Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 102

Anvilmar at the end of October was filled with the autumn breeze and it became dark early, the air reverberated with a chill.

But the streets of Anvilmar City were still filled with people, being very crowded.

That was because today was the day of the monthly auction. The auction house at the center of the most luxurious street in the city, Elysee Street was even more boisterous. The sun had just set and countless people pushed in, completely filling up the large auction hall.

As per usual, among the people here, one could easily find nobles and large merchants.

For them, since this was a place to show off their wealth, it was a very important social gathering. As long as they were qualified to come, they definitely wouldn’t miss it.

This monthly large auction was the most important topic in Anvilmar City.

During these discussions, what came up the most was which noble or large merchant would use a large amount of money to buy what precious item.

For example, in last month’s auction, a painting that came from the last elven dynasty three thousand years ago reached a price of three hundred and seventy thousand gold coins, creating a stir in the entire city.

But the person who bid for that painting refused to reveal their identity. So even now after a month, there were countless people who secretly discussed this person who had actually thrown down a giant amount of three hundred and seventy thousand to buy a single painting.

As for this month’s auction, the topic that everyone cared about was what precious goods would appear and what high price they would sell for.

For example, could it beat the record set last month by the painting for three hundred and seventy thousand?

When Xu Yi entered the auction, he found the seats that he had reserved ten days ago with Hannas and sat down. Hearing the issues being discussed by the people around him, he couldn’t help revealing a faint smile.

Three hundred and seventy thousand gold coins wasn’t considered a large amount for him now, but if he had this much money, he would rather invest it in researching magic machines. He wouldn’t be willing to spend even a single gold coin on luxury goods that didn’t have any meaning to him.

And on his trip to Anvilmar City this time, he came to this auction not for some luxury goods, but he had a goal.

After patiently waiting for some time, it reached seven. An auctioneer came out and the crowd immediately became silent.

Xu Yi couldn’t help nod. Based on this, this Nessing Auction House really was the largest auction house in Anvilmar City and the entire Lampuri Kingdom.

The auctioneer gave a large introduction to the auction before entering the main topic.

Xu Yi completely ignored all the strange things. He just listened to the people around him call out bids and watched the atmosphere surge under the auctioneer’s control.

The first auction reached a final price of less than five hundred gold coins. When it reached the tenth item, that price had broken ten thousand gold coins.

Seeing the surrounding people bid, Xu Yi couldn’t help feeling emotional.

Based on this situation, it seemed like there were quite a few rich people in the Lampuri Kingdom.

But the strange thing was that the Lampuri Kingdom’s financial situation wasn’t that good.

Even if it increased greatly last year compared to the past years, it was still less than three million gold coins. It was only slightly higher than the revenue of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce last year.

Xu Yi didn’t understand this situation and had asked Seveni, but he didn’t receive a clear answer.

As one item finished bidding, the price increased and the atmosphere in the auction hall became more lively. Every person who participated in the auction became very excited, like they had lost their mind.

However, when the auctioneer took out the seventeenth item, it became cool again.

“One volume of Arch Magus Thorne’s notes, a minimum price of three thousand gold coins. Each increase will be no less than two hundred gold coins. Everyone please start bidding.”

When the auctioneer’s voice fell, the hall was silent. Everyone looked at each other and most people were confused.

Although everyone knew the meaning of the words “Arch Magus”, the notes of Arch Magus Thorne didn’t have any use to most people.

If it was a famous Great Magus, based on the fame this Great Magus had on the continent, any item related to them would sell for a sky high price.

For example, in an auction last year, there was a pen that was used by Great Magus Lifer. It had reached a shocking price of one hundred and thirty thousand gold coins.

But an Arch Magus was not a Great Magus. It was only a single grade, but the difference was like heaven and earth.

Because on the Sines Continent, there were always Arch Magi and they weren’t that scarce. For example, there were currently twenty seven Arch Magi on the Sines Continent.

But a Great Magus is rare. Since humans started studying magic, in the four thousand years, there were only a few Great Magus that had appeared in human history. One might not appear even in several hundred years.

