Heavenly Genius - Chapter 55


Three people did not understand why Niu Yu Tao said so. Feng Lin Bo knows their situation, and it's quite reasonable for him to hold off money. And when they get to Tsang Wu County, they will find the money to return to him.

Lan Jo Ting said without understanding:

"Feng Ling Bo will not delay the big deal because of 10 thousand gold."

By large business, he meant the hundred-thousandth army of ravens.

When three people talked yesterday, they decided that there would be no barrier from Feng Lin Bo because of 10 thousand gold.

Niu Yu Tao still knew that on the other side, there might be people who want to put Chao Zong in place. Peng Yu Lan is likely to release his anger at them once again. But how strong will her anger be? He wanted to say something to Chao Zong, but then said nothing and only reminded a little:

"Prince, men, are usually generous, but women are unlikely to be silent about some things. Peng Yu Lan is likely to say something for her daughter's sake. It is unlikely that you will not be worth taking a bit of bitterness on her part." He paused and then added:

"However, these are only my assumptions. If you believe that nothing will happen, then good. Yesterday I did not rest, so I will not accompany you. I'll go to sleep." With a wave of his hand, he directly showed his final decision.

The note of bitterness in his words means that the prince may have to endure a little resentment. It will be unpleasant, but will not have much impact on them.

Seeing that Niu Yu Tao was turning around and was about to go inside the room, Chao Zong immediately ran to him and grabbed Niu Yu Tao by the hand.

He said, smiling: "Lord Tao, can you say more clearly?"

It was already difficult for him from the current situation. It's easier for him to go to a mortal battle than to go to matchmaking. After all, for the first time, he will see his father-in-law and mother-in-law. And the most important thing is that he takes the bride when he is still not firmly on his feet. Even Niu Yu Tao did things on his behalf.  Now he has to go and disentangle everything here. Which further exacerbates the situation.

He had been lying all night yesterday, rolling from side to side, and could not sleep.

Niu Yu Tao turned his head and looked at his grasped hand. Yuan Gan looked askance at Chao Zong, his hand instantly raised, but also immediately dropped.

Usually, he doesn't allow anyone to touch Niu Yu Tao like that, but now this person was Chao Zong. And he could be understood at that moment. Moreover, he grabbed his hand, not with bad intentions.

Chao Zong, also realizing that he had lost control, immediately loosened his grip.

Niu Yu Tao answered with a slight smile:

"I already said clearly. Nothing terrible will happen. Only I advise you that it would be better to find the money. Nevertheless, if prepared for battle, you will not receive defeat. Does this phrase make sense?"

Chao Zong did not find the words: * You said and didn't say, what's the difference? *

He smiled bitterly: "If I could get the money, I got it. But here it's hard to get money."

Niu Yu Tao said in surprise: "You are a high-ranking prince, one way or another. You have several hundred horsemen. Can't you have 10 thousand gold? Aren't the riders worth the money?"

Chao Zong smiling bitterly said: "Can I sell the riders?"

Niu Yu Tao sighed again: "People cannot be sold, but horses can!" Should these horses be worth 10 thousand gold?"

In times of military turmoil, horses were like a jewel. Especially combat horses.

 Chao Zong did not find words. He really wanted to ask him: *Are you an idiot? Isn't a horse is a rider's second life? If we sell horses, how do we get to Tsan Wu County?*

 He frowned and answered:

"It's not suitable for us to sell horses."

Niu Yu Tao bulged his eyes and said annoyingly:

"Who asks you to sell horses? You just say that you are going to sell horses for Feng Lin Bo's gifts. Say that the prince will sell horses, and then pull the horses out. Won't this solve the issue?"

When they heard Lan jo Ting and Shu Qing, they immediately smiled. They understood. Rumor is a blow to Feng Lin Bo. Feng Lin Bo certainly would not want to be considered so greedy in his city.

"Lord Tao is highly educated!" Lan Jo Ting folded his arms in delight.

Shu Qing smiled coquettishly under her hat and looked at Niu Yu Tao. She remembered the words of Yuan Gan again and now believed more that she and her brother met the strong personality.

Shan Chao Zong also understood him. Feng Lin Bo will not want ordinary people to say that about him. But he will even understand their plan:

"Feng Lin Bo is not an idiot. He will understand our aspirations. Is it possible to seek his contempt?"

