GDK 747: Avici Godslaying Sword Formation

The Goddess of Destiny was the most mysterious of the twelve Overgods. Her Dominion of Destiny had always favored no sides and remained permanently neutral. It was said that Her words represented the wishes of the Creator. She did not usually intervene with affairs on Elysium and would only show up to mediate peace when the fights between the Overgods grew too far.

The Goddess of Destiny was such a unique existence that the remaining eleven Overgods would always listen to her advice. 

Knowing that even the gods who cultivated in the edict of destiny rarely had a chance to meet Her, Andre was surprised that Erebus and Aobashi were so fortunate to have the opportunity.

After hearing Andre’s explanation, Aobashi and Erebus carefully recalled the scene they witnessed. Suddenly, they were overwhelmed with shock as their mouths gaped. Han Shuo, who had been secretly observing their expressions, immediately realized that Andre’s words were likely true. The being who abruptly materialized before Aobashi and Erebus was very likely the most mysterious Overgod on Elysium.

If it is true that the Goddess of Destiny is Andrina’s mother, then her status is shockingly noble! However, why would Andrina, the daughter of the Destiny Overgod, show up in the Darkness Dominion? Also, why would Andrina hate the godhunters so much?

Han Shuo pondered and pondered, and yet he came no closer to a plausible explanation.

Han Shuo was convinced of Andre’s guess about the identity of Andrina’s mother. That would explain why Andrina owned a crystal so miraculous that it could shatter the clone of the godhunter boss. If her mother was the Goddess of Destiny, it would make sense that Andrina was in possession of an overgod divine weapon. Only an overgod divine weapon bestowed by an Overgod with the Quintessence could unleash power that terrifying!

“Bryan, if I guessed it right, and Andrina really is the daughter of the Goddess of Destiny, then Andrina will definitely be alright!” Andre consoled Han Shuo. “Before the Goddess left, She asked Aobashi to pass you her gratitude. Bryan, you are such a lucky one. You actually left a good impression on the Goddess of Destiny!”

Aobashi and Erebus looked at Han Shuo with admirable and envious gazes. The twelve Overgods, to most people, were beings far above reach, and especially so for the most mysterious Overgod. Han Shuo who had arrived on Elysium not too long ago had unexpectedly won the favor of the Destiny Goddess and even built a friendship with Her daughter, Andrina. What a lucky one!

“As long is Andrina is fine, I’m happy,” said Han Shuo smilingly. He did not expect that Andrina would have such a noble identity.

“All that we have discussed in this room shall stay between these walls. Do not speak of what we have discussed to anyone else!” warned Andre.

Han Shuo, Aobashi, and Erebus nodded.

“Alright, discussion of any other matter shall be put on hold until my elder brother returns. You are all dismissed!” said Andre with a smile. However, right before Han Shuo was out of his sight, he gently cried out, “Bryan!”

Han Shuo immediately stopped in his tracks. Aobashi and Erebus appeared as though they had heard nothing and continued to leave quietly.

“Yes?” Han Shuo turned around and looked at Andre with a puzzled gaze, “Is there anything else I can help you with, Lord Andre?”

Andre smiled cordially and said, “Bryan, my elder brother is very happy with your performance. If nothing unexpected happens, he will appoint you as the Chief of Fifth Corps sometime in the future. I’m telling you this so you can prepare yourself mentally!”

Han Shuo was elated. He said sincerely, “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome. Not only have you made an enormous contribution to the City of Shadows, but you have also amply demonstrated your strength by bearing the energy which even Erebus could not overcome,” praised Andre smilingly. “Go back and make some preparations. You might want to start recruiting for some gods. After all, you can’t run the entire Fifth Corps alone, can you?”

Han Shuo nodded and said no more. He bowed at Andre and left the Sainte Residence perfectly contented.

