GDK 729: A forgotten person

The Cemetery of Death was in a complete mess. The interplanar transportation matrix was wrecked and most definitely unable to conduct interplanar transmission.

It appeared that the gang of five was afraid that those from Elysium might pursue them and therefore, for good measure, destroyed the interplanar transportation matrix as soon as they arrived on Profound Continent. Without an interplanar transportation matrix, it would be extremely difficult to get to Profound Continent from Elysium. Perhaps even their worst enemies would give up on pursuing them.

Without anyone who could keep them in check, after getting rid of Han Shuo, the gang of five would be able to do anything they wanted on Profound Continent and nobody could stop them. Destroying the interplanar transportation matrix was an excellent choice for the gang.

This, however, was a nightmare for Han Shuo. Without an interplanar transportation matrix, how would Han Shuo be able to bring his friends and women who had not even attained lowgod status to Elysium?

Having extraordinary strength was the minimum requirement for one to conduct interplanar trekking. Not only would one run into all kinds of dangers during the journey, but one could also very easily lose their way and end up lost in the infinitely vast universe. Even Han Shuo did not have the confidence to conduct interplanar trekking, much less to carry a group of weak mortals with him.

Han Shuo was pained by the scene before him. Making a grimace, he asked Andrina, “Do you happen to know how to build an interplanar transportation matrix?”

Andrina shook her head before she gnashed her teeth and remarked coldly, “That Dolores is such a horrible person. He was obviously trying to get you killed and even if that failed, you still wouldn’t be able to return to Elysium. Such a malicious person!”

“What’s the point of saying this? Great. Without an interplanar transportation matrix, returning to Elysium will be nearly impossible,” Han Shuo said dejectedly.

Stratholme and the others were all in despair. They had gotten very excited after hearing Han Shuo’s description of Elysium and were eager to head to that world. But after hearing those words, all their hopes and dreams were pounded into disappointment and grief. They couldn’t help but sigh dispiritedly.

“Is there any other way?” Ayermike asked softly.

“Interplanar trekking is just too dangerous. Even I have no certainty of surviving it, let alone when I’m bringing you lot. I guess only Andrina has the confidence to perform interplanar trekking. We are in real big trouble!”

“Bryan, how about this, the two of us will leave Profound Continent and try our luck with finding other material planes nearby. They might have an interplanar transportation matrix that we could use to return to Elysium. We can then take a trip to the Space Dominion and invite a god cultivating in the edict of space to refine an interplanar transportation matrix. After that, we will find a way to return to Profound Continent and take them to Elysium. What do you think?” Andrina proposed after thinking for a moment. She believed that this was the only option.

“That’s too difficult. Not only is it risky and challenging, but it’s also going to take a whole lot of time,” Han Shuo bunched his brows and replied.

“Then, do you have a better idea?” asked Andrina.

Han Shuo shook his head, put on a grimace and said, “It seems that this is indeed the only way. Well, I will have to look for those in the Druidic Order. There was a guy who once came to Profound Continent by interplanar trekking. They might know the pathway.”

“Knowing that will definitely help,” Andrina nodded before she lamented, “What a pity that there is no expert cultivating in the edict of space in this material plane. Otherwise, there could be a way to fix the interplanar transportation matrix.”

Han Shuo who was about to head to the Druidic Order stared blankly for a moment after hearing those words. His eyes suddenly lit up and he laughed out loud, saying, “There could be a way!”

“What?” asked the puzzled Andrina.

Back then when Han Shuo had fought the Light Pope, he had snatched a Holy Grail from him. McKinley, whose soul was trapped in the Holy Grail, was an expert in the edict of space. As Han Shuo had been rather busy all the while, he had neglected and even forgotten about McKinley. It was after listening to Andrina’s words that he recalled the space edict cultivator.

From his space ring, Han Shuo took out the Holy Grail he snatched from the Light Pope and communicated with McKinley using his consciousness, “Good day, McKinley, how are you?”

“You rascal! It’s been such a long time since you last looked for me!” McKinley immediately started scolding Han Shuo. He then asked, “Why have you finally thought of me?”

Han Shuo listened to McKinley’s grumbling before replying him in a flustered manner, “Erm, well, I need your help!” 

If it wasn’t for the fact that Han Shuo needed an expert cultivating in the edict of space, McKinley might still be far off from Han Shuo’s mind even till now. Han Shuo had obviously failed to honor his promise to relieve McKinley of boredom every once in a while.

“I knew it, you wouldn’t have thought of me if you didn’t need me! Hmph!” McKinley expressed his dissatisfaction. It was after a while that he asked, “Speak, what’s the matter?”

“Someone destroyed the only interplanar transportation matrix in this material plane. As a cultivator of the edict of space, can you fix it?” Han Shuo hastily replied.

McKinley obviously grew excited after hearing this. He did not immediately answer Han Shuo’s question but asked pressingly, “Why? Are you leaving the Profound Continent for Elysium? Haha, if you really are going to Elysium, you must bring me to the Space Dominion to meet a person. At that time, there might be a way to locate my divine body!”

