GDK 738: Lucrative Post

Han Shuo had not deployed Invincible Omen Body over his entire body as he knew that Andrina had practiced restraint in her attacks. Even if he was struck, the attack wouldn’t have killed him.

Han Shuo was overjoyed because the demonic yuan in his body automatically activated to form Invincible Omen Body when Andrina’s attack struck on his chest, firmly defending his body against the attack. With a big smile, he asked, “Hit me again, but don’t use too much power!”

At this point, Han Shuo’s body had been stressed to its limits and he could no longer use Cauldron Spirit’s energy without injuring the demonic infant. Therefore, Han Shuo asked Andrina to use less power.

Pow! Yet another hit landed on Han Shuo’s chest.

An enormous force overcame him. It was as though a mountain had struck him in the chest. He was forced to take multiple steps backward. A mild salty-sweet flavor filled his mouth before a line of blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth.

“Huh?!” Andrina was shocked. Her figure turned fuzzy and at the next instance, she was beside Han Shuo, holding him from falling further. She asked in a condemning voice, “Why didn’t you block the attack?”

Han Shuo wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth and explained, “I’m alright. I’m just testing the endurance level of my body.” Strangely enough, this time, when Andrina’s attack landed on his body, the Invincible Omen Body did not automatically deploy. That was why he suffered slight injuries.

What’s going on? It worked just now. Why isn’t it working now? Han Shuo was dumbfounded.

“Akley, come here and hit me for a while. Don’t use too much power!” 

Although Andrina had used merely a small fraction of her power in the attack, as her strength was immense, Han Shuo had nonetheless suffered a little bit from it. Akley’s strength was nowhere near that of Andrina’s and he couldn’t do any real harm to Han Shuo. It would be much safer to have Akley do the test instead.

“Are you a masochist now?” asked Akley. He arrived beside Han Shuo somewhat unwillingly before suddenly launching pitter-pattered attacks on Han Shuo. Although the attacks seemed ferocious, Akley had deliberately reduced the power and it wasn’t all that damaging.

“Stop!” Han Shuo softly cried out. Dang it, not working still! He was puzzled. The Invincible Omen Body did not automatically deploy when Akley bombarded him with attacks as packed as raindrops in a rainstorm.

“What the hell is he doing… Has Bryan turned into a wacko…?“ Akley mumbled to himself before he waved his hand unenthusiastically and said, “I’m leaving. You play with yourselves.”

“Bryan, what exactly are you doing?” Andrina asked Han Shuo in a baffled manner after seeing that Han Shuo was pondering about some issues. Given his bizarre performance, Andrina felt that Han Shuo hadn’t been acting quite right.

“Nothing, it’s just that I ran into some trouble related to the energy I cultivate in,” Han Shuo casually answered before he said smilingly, “Alright, Andrina, go do whatever you want and let me be alone.”

“Alright then, I’ll go play with sister Fanny. She has now reached demigod strength with the help of an Origin Crystal. From the looks of it, she will become a basegod in just a few years!” Andrina remarked before leaving the gymnasium.

Those mortals from Profound Continent were all unusually talented. Using the enormous resources provided by Han Shuo, being on this outstanding place called Elysium, and having been extremely hard-working in their cultivation, they had been advancing their strengths at lightning speed. For example, Candide, previously a dark grand magus, took little time in advancing to a sacred magus. He was close to reaching demigod realm. Han Shuo was very proud of the effort they put into cultivation and their achievements.

Bollands and Sanguis who cultivated in demonic arts had not stopped advancing their strength during the time Han Shuo was away from Profound Continent. This was especially the case for Sanguis. Thanks to his unique body, he managed to advance in the cultivation of Bloodgod Mantra at an astonishing rate. At this point in time, Sanguis had learned to control the blood inside his enemy’s body as well as to transform his blood into bloody shadows that could attack others.

Han Shuo had placed most of his attention on Bollands and Sanguis. He would answer and explain the difficulties they met in their cultivations and even refined several types of special medicinal pellets for them, allowing their strengths to increase substantially within a short time.

After Andrina left the gymnasium, Han Shuo continued turning over his mind about why the Invincible Omen Body did not automatically deploy.

