The City Lord’s mansion was built right at the center of the city. There were squadrons of knights in dark armor proudly standing guard around all sides of the mansion.

Han Shuo’s return had caused a clamor in the City Lord’s mansion. All his acquaintances gathered at the mansion upon receiving news of his return. They would express to Han Shuo their excitement in their own unique ways.

Jack and Dorcas had obviously aged somewhat. As they did not spend time cultivating in edictal forces or elemental energies, they had grown to be middle-aged men. Jack’s kid was even old enough to serve in the military and he was now serving as a knight under Brettel City.

Helen, however, remained as beautiful as always. She had consumed a Rebirth Pill which had preserved her youthfulness. She had advanced to be a Fire Sacred Magus. There was a dazzling halo around her head.

Soon enough, all those characters Han Shuo had been most familiar with arrived. With Dick delivering the news, it did not take long before Emily, Phoebe, Fanny, Jasper, and a long list of females rushed to the mansion via transportation facilities in various big cities.

The ladies wept emotionally when they finally reunited with Han Shuo after all those years. They would call Han Shuo an unfeeling person.

After spending some time consoling them, these ladies who possessed extraordinary statuses in Lancelot Empire finally regained control over their minds that were thrown into chaos. They then started conversing with Han Shuo.

Just as expected, the Lancelot Empire became the mightiest nation on Profound Continent. The Oden Empire, Brut Merchant Alliance, and Kasi Empire had all been annexed. Lawrence’s dream of uniting Profound Continent under his rule was now a reality.

Following the accords, what remained of the Church of Light and Shrine of Ice retreated to remote and desolate lands. They no longer recruited for more disciples and no longer conducted any religious activities on Profound Continent. During the several dozen years, they exited the stage that was Profound Continent.

Nowadays, in the Lancelot Empire, there were only followers of the Druidic Order, Calamity Church, and a great majority who worshiped and prayed to Han Shuo. The new situation on Profound Continent was ideal in every way. 

Gilbert, Stratholme the old monster, the Emperor of Flames, Elizabeth, Sanguis, Bollands, Trunks, and others had also rushed to the mansion after receiving the news.

Han Shuo gathered with these people he was familiar with at the largest hall of the City Lord’s Mansion.

“My friends, I’m really happy that we could all meet again and gather here after so many years. Today, we shall drink till we pass out!” Han Shuo gave a toast.

The party went on for three days. After the crowd sobered up from the hangover, Han Shuo finally began talking business. He slowly explained the differences between Profound Continent and Elysium to everyone, “The elemental energy on Profound Continent is too thin and scant in all kinds of resources. Its inhabitants are primitive in the cultivation of elemental energies.”

The crowd carefully listened to Han Shuo’s words. It was the very first time most of these people were learning that there were other worlds out there in this vast universe. Many were astounded to learn that the elemental energies on Elysium were intense and gods were common.

“I have returned to Profound Continent not to stay and will be leaving again soon. This time after I leave, I probably won’t be coming back. Elysium is the most suitable place in the universe for cultivation. I currently own a considerable business in that world and can ensure your safety. If anyone of you wishes to pursue greater strength, tell me and I will take you along to Elysium,” Han Shuo said in a deep voice.

Several dozen years were just too long for an average mortal, and especially so for those who did not spend time and effort on cultivating. These people had put most of their efforts on procreation and raising their young. There were just too many friends and families on Profound Continent that they could not part with. Han Shuo reasoned that some might not be willing to move to the other side of the universe with him.

“Master, wherever you go, I’ll follow!” Gilbert immediately declared his stance. He did not hesitate for a moment.

Right after Gilbert, Stratholme the old monster, the Emperor of Flames, Elizabeth, Bollands, Sanguis, and the others whose minds were fixed on obtaining greater strengths excitedly declared that they were willing to leave to the alien world with Han Shuo.

These characters did not have too many things they were unwilling to part with on Profound Continent. Their minds were staunchly fixed on becoming stronger and they had made up their minds as soon as they heard that Elysium was the most suitable place for cultivation.

Although Fanny, Emily, Phoebe, Helen, Lisa, and a few other women of Han Shuo’s had families on Profound Continent that they were unwilling to part with, these ladies were more unwilling to be away from Han Shuo. Therefore, after a moment of hesitation, they too agreed to go with Han Shuo but with the condition that they will be given time to say goodbyes to their families.

Characters like Dorcas and Jack, however, as their goals differed from Han Shuo’s, in addition to the fact that they have wives and children in Brettel City, after spending some time in contemplation, they decided to stay. Trunks who had gotten his vengeance was currently in possession of enormous resources and influence in the Sunshine Valley and the Dark Forest. He had a daughter with Janet the bandit. He too could not part with his possessions and families in this world and therefore decided to stay.

After getting a headcount, Han Shuo gave everyone three months to make all the preparations necessary to depart. They were to gather at Brettel City after three months. If they were absent at that time, they would be considered as having decided to stay.

Knowing that there wouldn’t be much opportunity to meet with Han Shuo in the future, those friends of Han Shuo’s who had decided to stay on Profound Continent did not leave Brettel City but spent as much time and imbibed in as much booze as they could with Han Shuo.

Han Shuo handed the cultivation items he bought on Elysium to his friends who would remain on Profound Continent. These items included the Origin Crystals as well as other keys to becoming gods. These items that were priceless on Profound Continent were given away most charitably. 

Although Han Shuo had originally intended to hand them to Emily and the others, he thought that his friends staying on Profound Continent would have more use for them as these items could easily be purchased on Elysium.

There will always be some sorrow in goodbyes and many decided to get drunk to numb the pain. For more than two months, the City Lord’s Mansion of Brettel City was filled with the stinging scent of alcohol. The fragrance of fine wine could be sniffed from several miles away. Drunken bigwigs could be seen going in and out from the mansion, causing the civilians to raise an eyebrow.

