Heavenly Genius - Chapter 136


Seeing that Niu Yu Dao and the others were about to leave, Cui Yuan went out to the main hall.

And when he saw that a group of people went in the direction of the secret entrance, he realized that the situation had changed. Niu Yu Dao decided to leave the courtyard with them.

Cui Yuan immediately left the Inn.

Sitting on the sofa and calmly observing all this, Bai Yu Lu looked forward to the future. He wondered if Huangdi Dao would be able to escape the pursuit.

Only he didn't understand. If Huangdi Dao knew that the Liuxiang sect's people were watching him, why did he bring spies with him? He could have left them alone, couldn't he?

Cui Yuan quickly entered the shop and immediately shouted to Huang EN Guiyu:

- Brother, the situation has changed.

Behind the counter Huang En Guiasked seriously:

"What is it?"

Cui Yuan walked up to him as Niu Yu Dao, and the others left the Inn together. They didn't split up.

Huang EN GUI: lei Zong Kang, what's wrong with him? Didn't he warn you?

Cui Yuan shook his head. If I hadn't noticed, we wouldn't have known for sure.

Huang En Guiturned black: Is lei Zhuang Kang playing with us?

Cui Yuan: it Doesn't look like it. Lei Zong Kang must understand the consequences that they will face if he plays with us. If he had betrayed us, Niu Yu Dao would have left the Inn in secret long ago. Why would he go like this and risk it? And as they were leaving, lei Zong Kang gave me a sign and looked helpless. It seems that Niu Yu Dao changed his plans and made sure that He didn't have time to warn us.

Huang EN GUI: Did he discover lei, Zong Kang?

Cui Yuan replied doubtfully: It doesn't look like it either. If lei Zong Kang turned up, why would Niu Yu Dao take Black peony and the others with him?

Two people thought and came to only one conclusion. Niu Yu Dao is cautious and behaves carefully. He deliberately changes his plans at every step.

- This stuff is! Very clever! Huang En Guisaid fiercely.

"What about my uncle?" Cui Yuan asked with a bitter smile.

Huang En Guialso stared. My uncle and the others are already 5 hours on the road. Will Niu Yu Dao go to mountain lake County at all? If not, did my uncle personally go there and take so many people with him for no reason? Is this a joke?

And Niu Yu Dao used a secret exit from the city. Looking for him now is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

No matter how all they had to do now was to send a message to their uncle and decide for himself.

They wrote a secret message and sent the king of birds.

After they had done everything, Huang En Guisat down on a chair, leaning on the back, and said with a sigh:

"I wonder if lei Zong Kang will release the bait and inform us in this situation?"

Cui Yuan was sitting next to him. Now they had no choice but to wait for instructions from their uncle and hope for lei Zong Kang...


In the garden of the city's ruler's Palace, Xiang Ming held scissors and continually cut plants. He didn't look like a house steward, but more like a gardener. All the time, he was busy with flowers. This was no exception.


Hearing Bai Yu Lu's report, Xiang Ming slowly turned around, as if he had heard something unexpected.

Bai Yu Lu bowed:

- Yes. He had just used a secret passage to leave the courtyard. The employee personally saw it.

Xiang Ming was silent. He initially thought that Niu Yu Dao wanted to get close to Sha Huang Li on purpose. He wondered what this madman, who did not know the height of the sky or the depth of the earth, wanted. Who knew that Niu Yu Dao did not want to get close to Sha Huang Li at all, and after making a fortune, he would leave the court.

"I guess I'm too suspicious." Xiang Ming laughed at himself.

Bai Yu Lu said with a smile: extra caution is never a bad thing.

Xiang Min: what do we know about him?

Bai Yu Lu: I talked to him. Only he doesn't want to talk about himself. However, he has a bad relationship with the Liuxian sect. If the steward wants to know, he can ask the Liuxian cult.

Xiang Ming looked at him askance.

"I hear he left you a good gift."

Bai Yu Lu's heart sank. However, he knew that perhaps the steward would find out about it, so he said with a smile:

- The subordinate saw how the mistress was happy with his picture, so he called him to his room and talked a little. Who knew he would be so generous. He insisted, and I didn't refuse. Steward, rest easy, I know the rules. Our city Jicin - free city, you can not just someone to get involved in the Affairs of others.

