Heavenly Genius - Chapter 146


There was a strange atmosphere in the hall. Not only the local inhabitants, but even Black peony looked at Niu Yu Dao strangely.

Hou Qing Tian looked from Niu Yu Dao to Yun Huang and didn't know if the master would accept Niu Yu Dao's offer.

Yun Huang also privately doubted. He tHought: * Where is this person from? What is his situation?*

Seeing Yun Huang's hesitation, Niu Yu Dao asked in surprise:

"Does the master refuse?"

Yun Huang immediately nodded to HOU Qing Tian. Hou Qing Tian went to Nu Yu Tao and took the banknote, and about myself, tsokaya said: "ANOTHER 100 THOUSAND GOLD!»

He went up the stairs and handed them to Yun Huang.

When Hou Qing Tian gave him another 100 tHousand, he now had 200 tHousand gold. Yun Huang couldn't help but chuckle. In his joy, he went down the stairs and tapped Niu Yu Dao on the sHoulder:

- It's embarrassing to refuse such a thing! My brother is straightforward. Okay, I like it!

He turned his head towards Hou Qing Tian and waved his hand:

"This is the first time I've met brother Huangdi Dao, and it feels like I've seen an old acquaintance. Behind the mountain abode, set up an incense burner for lighting candles. May the heavens witness that brother Huangdi Dao and I will become sworn brothers!

- Yes! Hou Qing Tian turned and left.

Niu Yu Dao patted his chest as if he was happy that he had achieved what he wanted.

"What level of a brother?"

- Zhu JI.

Yun Huang's mouth is twisted. He is a Jin Dan level cultivator and will become the named brother of a single Zhu JI level cultivator? And this kid dared to ask for this?

"My brother is so young, but he looks so personable…

- The head looks like a hero, with a dragon and tiger aura…

The two men immediately began to converse amiably and exchange pleasantries, as if they were named brothers.

Black peony, who was standing nearby, stared at the performance in disbelief. She initially tHought that Niu Yu Dao might have eaten some medicine that started talking like that. However, the high-ranking head of Flowing cloud mountain also seemed to have eaten something and started replying to Niu Yu Dao. Did he take him for a sworn brother?

She understood that 200 tHousand is a lot of money. But how can they have so much power?

Niu Yu Dao is a fool? No!

The head of Flowing cloud mountain, Yun Huang, is a fool? Also no!

Then what doesn't she understand? Is she stupid? Or does she have a narrow view of things?

It was only after meeting and having a friendly conversation that Yun Huang decided to withdraw under the pretext of preparing for the ceremony. Niu Yu Dao also immediately wanted to walk outside and see the outside scenery. Yun Huang immediately ordered people to escort Niu Yu Dao.

As a result, only Yun Huang was left in the hall. He took out 20 bills and started reviewing them again. He wondered if they were real.

Hou Qing Tian had already given all the orders and returned. He asked doubtfully:

"Chief, do you want to be twinned with him?"

Yun Huang: He gave 200 tHousand, and how much will we spend on lighting candles? A few coins?

HOU Qing Tian: this person is telling a lie. How can we, witHout knowing him, agree with him? Maybe you need to think a few more times?

Yun Huang looked at him askance:

"I'm not blind, so why remind me?" If he gives you money, why not take it? We'll take the money, but the rest is none of my business.

Hou Qing Tian was surprised and then understood the master. He wants to take the money. So he folded his hands and said:

"The head is indeed the wisest!

Outside, Black peony and Niu Yu Dao were also walking like ordinary people. After all, they had a ban on cultivation, and they could not run far.

Outside, the platform was busy with preparations for the ceremony.

And while no one was near them, Black peony asked in a whisper:

- The Lord of the Tao is a young Juan who sincerely wants to become your sworn brother?

Niu Yu Dao slowly turned his head towards her and looked at her as if she was an idiot.

Black peony saw from his expression that she had asked a stupid question. However, she didn't understand and asked again:

"How can Yun Huang readily agree to this?

Niu Yu Dao: For the money, of course.

Black peony looked around and said doubtfully again:

- Just for the sake of 200k?

* 200 tHousand? Niu Yu Dao's mouth is twisted. How could Yun Huang have been conned for 200 tHousand? It was only an Appendix to the main gift. Therefore, Yun Huang had hope for more!

However, he didn't want to explain it. Let Black peony guess for herself.

Realizing that Niu Yu Dao wasn't going to answer, Black peony didn't question him and only reminded Him:

"Lord Dao, the mountain of Flowing clouds is a dangerous place. We need to be careful. They may be hatching evil plans!

Niu Yu Dao said calmly:

"It's too late to be careful now. If he has devious tHoughts, we will not run away. If he didn't want to become a named brother, then we'd be in trouble. If he agreed, then everything is fine so far.

