Heavenly Genius - Chapter 34



deceiving the enemy by torturing one's own man

Pretending to be injured has two possible applications.


 In the first, the enemy is lulled into relaxing his guard since he no longer considers you to be an immediate threat. The second is a way of ingratiating yourself to your enemy by pretending the injury was caused by a mutual enemy.


The people of Guang Te have already surrounded the mountain and taken under surveillance.

And as soon as Chao Zong gave the order, several hundred people went to the top. Chao Zong held zhanmadao in his hands, Shu Qing held a sharp sword and followed her brother.

Everyone followed them.

Niu Yu Tao walked past Yuan Gan and silently patted his shoulder and headed further up.

Outside the temple, Song Yang Qing stood on the steps of the stairs with his hands behind his back. He looked down at the rising crowd. Xiu Yi Tian, ​​Cheng Gui Shuo, stood on the sides and Yuan Fang with 20 monks at the back. Several people kept Su Jie Ren in custody. Blood flowed through Su Jie Ren's lips.

Seeing Niu Yu Tao behind Chao Zong, Song Yang Qing smiled. He was still worried if Niu Yu Tao had escaped. And Niu Yu Tao is here, and good.

Just the thought that he could share the bed with Tan Yi drove him crazy. And now, he was thrilled. After all, his competitor is in front of him, and he can kill him.

Niu Yu Tao, as soon as he saw the detainee Su Jie Ren, Song Yang Qing with others, was greatly surprised. Just when they attacked the prince's bodyguards, they said that the attacking side was not too strong. He did not think it would be these three guys. After all, after the wedding with Tan Yi, he did not see these people. So the sect of the Highest purity sent them to kill him?

 He recalled how the sect of the Highest purity despised him. And he behaved quietly and quietly in the sect of the Highest purity. However, if they sent these three cultivators, then we can say that they already highly appreciate it.

Before that, he was worried that they would send someone unimportant. And now he saw them.

At a safe distance, Chao Zong stopped. Since he was in custody for a long time, he did not see Song Yang Qing. Therefore, raising his head, he shouted: "Who are you? Just dare to attack me?!"

Song Yang Qing recognized Chao Zong, at times, he saw him in the capital. Only when Shan Jian Bo was alive did Chao Zong pay attention to him? Song Yang Qing did not have the right to be with him at all.  Moreover, at that time, he was in the sect of the Highest purity. And later, Chao Zong was imprisoned.

Nearby, Lang Jo Ting whispered to Chao Zong: "This person's name is Song Yang Qing. He is the grandson of Song Jiu Min and the son of Song Shu. Father and son are students of the sect of the Highest purity." - He recognized him.

"Students of the sect of the Highest purity?" Chao Zong turned and looked at Niu Yu Tao. It was as if he wanted to ask him what was going on here immediately???

Shu Qing saw Su Jie Ren, who was being held in custody, and noticed that he was dressed like Niu Yu Tao. She immediately understood everything and sharply looked at Niu Yu Tao. In her heart, she thought that this man seemed free and laid-back, but turned out to be so cunning and cruel!

Song Yang Qing answered, clasped his hands in front of Chao Zong: "I used to see the young prince in the capital. Today we were lucky to meet again. As for who I am. Most likely, Mr. Lan has already told you. Hehe!" - He knew that Chao Zong officially became the prince, but still called him the young prince. It is demonstratively showing that he is laughing at him.

Standing behind him, Yuan Fang was scared. He did not dare to offend the sect of the Highest purity, and even more, did not want to offend the Song family from the capital. And now the young prince has appeared. How did he manage to get involved in such a case ??? (pp lucky bear)

Chao Zong said: "It turns out to be the grandson of Chief Justice Song. Dear asks you, why are you so cruel to my people?"

Song Yang Qing: "Young prince, it's not us who treat your people badly, but on the contrary, your people began to shoot at us. Isn't that obvious. We only defended ourselves. If the young prince does not agree, then we can go to the capital and find out everything!" - he correctly understood that the influence of Chao Zong in the capital now is no more than the Song family. Especially when the whole legal system is now in the hands of his grandfather.

"However, out of respect for the young prince, I can not investigate this case if you give me one person. There you! "Song Yang Qing pointed to Niu Yu Tao.

All people, seeing Niu Yu Tao, froze.

Niu Yu Tao did not react in any way. He just laid his sword on the ground and looked with interest at Song Yang Qing. He waited for Chao Zong to respond.

Shu Qing and others did not particularly pay attention to his actions. After all, he mainly used the sword like a staff.

Chao Zong looked away from Niu Yu Tao and, looking at Song Yang Qing, said in a cold tone: "Killed my man and still want to pick up my man? By the name of Song, you are too arrogant!"

Song Yang Qing: "Niu Yu Tao - the student of the sect of the highest purity. When did he become the man of the young prince?"

Chao Zong: "At least now, he is the mentor - defender accompanying me!"

"Is he the mentor and defender?" Song Yang Qing could not stand it and laugh. He somehow could not believe that Niu Yu Tao could be such a protector, and continued: "I say to the young prince. You should pass him on."

Chao Zong indifferently asked: "If I don't, then what?"

Song Yang Qing: "I am saying this for your good. Near the mountain, it's dangerous; troubles await you everywhere. Maybe even the young prince cannot reach his destination."