"Well, you do. If you need money, ask. You don't need to ask strange people. Otherwise, a lot of money can't buy peace of mind. Xiang Ming spoke in a cold tone. He turned and continued calmly, pruning the plants…

"Plop, plop, plop."

Several people jumped on the Bank. Everyone was okay, only one Yuan Fan was utterly drenched. All his clothes were already wet. His cultivation was slightly lower, so he couldn't stay in the water for long.

Having decided on the location, Niu Yu Dao headed in one direction. They began to cross the mountain ranges.

On the way, lei Zong Kang occasionally rubbed the balls and dropped them on the ground.

As soon as the group left, it was possible to notice how the crushed balls released a barely discernible smell carried away by the wind.

As soon as they crossed the chain of mountains, the vast Gobi desert appeared before their eyes, and in the distance, they could see the stables.

This was not the stable where Niu Yu Dao had left the horses. The city had many exits, so stables were set up around the mountain in all directions.

Don't underestimate these stables. The profits of these stables are no less than the Yaoyue Inn earnings because many travelers come here and leave their horses here. Many travelers go their horses here because it was expensive to move a horse here for one day. And if you leave it for many days, then there was no point in buying the horse or paying for it. If someone returns to buy a horse, they can overpay many times more than if they just bought a new one. Therefore, many simply do not bother and throw their horses.

Like Nu Yu Dao. He did not go to that stable but went straight to the one on the way.

As soon as they got to the stables, they immediately bought six horses. There were many abandoned horses in the stables, so there was nothing to stop the stables from selling horses. So the travelers went deep into the Gobi desert.

Black peony and the others on their horses were continually looking at each other. He had clearly said that they should go on foot without attracting attention. And then he immediately took the horses.

Moreover, they were not going in the direction of the Mountain lake district.

Black peony and others began to understand what was going on. However, you will not ask questions about this. Niu Yu Dao usually does not answer, especially since he is unlikely to solve such a problem.

And lei Zong Kang was increasingly afraid of the constant change of plans. Had he discovered it?...


Inside Liuxian's shop, two students sat and thought about what to do. Cui Yuan had already rented out his room and returned to the shop. He placed one of the birdcages on the table. The two students didn't know what to do or when their uncle would respond. Suddenly the birds in the cage began to squeak.

These birds are called * Sniffers*!

The two men looked at each other and spoke excitedly:

"Lei Zong Kang!"

Cui Yuan: brother, What should we do? Wait for my uncle? After all, the effect of the bait will not last long.

Huang EN GUI: you can't let this scumbag escape. We'll go after him!

Cui Yuan: Brother, even if lei Zong Kang is behind him, the position of Black peony and the others is still unclear. And Niu Yu Dao with a werewolf. It will be difficult for us to resist five.

Huang En Guireplied decisively: Let's go to the Floating cloud shop and the mountain of Refinement. Take the remaining people. They must help us. If the three sects missed out on Nu Yu Dao, it would be everyone's fault and shame.

Cui Yuan waved his hand: No one left to look after the shop, so what should we do with it? There's a lot of stuff here for a fortune!

Huang EN GUI: we Won't have time to collect everything. You need to put up a sign that the store is not working yet, and lock it. No one would dare break-in. We need to catch Nu Yu Dao. Otherwise, our future will be in question. The teachers will question our abilities.

Cui Yuan also thought of this. Moreover, no one outside knows what is going on, so no one should make a mess.

The two students prepared, took the sniffer cage, and took the king of birds with them. They closed the shop, put up the sign "closed" and left.

They reached the shops of The floating cloud sect and the mountain of Refinement. It wasn't long before they did the same.

As a result, six people quickly left the city of Zhaixin. They reached the mountains, and Cui Yuan freed the Sniffers.

The Sniffers could be seen circling a bit in the air, then heading in one direction. Six people immediately rushed after them.

Because of the terrain below, it was difficult to chase birds, so Cui Yuan sometimes took out a flute and played it. Sniffers, hearing the whistle, immediately went down. And when the riders caught up with them, Cui Yuan played the pipe again, and the Sniffers flew back and continued to operate.

Soon they reached the first place where the balloon was. Sniffer dogs immediately went down and began to peck at his remains, and immediately rejoiced.

Huang En Guiand others noticed that the place where the balloon was left was not far from the mountain river. They were now more confident about continuing their pursuit.