Magic Industry Empire - Volume 1 Chapter 119

The becoming famous Great Magician Camilla mentioned was becoming famous in the magician circle.

This magazine like thing was a periodic released inside the Magicians Guild, so only Great Magicians and Arch Magi will regularly get it.

So Great Magician Camilla saying Xu Yi’s become famous means that he was known by many Great Magicians.

There were only twenty seven Arch Magic and over five hundred Great Magicians on the entire Sines Continent, so strictly speaking Xu Yi was only famous among these five hundred or so people. To be honest this couldn’t be considered famous at all.

“Idiot!” Great Magician Camilla angrily looked at Xu Yi, “Arch Magi and Great Magicians are the top characters among magicians, so having the Arch Magi and Great Magicians knowing about you, that is equal to all the magicians knowing about you. Is this not considered being famous?”

Xu Yi looked at Great Magician Camilla in shock, “Really?”

“Why would I lie to you?” Great Magician Camilla pointed underneath him, “As long as I wanted, all the people in this Magic Tower would learn about this news. If they then spread this news to others, all the magicians in Banta City and the surrounding cities would know about this. Let me tell you, this internal periodic has a high position in the hearts of the magicians of the continent, so if you can appear in this periodic, it is hard not to become famous.”

Xu Yi stroked his chin, looking a bit confused.

“Although it is rare to see someone become a Fifth Grade Magician with their first exam, with how high scale this periodic is, I think I shouldn’t be qualified to appear in this periodic, right?”

Great Magician Camilla shook his head, “Of course it’s not because you became a Fifth Grade Magician. Although this doesn’t happen often, there are many people who participate in the guild’s exam and there will always be someone who is as shocking as you, so this matter isn’t considered rare. This periodic isn’t a newspaper that reports gossip like the «Banta Times», it only reports on things related to magic. For you to appear on it, it is actually related to your answers on the Fifth Grade exam written test.”

“Written test answers?” Xu Yi remembered when he took part in the test and was a bit astonished, “Why do I feel that there isn’t anything special about that?”

“You don’t think it’s special?” Great Magician Camilla looked at Xu Yi as he asked this with a serious look.

Seeing how serious Great Magician Camilla was, Xu Yi seriously thought about it before shaking his head, “No, I don’t.”

Great Magician Camilla’s expression became a bit strange, “Xu Yi, it seems like I’ve still underestimated your talent. Come, take a look at the appraisal of you in the periodic.”

Xu Yi took the thick periodic from Great Magician Camilla’s hands and turned to the seventh page as instructed. He found that what was written on it was actually the questions on Magic Arrays he had encountered in the Fifth Grade exam.

Xu Yi noticed that the one who wrote this article was called Gordon Eisenkel.

This name was a bit familiar to Xu Yi. Thinking about it, he finally remembered that when he had just started working at Great Magician Camilla’s Magic Tower, Sarash had mentioned this name. He said that he was the richest Great Magician in the Lampuri Kingdom.

And in this article, this richest Great Magician was filled with praise for the answers that Xu Yi had given.

The Magic Arrays in the written exam were only Fifth Grade Arrays. The questions were asking about some details of the Magic Arrays, as well as some small requests to let the examinee improve a few parts of the Magic Array.

Xu Yi already knew a great deal about Magic Arrays and adding in the fact that he focused most of his energy in changing Magic Arrays to suit the needs of magic machines, these kinds of questions were a piece of cake for him.

After the test was finished, the old examiners from the Magicians Guild were unanimous that Xu Yi’s answers far surpassed the level of normal Fifth Grade Magicians. They specially agreed to let him pass the test and become a Fifth Grade Magician.

And in this article, Great Magician Eisenkel analyzed the answer Xu Yi gave bit by bit, clearly explaining all the ideas behind Xu Yi’s answers.

“......This is completely a genius level of creativity! Using the curves of the array to change the Magic Array’s magical elemental area density absorption, causing a change in the area of effect of the Magic Array, this is simply allowing the Magic Array to come alive! If we can promote this kind of creativity, we can even change Magic Arrays as we wish, allowing the Magic Arrays to reach the effects we want. I can definitely say that this Xu Yi’s research on Magic Arrays has reached the level of grandmaster! Even I can’t compare to him!”

Seeing Great Magician Eisenkel’s straightforward praise in the article, Xu Yi couldn’t help blushing a bit.

These Magic Arrays were only natural to him, but he never thought that in Great Magician Eisenkel’s eyes, it would be this shocking. This was something he really didn’t expect.