"Are you threatening the respected?" Chao Zong narrowed his eyes and added in a cold tone: "Song's family is pretty cheeky. It seems that you do not even take into account the imperial family of the Yan kingdom!"

* This prince is pretty cunning.*  Song Yang Qing froze. Although he will be ten times bolder, he will not dare to shout freely before everyone that he does not put the imperial family in anything. If someone finds out that he said so, it's not like a person from the imperial palace, even the Minister of Public Works, Tong Mo, will do nothing and also teach a lesson to the Song family. Therefore, Song Yang Qing immediately explained: "Young prince, you do not need to say what was not there. He is Niu Yu Tao. He is not from the imperial clan of the Yan kingdom!"


Chao Zong suddenly angrily repeated: "If the respected does not give? Do you want to attack the respected? Try it. I'll see it!"

Song Yang Qing frowned, and an angry gleam appeared in his eyes. Speaking directly, he will not dare. After all, all recognized  Chao Zong. And if he attacks him, it will bring problems to his family. Even if he secretly attacks, he cannot leave a trace. Song family cannot deal with such matters.

Chao Zong waved his hand: "Rebels need to be shot. Take them under arrest !!"

Without knowing the position of Song Yang Qing, he could still attack him. But when Song Yang Qing spoke about himself, now it was necessary to think several times before attacking Song Yang Qing.

However, several hundred soldiers headed to the top.

Song Yang Qing was surprised by the act of Chao Zong and even got lost. He did not think that Chao Zong would be so decisive. Therefore, he immediately began to retreat with everyone.

"Brother, the tablet!" Xiu Yi Tian reminded him.

Song Yang Qing immediately came to his senses and took out one tablet, showing everyone:

"I have the government order. Chao Zong, dare you to rebel?"

On the plate was a hieroglyph * Punishment *. This was a certificate issued by the supreme court. Many bodyguards, having seen this plate, immediately stopped. Even Chao Zong was thoughtful when he saw this certificate. Song Yang Qing is a representative of the judiciary. And the so-called power is now on his side!

"Prince, let the people retreat!" Suddenly came the voice of Niu Yu Tao.

People looked around and saw how Niu Yu Tao came here at a slow pace. He went to the prince. Chao Zong looked displeased at him. He understood that today's incident was due to Niu Yu Tao, and several dozen brothers died because of him!

Niu Yu Tao bowed to him: "Prince, let the people back down. Once they came for me, then I will decide this matter myself."

Chao Zong: "He killed my people and grabbed my man. This is none of your business!"

"I'm fully compensating for this insult to the prince!" Niu Yu Tao didn't say much and, looking at Song Yang Qing, said: "Brother Song, let's solve our affairs. No need to attract others. Let the prince's soldier go!" He pointed to Su Jie Ren.

Song Yang Qing just needed Niu Yu Tao, and he did not want to engage in a mortal battle with the prince. Therefore, he grinned and signaled Cheng Gui Shuo. Cheng Gui Shuo nodded to Yuan Fang, and Yuan Fang nodded to his people to let go of Su Jie Ren. The people of Yuan Fang pushed the wounded Su Jie Ren, and the bodyguards immediately grabbed him.

Lan Jo Ting pushed a little into Chao Zong's shoulder. He hinted to him - "first, we can to see what happens, and only then act." Chao Zong signaled to the people, and his people moved away from a little.

The sheath of the sword stuck on the ground, and Niu Yu Tao, leaning on the sword, indifferently asked: "Brother Song, I just don't understand something. Why are you following me?"

Song Yang Qing: "Seriously?

Niu Yu Tao looked around and asked: "And you only three?"

He asked as if he was looking for other masters.

Song Yang Qing: "Who do you take yourself for?" Song Yang Qing was unhappy. Does Niu Yu Tao believe that they are not enough?

Niu Yu Tao grinned and asked: "And what do you think?"

Song Yang Qing: "You violated the laws of the sect, and I came to punish you!"

"Did I break the laws? Really couldn't think of a better reason? Does it look like Brother Song didn't think of talking to me?"

Niu Yu Tao sighed helplessly and again said amiably:

"I am a person who does not like to kill. After all, I have already seen many deaths. Therefore, I hope that Brother Song will let me go!"

Song Yang Qing twisted his mouth. He hasn't seen such a good actor yet.

* You were always in custody. How could you see death? Wait, you will cry! *

"Grab it alive!"

* Dare to grab my girlfriend? * as soon as Song Yang Qing recalled the scene when Niu Yu Tao and Tan Yi bowed at the wedding, his heart immediately filled with anger. He could not leave Niu Yu Tao. Need to make this bastard suffer!

Nearby, standing Xu Yi Tian instantly flashed. He took out his sword but even did not take it out of its sheath and went to grab Niu Yu Tao. He despised Niu Yu Tao so much.

The crowd of people saw how fast the movements of Xiu Yi Tian were, that he immediately faced Niu Yu Tao. His hand tried to grab him by the shoulders, and Niu Yu Tao did not pay attention to it at all.

And when Xiu Yi Tian almost grabbed Niu Yu Tao by the shoulders. Niu Yu Tao, who stood with one hand resting on his sword, suddenly began to act. His other hand rose at lightning speed, and he laid his hand on the chest of Xiu Yi Tian.

There was a click.