“Ee… Yes, I am!” Han Shuo dared not tell McKinley that he had actually been to the Elysium and back lest he frustrated McKinley. Back then, McKinley had entreated Han Shuo piteously to bring him to the Space Dominion if Han Shuo were to travel to Elysium. Although Han Shuo had promised to do so, he had forgotten about McKinley’s existence after arriving at Elysium and therefore did not fulfill the promise.

“You really are going to Elysium?” McKinley was incredibly excited as it was only on Elysium that something could be done about his current predicament. 

“Yes I’m going there. Can you fix the interplanar transportation matrix?” Han Shuo asked rather impatiently.

“That depends on how badly it has been damaged. But even if it’s shattered, as long as you can find me sufficient materials, I can still build a new one for you!” McKinley said confidently. “I’m a highgod of space. Back in the Space Dominion, I was a prolific character. Making an interplanar transportation matrix for a small little material plane is an absolute piece of cake!”

Han Shuo was elated to hear those words. He asked, “The remains of the matrix are right ahead. How do we proceed?”

“Place the grail in the matrix. I can sense its condition through the remnants of space edicts on the transportation matrix,” replied McKinley.

Without hesitation, Han Shuo, clasping the Holy Grail, carefully placed it on the destroyed interplanar transportation matrix.

“Bryan, who is the divine soul inside the grail?” Andrina asked with a grave expression and said softly, “This person has a powerful divine soul and should have reached late-stage highgodhood. When did you come to know such a terrifying person?”

Given Andrina’s extraordinary strength, it was normal that she could sense McKinley’s existence from the energy fluctuations produced when Han Shuo and McKinley communicated with their souls.

“He is a most unlucky space edict cultivator whose divine soul was separated from his divine body soon after he reached late-stage highgod realm. Not only did they imprison his soul in the grail, but they even cast him from Elysium to this material plane. I only obtained this grail by chance,” Han Shuo explained smilingly.

“How could someone of late-stage highgod strength be turned to this? Who did he offend?” Andrina was astonished. Experts of late-stage highgod strength were all outstanding and well-known characters on Elysium.

“I remember he said he had offended one of the Keepers of the Light, Gyál,” Han Shuo replied after taking a second to recall.

“Gyál!” Andrina froze and her gaze towards the Holy Grail was filled with shock. She explained to Han Shuo, “Bryan, Gyál is one of the most formidable experts in the Light Dominion. The Keepers of the Light are all incomparably mighty. If Gyál had personally sealed him in the grail, then this person can’t just be an insignificant character. What is his name?”

“McKinley,” replied Han Shuo.

“It’s him!” Andrina received yet another shock. Under Han Shuo’s puzzled gazes, Andrina explained, “This person was a very renowned character in the Space Dominion. He is incredibly powerful and queer in temper. He had been missing for tens of thousands of years. So, Gyál imprisoned him here. No wonder.”

“How is it that you are so familiar with everything about Elysium?” Han Shuo asked while staring at Andrina foolishly.

“Erm, I have been alive much longer than you have. Of course I know more things than you do. Besides, many on Elysium know about these things. There’s nothing strange about this!” 

“Then why is it that I have heard nothing about this?” Han Shuo squinted his eyes and asked, “How many more secrets are you hiding from me?”

“Little boy, just how long have you been living on Elysium? It’d be a wonder if you knew, hehe!” teased Andrina.

“I’m gonna straighten this out with you sooner or later!” Han Shuo was annoyed.

“Sister Fanny, Bryan is bullying me!” Andrina cried out in a frail voice.

Upon hearing those words, Fanny’s angry eyes instantly came glaring at Han Shuo. “Bryan, why do you have to mess with a child? Andrina is so adorable and everybody likes her but you always bully her!”

Andrina had been getting along rather well with Han Shuo’s women during her time on Profound Continent. This was especially the case for Fanny, who was compassionate, kind and naive. She had been closest with Andrina among the ladies. In the last three months, Fanny had even taken Andrina to visit the entire Profound Continent once. Whenever she saw Han Shuo chide Andrina, she would be the first to step up for Andrina and give Han Shuo a talking-to.

A child? Her age is probably more than a hundred times yours!  Han Shuo forced a smile, discreetly shot a glare at Andrina, and kept silent. He knew that as long as Fanny considered her to be a child, any amount of explanation would be futile. How adorably naive of her.

“Look!” Stratholme cried out and attracted the crowd’s attention to the interplanar transportation matrix.

The Holy Grail that contained McKinley suddenly produced an intense energy fluctuation. The space started pulsing like ripples propagating on water. Under the effect of a type of bizarre energy, the pieces of interplanar transportation matrix that was destroyed started to reassemble and reconnect most magically. Soon after, a small-sized interplanar transportation matrix appeared before the party.

The party was dumbstruck. They did not expect that McKinley that had been motionless could fix the interplanar transportation matrix all so suddenly.