After he finished reading the article, Xu Yi slightly knit his brows. He asked Great Magician Camilla, “Your excellency Great Magician, are you close to this Great Magician Eisenkel?”

Great Magician Camilla shook his head, “No, we just know each other’s names.”

“Then why is he praising me like this? I don’t think that I’m worth this kind of praise. Seeing him praise me as a genius in his article, I feel a bit embarrassed.”

“There’s no need to feel embarrassed. After I saw the answers you wrote for the written exam, I felt that his praise for you isn’t exaggerated at all. Your creativity and ingenuity really is worthy of this praise.” Great Magician Camilla seriously said, “I still have the same view as before, if you were to focus on studying magic, perhaps your future achievements might even surpass me and you could even become the first Arch Magus of the Lampuri Kingdom.”

Xu Yi gave a dry laugh, “Your excellency Great Magician, you don’t need to say this again.”

Great Magician Camilla gave a snort before saying, “Of course, other than you having the qualification to be praised like this, I have to remind you, that this fellow Eisenkel…...He has never done anything unnecessary, so… should be a bit careful.”

Xu Yi gave a slow nod.

There was a phrase that said that there was no free meal in this world.

Even if the answer that he gave in the written test was quite shocking, it was still only a written test for the Fifth Grade exam. In a normal situation, it wouldn’t fall into the eyes of an important character like Great Magician Eisenkel at all.

But Great Magician Eisenkel had to choose the answer that Xu Yi had given and specially wrote an article in this important Magicians Guild’s internal periodic, giving such large praise. If it was said he didn’t have any other goals, Xu Yi wouldn’t believe it even if he was beaten to death.

But Xu Yi felt this was very strange. He was just a small Fifth Grade Magician, what was worth having this Great Magician deem as important?”

Unless…..He cared about the fact that he was Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman?

Xu Yi thought about it and couldn’t think of an answer, so he could only put aside this question for now. He focused his mind back on the main topic of why he came to find Great Magician Camilla.

Hearing that Xu Yi wanted to focus on studying a series of production magic machines and that he was only giving him a month’s worth of time, Great Magician Camilla couldn’t help knitting his brows.

“Kid, are you planning on not giving me any time to research magic?”

Xu Yi gave a helpless sigh, “There’s no other choice, to complete the order for his majesty, I have to invent these production magic machines. Even if the dwarves go all out, they can at most finish the initial three thousand small agricultural magic machines. But to finish the tens of thousands of agricultural magic machines the king wants, they might not even be able to finish in several years. Since it has to be studied eventually, it is better to do it earlier.”

But these Magic Punch Presses look this complicated, you really think it can be done in a month?” Great Magician Camilla doubtfully asked.

“Perhaps the time is a bit tight, but I don’t think it’s that big of a problem.” Xu Yi paused before saying with a serious expression, “Your excellency Great Magician, it isn’t just the king that wants to achieve the plan in his heart, I want to do the same. To spread the agricultural magic machines before the harvest season, it will raise the kingdom’s total harvest. The king is considered the living problem in the kingdom and although I’m not that noble, I’m not willing to see people starve. Last time when I discussed the disaster in the kingdom with Heinz, where many people starved to death, a grown man like Heinz couldn’t help breaking out in tears. I decided then that my priority would be to make magic machines that could increase the harvest.”

Great Magician Camilla thought about it before giving a slight nod, “Your thoughts aren’t wrong. When I was invited to Count Sean’s banquet a few days ago, Count Sea was filled with praise for you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He said that with the help of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s agricultural magic machines, quite a bit of farmland had been opened near Banta City. If nothing unexpected happens, Banta City’s harvest will greatly increase and make sure that everyone can fill their stomachs. Xu Yi, do you know that because of this, Count Sean has been secretly giving you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce quite a bit of support? If not, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t have developed so smoothly in Banta City.”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “The City Lord taking care of me and the company, I know in my heart.” He then gave a laugh, “But your excellency Great Magician, since the Lord City Lord is supporting me, shouldn’t you also support me?”

Great Magician Camilla snappily looked at Xu Yi, “Don’t use Count Sean to pressure me, it’s no use. But since you are trying to increase the production of agricultural magic machines, I’ll agree to your request. Not only me, I will have the entire Magic Tower help you research the Magic Arrays for these production magic machines!”

Xu Yi was filled with joy.

With Great Magician Camilla’s promise, Xu Yi had over 80% confidence in making these Magic Press Punches.