After thinking for some time and practicing Invincible Omen Body for a moment, he still couldn’t find where the problem lied. He then decided not to occupy his mind with this issue any longer. He also decided that later in time, he would test it again while his strength was boosted using Cauldron Spirit’s energy.

“Carmelita came looking for you!” Soon after walking out from the gymnasium, Han Shuo saw that Akley was leading Carmelita over to him.

Carmelita had finally come out from secluded cultivation. Her eyes glistened as soon as she saw Han Shuo and she shouted excitedly, “You rascal, so it turns out that you are actually a powerful expert! Come, come, let’s have a friendly battle. I have heard about how you kicked Portlem’s ass. Very well done! I have wanted to do so myself long ago. That asshole did a lot of sordid deeds before he was a highgod. It only got worse after he cultivated to highgodhood. Again, nice work!”

“I have just trained with Andrina and I’m exhausted now. Maybe next time!” Han Shuo declined Carmelita’s invitation before his face turned dark and he asked, “That asshole, has he left the Sainte Residence?”

“No, but he will be returning to his home soon,” Carmelita seemed to know what Han Shuo was thinking and so she hastily advised, “But you must not attempt to do anything to Portlem at my Sainte Residence. He is always around his uncle Doyalo. Charlotte would be nearby as well. You and Andrina wouldn’t be able to defeat them. Besides, they are inside the House of Sainte. We cannot just sit and watch if you attack them. You better give up on this thought and find another way!”

Han Shuo knew that it wasn’t realistic to attack Portlem within the City of Shadows. After hearing her advice, he put on a faint smile and nodded, saying, “I know your House of Sainte’s stance. I will not make things any more difficult for you all.”

“Bryan, I have come here to deliver you a piece of very, very good news!” said Carmelita.

Han Shuo raised his brows and asked, “Very good news? What is it?”

“My father has found you rather admirable after learning that you possess highgod strength. Although it hasn’t been long since you first came to live in the City, you have been most helpful to us, not to mention being close to our House of Sainte. So, my father wishes to have you assume control of the Fifth Corps!” Carmelita broke the news excitedly.

“Wha- What?” Han Shuo cried out in surprise. In disbelief, he asked, “Me assume control of the Fifth Corps? Are you sure?”

Carmelita gave a big nod and affirmed, “It is indeed true. You should know that in the City of Shadows, following the rules, only certain large family clans have the rights to possess their own divine guards. Other than them, only the seven Chiefs of Divine Guards could set up and assemble their troops. If you become the Chief of Fifth Corps, you will come to hold real powers in the City of Shadows. This will also be greatly beneficial for your Celestial Pearl Pharmacy. With the powers you hold as the Chief of Fifth Corps and with the wealth you amassed from the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy, you could easily replace the House of Lavers and become a new family clan in the City. A family clan could enjoy many conveniences in the City. Patriarchs of large family clans would even have the qualifications to learn about certain matters of the Church!”

Han Shuo did not expect that he would gain such benefits just by revealing his strength. Had he known that displaying powerful strength would provide him such conveniences, Han Shuo might have acted on Avery long ago.

Han Shuo knew just how big of a deal taking over the Fifth Corps would be for him. It was the most lucrative post that every big and small family clan in the City had been craving for. Possessing the Fifth Corps would mean he could legally possess military force. Every Chief of Divine Guards in the City of Shadows possessed special privileges and was respected by all. Generally speaking, only powerful experts from large family clans who made a significant contribution to the City would have the qualifications to take the seat.

Just how long had it been since Han Shuo arrived in the City of Shadows?

“But am I qualified enough? Every person covets this position. I couldn’t just simply step in and take the seat, right? Besides, your father has put out word that to become the Chief of the Fifth Corps, one must turn in Avery’s head. Not only do I currently have no idea where Avery is, even if I did, I would have difficulty in getting rid of him!” Han Shuo said with a frown.

It’s not that Han Shuo didn’t want the position, it’s just that as an outsider who had only arrived in the City of Shadows recently, coming to possess this enormous gift didn’t seem sound.