Although Aobashi and Erebus did not consider their raid on the godhunters a success, to Han Shuo, however, the mission ended wonderfully. Not only that he had made breakthroughs in his cultivations of demonic arts and edict of destruction, he had obtained seventeen huge venomous fangs. He also learned of the relationship between Godswamp Pharmacy and the godhunters, not to forget having demonstrated his capability.

Other than the fact that Andrina went home with her mother, the affair resulted in a big win for Han Shuo.

After returning to the Celestial Pearl, Han Shuo was briefed by Phoebe and Emily about the recent ongoings of his business. Thanks to the hard work of his two ladies, all branches of the Celestial Pearl throughout the territories of the City of Shadows were open for business. The branches were just as popular as the headquarters in the City. At the current time, the Celestial Pearl Pharmacy had occupied a seventy-percent share of the entire pharmacy market in the City of Shadows, overshadowing all other rivaling pharmacies.

By now, with most operations in the Celestial Pearl moving on autopilot, running on established, streamlined processes, even Phoebe and Emily were freed from constant work, allowing them to spend more time on their cultivations.

Those mortals who came from Profound Continent had basically not taken a step out from their rooms. They spent all their time of improving their own strengths using the enormous resources Han Shuo provided them. Having been able to cultivate to the pinnacle on an environment as poor as Profound Continent, these people were able to make tremendous progress on Elysium, where resources were abundant and the elements several hundred times more intense.

Within a short time, all of them managed to raise their strengths by several classes. Stratholme the old monster, Ayermike Cotton, and a few others, had advanced to early-stage lowgod realm. Candide and Emma, whose strengths were relatively low among them, rose through multiple realms. They were soon to be basegods.

Before leaving for the Third Corps, Han Shuo had provided them not only with the Rebirth Pill and Pill of Tranquility he had personally refined, but he also gave them some crystal coins for them to purchase the divine weapons and divine scrolls they needed. This assisted them tremendously.

Even Phoebe and Emily who had to spend time running the Celestial Pearl were edging on the basegod realm.

Han Shuo could not be happier with what he heard from Phoebe and Emily. Although Han Shuo knew that their strengths would increase by leaps and bounds, he was nonetheless shocked to learn that they had managed to break through one or more realms within a short few months.

“Bryan, at this trend, all of us will enter the realm of lowgod in just a few years!” said Emily smilingly.

“Wonderful!” exclaimed Han Shuo. “Wallace intends to have me take over the Fifth Corps. I was worried about where to employ trusted experts but it seems that I have nothing to worry about! Once all of you from Profound Continent gained decent strengths, you can fill the key positions in my agency. I will have a much easier time with your help!”

People like Candide and Emily were once high-ranking members of the Dark Mantle back on Profound Continent. The tasks and duties of the City of Shadows’ Divine Guard Corps were similar to those of the Lancelot Empire’s Dark Mantle. Someone like Candide, with a little time to learn and adapt, could easily do the job well, and perhaps outperform the others.

Ayermike Cotton, Stratholme the old monster, and the others, were all experienced characters. Once they advanced to lowgodhood, they would be great helpers for Han Shuo in various businesses. They would be the pillar of Han Shuo’s future family clan!

It was for their outstanding talents that Han Shuo would spare no effort in bringing them to this Plane of Gods from the distant Profound Continent, in addition to supplying them with a generous amount of black crystal coins to raise their strengths!

After returning to Elysium, as Han Shuo had to sort out various matters, on top of having been assiduously cultivating to raise his strength he deemed lacking, he had spent a less than desired amount of time with his ladies.

Phoebe and Emily, after giving Han Shuo a brief account of the situation at the Celestial Pearl, wanted to rush back to cultivation. Having observed that Han Shuo’s ever-increasing strength and fearing the distance between them that was growing ever larger, they put all their efforts into raising their strengths.

“Aren’t you staying a little longer? It’s been a while since we last had…” Han Shuo said with a lewd grin while holding Phoebe and Emily’s hands.

