Heavenly Genius - Chapter 64


Feng Ru Nan did not touch food in her marriage chamber. The only thing is, when they went the official part, she drank from the mating goblet. Is this it?

Wen Xing replied:

"They sent everything from home."

Feng Ru Nan: "Have you checked them?"

Wen Xing: "The landlord personally checked them. There should be no problems."

Feng Ru Nan silenced. From home, they should not have treated her like that. And definitely, everything was well checked. Then what is the problem?

She asked again:

"Did anyone check on the way?"

Two girls shook their heads:

"No." The rest checked everything at the banquet.

Feng Ru Nan paused a little and asked again: "Inevitably, no one touched to food?"

Two girls did not understand what was happening. *Did someone add poison?* However, they shook their heads again.

What then?" Feng Ru Nan whispered to herself.

She looked at the candle and slowly approached her. However, she was in no hurry. Yesterday she weakened so quickly, and this morning, while chasing Chao Zong, she did not notice that this candle was somehow strangely burning.

She reached out, raked the wax a little, and was about to smell it. Suddenly, Wen Li said:

"Mistress, yesterday it seems like one person was touching food."

Feng Ru Nan immediately turned her head, and Wen Xing asked in surprise:


Wen Li: "Have you forgotten? Yesterday, an older man with a gray beard, didn't he block our path?"

Wen Xing froze. She remembered and immediately nodded to Feng Ru Nan.

Feng Ru Nan, grinding her teeth, said:

"What older man came here?"

Wen Li: "The servants do not know. He said that he was the prince's bodyguard."

As soon as Feng Ru Nan heard about Chao Zong, she immediately began to interrogate:

"Quickly say how it all happened?"

"Yesterday,  as soon as the servants got here ..." Wen Li outlined what happened yesterday.

After listening to everything, Feng Ru Nan quickly went out into the street. She brought a kettle of wine with her. She opened it and sniffed, but felt nothing. She looked inside, but she didn't notice anything extraordinary either.

Then she returned to the room and gave the kettle to Wen Xing:


"Uh ..." Wen Xing was amazed. She looked worriedly at Feng Ru Nan. What could be wrong with him? However, she won't go against Ru Nan, and she had to drink.

After that, Feng Ru Nan sat next to her and closed her eyes while waiting. She slowly calmed down.

After a while, Wen Xing said in a weak voice:

"Mistress ..."

Feng Ru Nan immediately opened her eyes and saw Wen Xing fall to the floor.

"Sister!" Wen Li screamed and went straight to her.

Feng Ru Nan walked over and began to examine her. Wen Xing's arms and legs went limp. She was falling asleep, and her eyes were half-open.

As soon as she looked at her, she immediately realized that it was the same with her last night.

"Mistress, what's the matter with my sister? "Wen Li asked hastily.

Feng Ru Nan helped lift Wen Xing and laid her on the bed. She told Wen Li:

"Calm down. It's okay with her. I ask you what the name of this old man is?"

Wen Li shook her head. "The servant does not know."

Feng Ru Nan: "If you see him again, can you identify him?"

Wen Li nodded. "I can."

Feng Ru Nan, angry, went to pack her things.

Today, when she was chasing Chao Zong, she put on only the top set. And so she ran out into the street, not as befits a girl. Indeed, she is an educated girl among the soldiers.


The ruler's palace.

Feng Lin Bo and Peng Yu Lan at breakfast listened to a report on the young.

And when they heard that the daughter ran after Chao Zong in the morning and wanted to kill him, they stopped and did not know what to do. The couple opened their mouths and staring. Of course, they knew that their daughter was so fierce, but not so much.

However, Feng Lin Bo waved his hand and continued to eat, smiling bitterly and shaking his head.

Peng Yu Lan was still worried. She reached out and laid it on Feng Lin Bo, stopping him:

"Yesterday they fought, this morning she wanted to kill him. But you eat so calmly?"

Feng Lin Bo loosened his hands and put down chopsticks:

"And what else to do? They are spouses. Where are we going to intervene? Because of them, are we not eating now? Besides, Chao Zong is not the opponent of your daughter. He lost to her. So he will not offend our daughter. What else do you have to worry about?"

Peng Yu Lan: "You say so. But can not it always be so?"