Compared to this, Great Magus were naturally more rare, so they had a higher position in people’s minds.

Xu Yi waited for a bit, but seeing that no one was bidding and the auctioneer was about to raise his gavel to end this auction, he raised his hand while shouting, “Three thousand.”

Hearing this, the auctioneer let out a sigh of relief. He immediately brought his gavel down and pointed at Xu Yi while saying with laughter, “Mister number thirty nine, three thousand gold coins. Is there anyone else who wants to bid?”

Everyone at the auction turned to look at Xu Yi.

Xu Yi wasn’t wearing magician robes today, so everyone couldn’t see his identity as a mage and couldn’t help feeling a bit confused.

What does this young fellow want to buy Arch Magus Thorne’s notes for? Could it be that he wants to raise his magic power with this note?

Based on his young appearance, he might not understand it even if he read it, right?

Xu Yi ignored everyone’s faze and looked at the auctioneer, using his gaze to pressure him.

The auctioneer naturally understood Xu Yi’s meaning. Waiting to see that no one was bidding, he continued with a nod, “Number thirty nine, three thousand gold coins going once. Is there no one else bidding? If there’s no one else, Arch Magus Thorne’s notes will go to this mister.”

Still, no one replied.

The auctioneer waited a bit longer before helplessly calling out, “Number thirty nine, three thousand gold coins going twice. There is only one chance left, is there anyone interested in Arch Magus Thorne’s notes willing to bid? Arch Magus Thorne was the first Arch Magus of our Lampuri Kingdom and the symbol of pride for our Lampuri Kingdom. His notes definitely have great value, so I don’t think that everyone is willing to miss out on it, right?”

Perhaps the auctioneer’s words had some effect as a voice called out, “Three thousand and five hundred.”

The auctioneer’s spirits jumped up and he pointed in that direction, “Good! There’s someone bidding! Mister number forty seven, three thousand and five hundred gold coins! Is there anyone else bidding?”

When he asked this, the auctioneer naturally looked in Xu Yi’s direction.

Xu Yi didn’t disappoint him as he called out without even batting a lash, “Four thousand.”

The crowd began discussing again.

Based on Xu Yi’s current appearance, it was clear that he was determined to take this.

Number forty seven who had bid before could feel Xu Yi’s attitude and didn’t give up, so he shouted “Five thousand gold coins.”

Seeing this, all the people in the auction hall became excited.

For the people who came to the auction, they liked seeing people bid the most because this would increase the excitement of the auction.

Everyone looked at Xu Yi expectantly who after a bit of thought gave a price of “five thousand and two hundred gold coins”.


Hearing this bid, everyone was a bit disappointed.

He was increasing it by five hundred before, but now he changed to the lowest of two hundred. Could it be that this young fellow was strong on the outside and weak on the inside? Could it be that he used all his savings just to buy these notes?

Number forty seven was surprised by Xu Yi dropping the bid and shouted a price of five thousand and five hundred after pausing for a second.

Xu Yi hesitated for a while before calling out a bid of “five thousand and seven hundred” when the auctioneer reached his third count.

Number forty seven shook his head. It was like he was very disappointed in Xu Yi and gave up this bid.

So Xu Yi used a bid of five thousand and seven hundred gold coins to take Arch Magus Thorne’s notes.

This kind of auction disappointed everyone, so after throwing this aside, they continued bidding on other things.

Xu Yi remained silent as he watched the performance of the people around him, silently waiting for his next target to appear.

After around half an hour, the staff of the auction carefully brought out a red box that was the size of a palm.

Seeing the careful appearance of the staff, everyone’s curiosity was piqued.

There were so many things that came out before, but the staff were never this careful. Why did they act this way once this thing came out?

There was only one explanation. The thing inside this little box must be more precious than everything from before!

Thinking of this, everyone’s breathing became a bit quick.

Everyone knew that the final act of this auction was about to begin.

And with the appearance of the final act, there would be a storm.