He knew the danger they were in.

He had already given them everything. And this he did only to throw dust in the eyes. If Yun Huang understood this and found out who was standing in front of him now, there would be little chance of success. But Niu Yu Dao needed something to hold on to, so he was so at ease, showing how domineering he could be. Yun Huang still doesn't know who he is, so he sHouldn't give Niu Yu Dao any trouble.

After arranging everything for the ceremony, Hou Qing Tian walked over and called them with his hand. He didn't know how to address Niu Yu Dao. However, he decided to address him as Black peony had previously called him:

- The Lord of the Tao, everything is ready. You can start.

- Haha! Yun Huang came out from the other side and laughed.

They met up with Niu Yu Dao and went together to the Smoking room above the cliff.

Fog swirled around the cliff. There were more than ten werewolves on both sides. The two cultivators took turns approaching the Smoking room. Hou Qing Tian lit the candles and held them up.

The two men looked at each other, smiling, and knelt on the Prayer Mat.

Yun Huang took the candle and said:

"Sky above, earth below. I-Yun Huang wants to become the brother of Huangdi Dao and share happiness and misery with him from now on!

Niu Yu Dao also bowed and smiled as he spoke:

"Sky above, earth below. I-Huangdi Dao wants to become Yun Huang's brother and share his happiness and misery from now on!

After saying this three times, they got up in turn, went to the Smoking-room, and threw down the candles.

Then they turned to each other.

Niu Yu Dao clasped his hands and said, " Greetings, brother!

Yun Huang laughed and patted Niu Yu Dao's forearms.

The werewolves on either side also folded their hands at a sign from Hou Qing Tian and sHouted:

- Congratulations master! Congratulations to the Lord of Tao!

Niu Yu Dao folded his hands, apologizing to them.

Somehow the ceremony was held, and the young Juan waved his hand and ordered everyone to disperse.

Then, turning to Niu Yu Dao, he said:

"Brother, stay here. We'll have a lot of fun on the mountain of Flowing clouds.

He wanted to learn more about the essence of Niu Yu Dao.

Niu Yu Dao sighed and said:

"Brother, I understand your good intention, but I have arranged to meet a specific person. I can't fail to meet his expectations, so I can't stay long. However, I am thrilled to have seen you.

He is being chased outside; how dare he stay here for long?

"In such a hurry?" Yun Huang asked in a bit of surprise. He tHought that Niu Yu Dao had not yet revealed his arrival's real purpose, and then he suddenly started to leave. Did he have a lot on his mind about Niu Yu Dao?

- That's right! Niu Yu Dao slapped his forehead: he Almost forgot. I haven't seen my aunt yet. I'll visit my aunt, and then I'll be on my way!

Niu Yu Dao wanted to see who the famous lady Yun was?

Yun Huang replied in annoyance: Until it turns out, brother. My mother is closed for cultivation and is not receiving guests yet!

He didn't want to disturb his mother. How could he take anyone to see her?

Niu Yu Dao sighed and immediately nodded his head.

- Inconvenient to disturb. Then I hope to see her next time. Brother says goodbye… By the way, my brother had a small request that I would like to ask my brother!

Yun Huang became interested. This is the main topic. He narrowed his eyes and said:

- Speak!

Niu Yu Dao: Brother, a few days ago in Zhaixing city, killed several people of the Liuxiang sect, Floating cloud, and mountains of Refinement, and now I am being chased by their people. I brought them here. I don't know if my brother can help me solve problems with them.

Yun Huang's eyes flashed. He had heard of three sects, but he had never met them before. So he said happily:

"Good, good. Rely on me!

"My brother is a truly generous man. I dare not detain you then!

After that, Niu Yu Dao recalled his ban. Yun Huang immediately angrily called for people to remove the ban.

Yun Huang then left under the pretext of urgent matters and did not personally see Niu Yu Dao off. He only instructed Hou Qing Tian to guide them.

As soon as they came out of the mountain, it seemed to Black peony that it was no longer lively.

When they were alone, Black peony asked:

"Lord Dao, do you think that Yun Huang will eliminate the people of the three sects?

Niu Yu Dao chuckled:

"I don't hope so!" Of course, if you eliminate it, it will be okay.

Black peony couldn't understand him, so she said with a bitter smile:

"The Lord of Tao is magnanimous. So just left 200 tHousand.

Nu Yu Dao: Wandering around the world on a horse, liking both wind and rain. I make friends on the way, but I don't need to pay attention to money.

Black peony: Only I don't think Yun Huang wants to be a friend.

"You think a lot. How many people in the world feel like you? Friendship has a beginning, and only then goes on. And whether there will be a continuation, we will find out later.