“Some rules can be bent!” Carmelita replied, “Although this is my father’s intention, still, there is much work you must do before you can take this seat. You must prove your capabilities to everyone before my father can give you a hand!”

Han Shuo nodded and replied smilingly, “Understood!”

“That’s the most important news I have for you. Other than that, Erebus wants you to know that you may go to the Third Corps and learn about their work. He can make relevant arrangements for you. There, you can accumulate sufficient contribution and prestige, significantly increasing your chances of taking the Fifth Corps!”

If Han Shuo could learn about the conditions at Erebus’ Third Corps by working there, all while accumulating contributions by joining in their operations, in addition to having Wallace’s assistance, then it did seem promising that Han Shuo could take the position as the Chief of the Fifth Corps, this post highly-coveted by everyone.

“What has Erebus been up to lately?” Han Shuo thought for a moment before he suddenly asked. Erebus had not been in the City of Shadows during recent times.

“None other than hunting those godhunters. Erebus and Brovst have some private grudges. He never ceases pursuing Brovst,” answered Carmelita.

“Awesome!” Han Shuo cried out softly. “Carmelita, I will have to trouble you to arrange that for me. I will go to the Third Corps to learn about their work. I do have some insights I could provide when it comes to hunting the godhunters!”

“No problem, I will send Erebus a message when I’m home. I will let you know when he has completed the arrangement!” Carmelita said happily.

Indeed, it’s good to have powerful friends! thought the elated Han Shuo. He knew that if it wasn’t for the fact that he had saved Carmelita’s life twice and for building a good relationship with the House of Sainte, there wasn’t a chance that he could take that post, not even in a hundred years.

“Bryan, there’s one more thing I want to tell you!” Carmelita seemed rather embarrassed and awkward.

“What is it?” asked Han Shuo.

“Sister Charlotte and I are on good terms. She wants you to know that she had helped Portlem in obstructing your attacks at the hall because she did not have another choice. She hopes that you will not hold grudges against her,” Carmelita hesitated for a moment before she continued, “Bryan, Charlotte was originally from our Darkness Dominion. She has now married and moved to the Destruction Dominion. Although she is here in the city with Portlem, they did not travel on the same route. She had not participated in Portlem’s vices!”

Han Shuo nodded and said, “As long as Charlotte doesn’t do anything to harm our Celestial Pearl, I will hold no grudges against her,” Han Shuo said and continued in his mind, But if she harms any of my people, I’m gonna make her pay!

“That’s great. Well, that’s all I have come here to tell you. Ciao!” Carmelita hastily left. She felt that she did a favor for Charlotte.

Soon after Carmelita left, Han Shuo took out the Holy Grail and transmitted to McKinley, “I have returned to Elysium but there are some urgent matters I need to attend to. After some time, I will personally take you to the Space Dominion!”

“Where on Elysium are you located?” asked McKinley.

“The City of Shadows of the Darkness Dominion,” answered Han Shuo.

“Oh, this place is indeed quite some distance from the Space Dominion. Well, if you have pressing matters, I shall wait. After all, I have stayed inside the Grail for so long. Waiting for a little longer won’t make that much of a difference,” said McKinley.

As long as Portlem and his party were in the City of Shadows, Han Shuo wouldn’t feel at ease about the safety of his Celestial Pearl. Although Han Shuo believed that they wouldn’t do anything reckless in the city, as the saying goes, it’s difficult to guard against an arrow in the dark. If they were to conduct a stealthy assassination as Avery did, without clear evidence, there wouldn’t be much that the House of Sainte could do in holding them responsible.

Other than that, there was this matter about this lucrative post which Han Shuo was after. He had learned about the location of the godhunter’s base. As long as he put in some effort, he might gain name and contribution for cracking down on the godhunters. Then, with Wallace assistance, he would have a clear path to becoming the Chief of Fifth Corps.

“Don’t worry, it won’t take too long! Besides, even if not for you, I will still be heading to the Space Dominion after some time!” Han Shuo had arranged with Little Skeleton and the five elite zombies to meet at the Space Dominion every interval of fifty years. It was just a matter of time before Han Shuo would be there.

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