“Most parts of the interplanar transportation matrix was destroyed. I could only make do with the intact parts. I have fixed the interplanar transportation matrix but it is now smaller and can only transmit two to three people at once. However, with enough energy stones, you could still safely get to Elysium,” McKinley transmitted to Han Shuo from within the Holy Grail.

“Thank you!” Han Shuo said sincerely. Without McKinley’s help, the party would have had to go through so many more twists and turns to reach Elysium.

“You’re welcome. Remember, when you are on Elysium, bring my divine soul to the Space Dominion. Do me this favor and, after I locate my divine body, I will repay you well,” McKinley exhorted Han Shuo. 

“Don’t worry, I will remember it this time. After I have settled some matters on Elysium, the first thing I’ll do is head to the Space Dominion and help you with that!” Han Shuo immediately pledged. This time, it was truly from the bottom of his heart.

Han Shuo had more than enough energy stones in his space rings for interplanar transmissions. As Han Shuo was having a feud with those few in charge of the interplanar transportation facility in the Darkness Dominion, to ensure everyone’s safety, Han Shuo had Andrina, Fanny, and Emily be the first to go while he operated the shrunken interplanar transportation matrix.

The party disappeared before Han Shuo in batches of two to three people after flashes of bright light.

After multiple rounds of transmissions, only Han Shuo and Ayermike were left on Profound Continent. They were the last batch to step into the interplanar transportation matrix. With a bright flash of light, Han Shuo had finally returned to Elysium.

“Such intense elemental energy! Oh my, this place is so suitable for cultivation!”

“Oh, the gravity is so strong, I can’t fly now.”

“This is great! One day of cultivation here is equivalent to one year of cultivation on Profound Continent! Such a magical place. No wonder there are gods everywhere!”

The mortals from Profound Continent exclaimed in admiration and surprise as soon as they arrived on Elysium. They had immediately felt how different this world was from Profound Continent. 

Andrina had been talking with Fanny while giggling and explained to her the differences between Elysium and Profound Continent. Fanny was Andrina’s host on Profound Continent but she became rather uncomfortable after arriving at this unfamiliar world called Elysium. It was now Andrina’s turn to be Fanny’s host. 

“What the hell, a whole bunch of mortals? We are so jinxed!” the divine guards on the platform started gossiping when they saw a group of people with meager strengths arrive on Elysium.

“Head this way, get moving!” one of the divine guards loudly instructed. He said foul-mouthed, “Do you bunch think that Elysium is a tourist site? With the strength you have now, instead of coming to Elysium, you might as well go kill yourselves. I truly can’t figure out what the hell is going on in your heads. Are you tired of liv-”

Pow! Before the man could finish his speech, Andrina raised her small hand and pushed it against his chest. He was immediately sent flying into the distance.

“Cut the crap. One more word and I will kill you!” Andrina said with glowering eyes. An immensely mighty aura emanated from her petite figure.

Andrina had been in a bad mood because she nearly couldn’t return to Elysium. Then, when she heard this noisy bunch of divine guards as soon as she returned, she flipped out.

“How dare you!” The divine guards in the surrounding immediately stepped forward. They surrounded Andrina and her party while pointing their divine weapons at them. 

It was at this moment that Han Shuo walked out from his party with a sneer on his face. He asked, “Where is Dolores? Releasing convicts on death row without permission is punishable by death. Are you tired of living?”

The divine guards recognized Han Shuo and were aware of the dispute between Han Shuo and Dolores. Their expressions changed slightly when Han Shuo suddenly emerged as though they did not anticipate that Han Shuo could safely return to Elysium.

“Lord Dolores is not around. We do not know where he is,” one of the divine guards replied after giving a slight groan. He obviously disliked Han Shuo but as he knew that Han Shuo held some influence in the City of Shadows and had good relations with the House of Sainte, the divine guard dared not be outrightly rude.

“Dolores is done for. You guys better fend for yourselves,” Han Shuo advised smilingly. Not wanting to bicker with them any further, Han Shuo nodded at Andrina and took the party to the office to apply for a divine tablet.

“Hello, Jeff. Didn’t expect me to return all well and dandy, did ya? Hehe!” Han Shuo grabbed Jeff and immediately dealt him multiple slaps on the face, causing him to see stars.

“What, what are you hitting me for?” After finally regaining his senses, Jeff started to shriek loudly. However, even after a round of screaming and shouting, Dolores still didn’t show himself. It appeared that he really was away.

“Stop talking. Get every one of them a divine tablet. I will deal with you again later,” Han Shuo instructed after throwing him a black crystal coin.

“No divine tablet for those below basegod strength!” Jeff loudly declared while raising his head up high.

Han Shuo’s expression turned ice cold. He grabbed Jeff by his collar, pulled their faces right next to each other, stared fixedly at his eyes and asked, “Are you sure?”

A shiver traveled down Jeff’s spine and every hair on his body stood on end as he understood that Han Shuo would end his life right then and there. The expression on Jeff’s face immediately humbled and he hastily explained, “It’s not me trying to make things difficult but a divine tablet can’t verify a person’s identity if they do not have at least basegod strength. I’m just a small servant and a nonentity. Please spare me!”


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