Han Shuo then found time to visit Ossen City to say farewell to King Lawrence of Lancelot Empire. Lawrence was saddened by Han Shuo’s impending departure. However, as the entire Profound Continent was now under his grasp, having Han Shuo around or not didn’t make that much of a difference to his reign. Lawrence, unable to persuade Han Shuo to stay, said his goodbye to Han Shuo most unwillingly.

Candice, Emma, Graeae, Pegasus, and Ayermike Cotton, upon hearing about Elysium, asked Han Shuo to bring them along. Although they were already at the pinnacle on Profound Continent, as people who pursued greater strength tirelessly, they obviously wouldn’t let this opportunity go. They hastily made their preparations and rushed to Brettel City.

***Three months later.

Gilbert, Stratholme the old monster, the Emperor of Flames, Elizabeth, Bollands, Sanguis, Emily, Fanny, Candide, Emma, Graeae, Pegasus, Ayermike Cotton, and the others gathered at Brettel City. With Jack, Trunks, and the others waving them goodbye, they followed behind Han Shuo in flying towards the Cemetery of Death at the Boundless Sea.

As all these people who were going with Han Shuo were people seeking for strength, they all had the ability to fly, which was very convenient. After seven days, the party finally arrived at the island where the Cemetery of Death was located.

“We have visitors!” Andrina gasped before softly warning Han Shuo when they were about to descend on the island.

Han Shuo’s heart jolted and he immediately expanded his consciousness. Right away, he detected that there were five midgods inside the Cemetery of Death. Han Shuo was rather surprised.

“You bunch be careful and stick together!” Han Shuo turned around and softly instructed the party. None of these people heading to Elysium with Han Shuo had even reached lowgod realm. They would be completely helpless in a battle against existences of such level. 

“What’s wrong?” asked Stratholme.

“There could be enemies. Their strengths are way beyond yours. But you don’t have to worry for Andrina and I are here. If they show the slightest trace of evil intention, they will be dead without a doubt!” Han Shuo explained. He asked Andrina to protect the others before he gradually descended on the island alone.

“Haha… We have waited for you for three months. You have finally returned!” a boorish voice came from the center of the Cemetery of Death.

Shortly after, a group of five flew out and revealed themselves. It was obvious from their looks that they had no good intentions in their minds. There were unconcealed intentions to brutally murder showing in their eyes as they stared at Han Shuo and smiled sinisterly.

Han Shuo’s face turned cold. He shouted, “Who are you?”

“Youngster, I don’t know who you are, nor do I care. We were destined to die but for whatever reason, someone transmitted us to this low-level material plane. Hehe, that special someone told us that there is only one lowgod on this low-level material plane. We would be hunted and be killed if we return to Elysium but on this material plane, nobody could touch us. We could do whatever we want, that is, of course, after we finish you,” the leader of the party of five said while looking at Han Shuo with a malevolent smile. When he then noticed Emily, Fanny and the ladies standing behind Han Shuo, he laughed excitedly and remarked, “Not bad, although the people on this material plane are weak, the ladies look very tasty. It’s been a long time since my brothers and I had contact with females. This is wonderful!”

“Dolores sent you here, didn’t he?” Han Shuo wore a dark face as he sized up the gang with a sharp gaze. He quickly managed to deduce the course of events.

“Hehe, it doesn’t matter. From this day forth, we will be the rulers of this material plane. Youngster, consider yourself unlucky!” that man said as he laughed. Those midgods standing behind him were leering at Emily and the ladies with sinister eyes.

“You keep them safe, let me slay this trash!” before Han Shuo could say a word, Andrina, who resented characters of this sort, had charged forward.

“Hehe, it’s a little girl. I like, I like! Brothers, she is mine!” an old man in ragged clothes who cultivated in the energy of darkness rubbed his hands excitedly when he saw Andrina fly towards them.

As the energy Andrina cultivated in did not belong to any of the twelve fundamental forces and she was skilled at concealing her aura, the gang of five had no idea just how lethal Andrina was.

“Leave one alive!” Han Shuo hastily reminded Andrina charging forward with a chilling face.

“I know!” Andrina replied in an annoyed manner and proceeded with charging at the gang. Though it may have appeared that Andrina was a powerless sheep running towards a group of savage tigers, the reality was very much on the contrary. A burst of splendid radiance flew out from her petite body and transformed into five small vortexes which abruptly affected each of the five of them.

With no surprise, they were all minced into fine chunks of flesh that rained down with their blood, except for the boorish leader of the gang who was only skinned. Every inch of his body was covered with blood as he gazed at Andrina with frightened eyes and shrieked, “Spare me, spare my life!”

“Is it Dolores?” Han Shuo, who was standing a distance away, asked calmly after taking the four divine souls into the Cauldron of Myriad Demon.

“I don’t know who Dolores is, but it was an old man called Jeff who sent me here!” that man replied and begged, “Please spare me, we have no quarrels with each other!”

“Alright, he can go now,” Han Shuo said without a trace of mercy in his voice as he gestured with his hand. Han Shuo now knew who was behind the havoc.

Splat! The person exploded. His flesh and blood splattered everywhere.

Those mortals like Ayermike Cotton and Stratholme watching behind Han Shuo were stupefied. As the gang of five did not conceal any of their terrifying auras, Ayermike Cotton and the others had trouble breathing in their presence. And yet, Andrina, who looked like a normal little girl, finished them off with seemingly no effort. They were greatly astounded. 

“Oh no, the interplanar transportation matrix has been wrecked!” Andrina suddenly cried out in surprise.

“What?!” Han Shuo jolted and shrieked.

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