Feng Lin Bo sighed: "I told you that it wasn't necessary to train her like that initially. It's good that Chao Zong married her. A simple person would have long died in her chamber. Then there would be a joke!"

Peng Yu Lan, frowning, said:

"Now, what is the use of these words? Do you better think about whether Chao Zong will treat her well later?"

Feng Lin Bo closed his eyes: "Do you think... Chao Zong took Ru Nan clearly because of what. You and I clearly understand this. He took her because of us, because of our support. Besides, we will follow him. He will not be able to harm Ru Nan in any way. Ru Nan is now keeping his distance with him — excellent too. But when that incident happens to them, then you will need to teach your daughter how to behave..."

The sun was rising, and Niu Yu Tao stood in front of the flower and looked at it. He leaned over, picked a flower, and sifted through it. He had not seen such yet.

"Tuck!" One bag fell at his feet.

 Niu Yu Tao turned his head and saw Yuan Gan. He asked:

"What is it?"

Yuan Gan: "Look at it."

Niu Yu Tao thought: *What is this precious thing since Yuan Gan himself personally brought it.* By the sound, he realized that there was something loose in the bag. He kicked the pouch with his foot and lift some of the contents into his palm. And asked in surprise: "Soy?"

Yuan Gan: "There are not many such things here. When I was in the village, I did not see it. Yesterday, when they brought food from the ruler, I noticed these beans. Because a little soy is obtained, it is not planted in large quantities. Few have tried it, and few eat.

Niu Yu Tao said suspiciously: "In no case, don't think to plant it, or do you want to give it to people from the village? If so, then it's not worth it. I convince you. You said that it bears little fruit. Especially in a turbulent age when people are starving. It will be of little use. Save strength."

Yuan Gan: "I asked the cook. He did not hear about tofu. Can you make tofu?"

Tofu can be made from bristled soy. Only Yuan Gan himself cannot. He exclusively heard how they make it, but he did not try it. And Niu Yu Tao can. He always liked objects of art and traditional things.

"Here is no tofu?" Niu Yu Tao was amazed. He looked at the soybeans and shook his head. Yuan Gan reminded him of the taste of how tofu smells. He now understood what Yuan Gan wanted to say, and nodded to him:

"I'll tell you the other day. It's not yet in a hurry."

While they were talking, Shu Qing came. Upon learning the news from Lan Jo Ting, she immediately ran here. She noticed from afar how two people were looking at the bag so seriously. And when she saw it closer, she was surprised.

Niu Yu Tao: "The Grand Duchess looks calm. Everything must be in order with the prince."

Shan Shu Qing: "Have you poured the medicine?"

*Looks like they already know! *

 Niu Yu Tao knew that sooner or later they would find out. However, he still shook his head:

"Not I." He cannot confess to this matter.

Shan Shu Qing: "Lord Tao does not want to confess?"

"Do I need in a confession? Firstly, I didn't do it. Secondly, even if I did this..." - he turned to Yuan Gan: - Did I Do Something Wrong?

Yuan Gan certainly understood what he meant. He did not mean how they did, but what they did. So he shook his head: "All right!"

Niu Yu Tao immediately looked at Shu Qing:

"Then, the Grand Duchess should not think that I did everything wrong?"

If only Shu Qing says what he did wrong, then for him, it will be even better. He will no longer need to say anything. He was looking for a good chance along the way to take Yuan Gan with him. Just have not yet found. They need to help the brother and the sister. However, he is only interested in cultivation and resources for cultivation here!

He is not interested in which prince of the land belongs to, what the emperor is sitting on the throne, who will be defeated for the dominion. All this is not his business. He stayed to help them only because of Yuan Gan. Because he sent Yuan Gan to work, but there Yuan Gan owed a man. And so that Yuan Gan did not feel guilt on his heart and soul, he remained to help. Therefore, he is trying so hard for this brother and this sister.

He already helped them in full - paved the way for them, built bridges, drew them the future. This is more than enough to pay the debt of Yuan Gan. But if they still say that he does everything poorly, then they already have nothing to stay with them. Even then, they certainly owe nothing to them. Why then should they stay if they are spoken like that? Of course, he will then lead Yuan Gan away.