Niu Yu Tao immediately shook his head: "Whom will it harm? Is the prince so afraid of losing his face a little? Or ... is it difficult for the prince to marry Feng Ru Nan " The latest, he said with a bit of banter.

Chao Zong was really tense about Feng Ru Nan. He was embarrassed to realize this.

Niu Yu Tao smiled. He had already said enough and now turned around and went into the garden for a walk. Yesterday he wanted to see this park.

After a while, Yuan Gan caught up with him:

"Lord Tao, they are gone. They going be acting on your advice."

Niu Yu Tao stopped near the pond and, with his hands behind his back, said:

"Your business is almost done. Most likely, with the sect of the Highest purity, it is also decided. Even if they don't let me go, they don't care about me right now. Now we need to think about the Song family. This is more complicated. We have a big difference in strength!"

Yuan Gan was silent and sighed to himself. So Lord Tao decided to destroy the sect of the Highest purity. It looks like he didn't have any feelings for Tan Yi. Since he doesn't even worry about her life ...


"No? Was there a carriage with presents the day before yesterday? Or is it still a little?"

"Feng Ru Nan, who is that? Is it possible to just give it away? Here the prince was most likely forced to sell horses. What the ruler we have!"

On the main street, the bodyguards slowly pulled the horses, and people around were always discussing this ...

The ruler's palace.

Seated Feng Ling Bo and Peng Yu Lan were just waiting for Chao Zong when the Show Nyan came in and immediately reported the situation to them.

Feng Lin Bo, his eyes wide, looked at him:

"Sells horses to buy gifts still? Did I want more gifts?"

Show Nyan said a little:

"I'm afraid it's about 10 thousand gold."

Feng Lin Bo turned black and said in a grim voice: If the return of debt, then say so. Why talk about gifts!"

Peng Yu Lan also changed face. She understood everything and through her teeth said:

"A bunch of tramps still do not want to repay the debt!"

Feng Lin Bo grinned: "This Lan Jo Ting is a dodger. I want to see him..." - he nodded to Show Nyan and said: "You go down there and say that about 10 thousand gold let them forget. Bring them to me right away!"

"Yes!" Show Nyan answered and left.

Peng Yu Lan did not say anything against it. She understood that the mood of the people was not worth 10 thousand gold. After all, one of the primary support of the spouses was just ordinary people. They were also opposed to the imperial house getting involved with them with their affairs. Therefore, they will have to forget about 10 thousand gold.

Not much time passed before Chao Zong, and the others came. They went into the guest palace, and the couple immediately greeted him:

"Welcome, prince!"

Although their real situation was different now, decency must be respected. Although they used decency, just a little.

"Mr. Lan, I heard about you for a long time..." Feng Lin Bo laughed out laughing and patted Lan Jo Ting on the shoulder as if they knew each other well.

Feng Lin Bo already believed that he had received enough tricks from Lan Jo Ting, and finally, they can already be close. After all, and now the time is vague, and pure power will achieve little, but a handful of ingenious people can do a great thing.

After everyone greeted each other, Feng Lin Bo continued:

"Mr. Lan, you are still that sly one. We have not met you yet, as you made me sweat. You have to drink off three's glasses!"

"We are by cases forced, you know. The situation is this. I am ashamed, ashamed!" - Lan Jo Ting calmly accepted the accusations.

And Peng Yu Lan and Shu Qing stood on the side and talked about women's affairs. Shu Qing will be with her daughter after the wedding. And Chao Zong stood at a distance and drank tea alone.

Both sides greeted each other. Lang Jo Ting himself was an outstanding person and was approved by Feng Ling Bo. Moreover, Feng Lin Bo, experienced the talent of Lan Jo Ting, so he wanted to take him as his assistants.

If we compare two people, then Lan Jo Ting was undoubtedly an outstanding person, and in many places, he showed grace and skill. And in the military art, he was a good strategist. Only he, it seems, was much inferior to Niu Yu Tao.

Niu Yu Tao, on the other hand, regularly spoke vaguely and mostly could praise something or someone, and Lan Jo Ting spoke briefly and to the point. And although they both said something that Feng Ling Bo agreed, for him, Lan Jo Ting seemed more gifted.

Of course, Niu Yu Tao did not want everyone to take him for a genius. He did not want to be bothered continuously. What, what, but he is not exactly looking for such fame.

So discussing, Lan Jo Ting and the other side successfully agreed on everything. And the wedding day was chosen as close as possible. After three days!