“Sorry, but you will have to wait until we have reached lowgod stage before any of us will make love with you!” replied Phoebe.

“We ladies have made an agreement that we will not get intimate with you until we have advanced to the realm of lowgod!” giggled Emily. “It’s hard for us to bear too. But we must do so to close our gap in strength. Sigh, even a child on Elysium would have at least demigod or basegod strength. We do not want to be looked down upon any longer!”

“Gotta go, I have a premonition that I will break through to the basegod realm. There’s no time to waste!” Phoebe and Emily struggled free from Han Shuo’s pulling and left, leaving just their melodious giggles.

Not just Phoebe and Emily, but even Fanny and Helen, were staunch in honoring their pact. Fanny, fearing that she wouldn’t be able to resist Han Shuo’s seduction, wouldn’t even open the door for him.

Dang, how long do I have to practice abstinence for? Han Shuo smiled bitterly and sighed.

For lack of a better option, Han Shuo decided to spend his time on cultivation instead.

He decided to do something with the seventeen fangs he obtained from the godhunter’s base. For seven days straight, Han Shuo was on a shopping spree, visiting various divine weapon stores in the city to purchase materials that were bizarre to most ordinary people. After that, he left the City of Shadows alone and located a secluded valley nearby to stay there temporarily.

Han Shuo, not wanting anyone to discover him refining demonic weapons, carefully deployed concealment formations around the valley. He then took out the fangs, arranged them in front of him, and stared at them as he pondered what demonic weapon he should turn them into.

“These seventeen fangs are very tough and their tips are very sharp. They can be refined into offensive weapons like flying swords! As the material itself is highly sophisticated, the process will be straightforward. You just need to do a little polishing on them before fusing your blood essences into the fangs. Before long, you will have a new, dominating demonic weapon!” Cauldron Spirit transmitted in Han Shuo’s consciousness.

After a moment of thinking, Han Shuo came to a decision. “Then I shall turn them into seventeen flying swords!” 

“I will give you the instructions to modify the flying swords which will allow demon generals to adhere to the sword. The seventeen swords will then be able to form a sword formation. To add on to the intense corrosive power of this material, this demonic weapon will be nastier and more destructive than all those you have previously made!” said Cauldron Spirit.

“That’d be great!” Han Shuo was elated to hear those words. To him, the deadlier the weapon, the better. And obviously, the nastiness of the weapon was none of his concern.

With the help of Cauldron Spirit, Han Shuo deployed a unique formation in the valley using the materials he had previously collected. He placed the seventeen fangs around the formation and sat in the center. Subsequently, he released the demonic yuan in his body, connecting the fangs via the formation. 

Perhaps the demonic weapon he tried to produce would be a really powerful one, Han Shuo had to sit there for six months straight to complete the process. The seventeen fangs were immersed in a strange, jet-black fluid that carried bits of dark red spots.

With great difficulty and half a year’s time, Han Shuo managed to infuse his blood essence into the seventeen fangs. The process took so long mainly because Han Shuo was hindered by the formidable corrosive power of the fangs.

Now that the fangs were filled with Han Shuo’s blood essence, Han Shuo started adding all sorts of materials into the pools of dark water the fangs were immersed in. Thick fumes were quickly produced. They did not dissipate but lingered above the pools.

A year passed in the blink of an eye. Han Shuo began supplying the fangs with demonic yuan to alter their internal structures. He would also follow Cauldron Spirit’s instructions on carving miniature demonic formations on every fang. When the magnificent symbols had been carved on the fangs, a transformation took place. They became seventeen piercing, flying swords.

The flying swords not only contained intense corrosive power, but they also carried chilling aura. It could hinder the movement of the enemy just by being near the enemy. And once the flying sword pierced into the enemy’s flesh, they would be simultaneously affected by its corrosive power and chilling aura. It would be the ultimate nightmare of any enemy.

After the fangs transformed to take the shape of flying swords, Han Shuo spent time connecting with the seventeen flying swords. He maneuvered them to fly and dance around him. Then, with Cauldron Spirit’s instructing him, Han Shuo practiced the ‘Avici Godslaying Sword Formation’.

The Avici Godslaying Sword Formation was a dreadful sword formation, enabled by the unique marks, symbols, and miniature formations carved on the seventeen flying swords.

It was very difficult to operate the complex Avici Godslaying Sword Formation. Even Han Shuo, with his absurdly powerful consciousness, and the guidance of Cauldron Spirit, had to take five years to fully master the formation.

But the effort was surely worth it for the power of the sword formation was very formidable. Han Shuo needed just one thought and the seventeen flying swords swept through the valley in various trajectories. Not a moment later, several mountains collapsed with loud rumbles. The hilly terrain was transformed into a flat plane covered with rocks!

“Now that you have mastered the Avici Godslaying Sword Formation, even without using my energy, you can kill early-stage highgod experts!” Cauldron Spirit transmitted the day Han Shuo mastered the sword formation.

Han Shuo was elated. He sensed the demonic yuan in his body becoming ever purer and condensed as he practiced Avici Godslaying Sword Formation. Seven years breezed by. The day he finally walked out of the valley, his Omen realm state was better than ever, and his confidence was higher than ever!

Finally, after being away for seven years, Han Shuo returned to the City of Shadows.

Although seven years was a long time for mortals, for the gods on Elysium who could practically live to the heat death of the universe, it was merely a brief period.

When Han Shuo returned to the City of Shadows, he thus found that the city had barely changed. It seemed as though Han Shuo had never even left. Everyone in the city was still very respectful towards him.

When he returned to the Celestial Pearl after seven years, he was greeted with a great surprise - all those who came from Profound Continent were now lowgods!

Among them, Ayermike Cotton, Stratholme the old monster, and a few others, most astonishingly, reached the realm of late-stage lowgod! Outstanding talents combined with unlimited resources and tireless hard work had produced a miracle. He almost could not believe just how much progress his friends and girlfriends had made.

Though the progress they made was shocking, Han Shuo was even more surprised by Gilbert, Sanguis, and Bollands!

Sanguis was getting close to mastering the Bloodgod Mantra. Although there was no classification of realms in Bloodgod Mantra, Sanguis could now easily defeat Ayermike Cotton and Stratholme the old monster. He had become one of the most powerful experts in the Celestial Pearl.

The Bloodgod Mantra that Sanguis practiced did not rely on the concentration of elements in the environment and he had been making good progress on Profound Continent. The Bloodgod Mantra was most suited for a Sanguis-bodied being to practice. Having received proper guidance from Han Shuo after arriving on Elysium, it was only fitting that he could make such rapid progress.

Bollands, who cultivated in the God Slaying Devil Path, could release and withdraw killing intent as he wished. He had in fact been arranged to work under Erebus. During the seven years, he had viciously murdered countless opponents. His killing intent grew ever more intense. It was so overbearing that once it was unleashed, his opponents of weaker minds would tremble in fear before the battle even started!

After becoming a lowgod of darkness, Gilbert, whose body had been rebuilt and forged by Han Shuo like a demonic weapon, had unique divine energy of darkness and divine soul compared to an average god. Not only was his body nearly indestructible, but his divine energy was also astonishingly powerful. Although Gilbert had only reached early-stage lowgod realm, in the gymnasium, he was able to defeat late-stage lowgods like Stratholme and Ayermike.

In the Celestial Pearl, Sanguis, Bollands and Gilbert had vaguely surpassed their friends who cultivated solely in the energy found in this universe. They became a most unique and astonishing combo.

Sanguis and Bollands cultivated in branches of demonic arts. As for Gilbert, before his body was rebuilt and he was merely a soul, he was forced by Han Shuo to practice a demonic skill that strengthened his soul. That was how the trio grew so exponentially in such a short time.

What an assembly of talents! thought Han Shuo.


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