Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 87

“Chairman Xu, are you trapping me?” Cantona looked at Xu Yi with a bitter smile, “Our company’s current gross income this year isn’t even two hundred thousand gold coins, how can we hand over two hundred thousand in tax revenue? If we disappoint her highness, our company doesn’t need to stay in Banta City in the future.”

“Why would I trap you?” Xu Yi gave Cantona a confident smile and patted his shoulder, “Relax, if I didn’t have confidence, how could I make this bet with her highness?”

Seeing that Xu Yi was certain, Cantona thought of the various miracles that Xu Yi had created and saw a bit of hope.

“Then…..Chairman Xu, what idea do you have?”

“Come, I’ll ask you a question. What do you think…..of our company’s canned fruit factory?” Xu Yi asked.

“Un? It’s very good, what about it?” Cantona looked at Xu Yi in surprise.

“Then do you know what the canned fruit factory’s profit this year is?” Xu Yi asked.

Cantona was more confused. After thinking about it, he hesitantly said, “I don’t know the specific number, but from what I heard from manager Will, it shouldn’t be that bad, right? Let me guess… should be at least over ten thousand gold coins, right?

“You’re looking down on manager Will.” Xu Yi shook his head and reached out five fingers, “Let me be honest with you, this year so far, this canned fruit factory has sold over one million cans of various canned fruits, earning a total profit of close to fifty thousand gold coins!”

“That much?” Cantona was shocked, “This canned fruit factory is this small and it earns this much profit?”

“You don’t believe it?” Xu Yi said with a laugh, “Let me tell you, this is just the beginning. After the transport Magic Cars, the canned fruits can be transported to various parts of the kingdom. Not long ago, our company signed a deal with the Walmart Chamber of Commerce. In the future, the canned fruits will be sold on the shelves of the Walmart Chamber of Commerce’s stores in each city. The sales numbers of these canned fruits will only increase and the profits will follow.”

Cantona was completely shocked as he couldn’t help shaking his head, “Chairman Xu, I really have to say, a casual idea of your can earn this much money. I really do admire you.”

“Then do you believe me when I say that I think the Cantona Chamber of Commerce can surpass a tax revenue of two hundred thousand this year?”

“I do!” Cantona gave a very firm nod before asking, “But chairman Xu, what are you planning on having me do?”

“First tell me, what is the main business of your Cantona Chamber of Commerce?” Xu Yi asked.

“Of course it’s contracting farmland.” Cantona had a bitter look, “Although it does make money, it isn’t flexible and the money made each year is fixed. I estimate that even if we get everything, our tax revenue this year won’t surpass one hundred thousand, so there’s no need to think about two hundred thousand.”

“You just said that you believed me and now you’re giving up this quickly?” Xu Yi looked at him before patting his shoulder, “Relax, I didn’t come here because I had nothing to do, of course I have a goal. Come with me.”

Cantona followed behind Xu Yi feeling confused. They arrived in a normal looking room in the magic machine development center at the Falling Rain Valley.

“Come and take a look.” Xu Yi pointed at the metal cylinder that was over a meter tall and had a diameter of close to a meter in the corner.

Cantona looked over and found that there was a dome on this cylinder. After receiving Xu Yi’s permission to open it, he found that the cylinder was empty, but there was a metal pole inside that had many sharp metal blades attached, looking quite fierce.

“This is the new magic machine developed by your company? What is it used for?”

“This thing is called the Magic Juicer. Currently its main design is to squeeze the juice out of fruits.” Xu Yi explained.

“Squeeze fruit juice?” Cantona looked at the scary blades inside the cylinder and understood a bit, “After the fruit is placed inside, the blades will cut it to pieces and squeeze out the juice, right?”

“That’s right.”

Cantona thought about it before his eyes lit up, “Chairman Xu, you mean that we can use this thing to squeeze out juice to sell?” Then his eyes dimmed again, “But while fresh fruit juice is delicious, it doesn’t last long. At most you can sell it in Banta City. I don’t have the ability to open stores in other cities, so this thing isn’t that useful to me.”

“I always thought that your mind worked fast and you would understand my meaning.” Xu Yi gave a sigh before giving a clap, “Miranda, come out.”

After hearing the footsteps, Cantona turned his head in a daze. There was a door that opened on the left and a slender female elf came into the room.

“Come, let me introduce you.” Xu Yi pointed at the female elf as he said to Cantona, “This elven beauty is Miranda, she comes from the Stantine Duchy’s Moon Shadow Tribe. Miranda, this is the Cantona Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Cantona that I mentioned before. You will probably be working for a long time together in the future, so you should be introduced.”

Cantona was surprised before quickly reaching his hand out towards Miranda, “Hello, hello, beautiful elven miss. It really is my honour being able to meet you.”

Miranda looked over Cantona for a bit before asking Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, are you certain that I should work with him?”

Xu Yi nodded, “Cantona is someone that I trust.”

“Alright, I’ll believe your judgement.” Miranda gave a nod. She looked at Cantona’s outstretched hand and thought for a bit before reaching her hand out to softly shake his hand, “Chairman Cantona, I’m very glad to meet you.”

Although Cantona had contact with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, seeing the elves regularly, to discuss cooperation with them like this…...

Wait! Chairman Xu just said…...he would be cooperating with this beautiful elf? What was going on?”

“You said that only fresh fruit juice is delicious, but it is limited because of its short storage time? Then do you think that if fruit juice could be kept longer, what would the sales be like?” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

“It would definitely sell like crazy!” Cantona shouted in an excited voice, “Moreover, I’m certain that this thing will be even more popular than canned fruit! Because it is troublesome to squeeze fruit yourself, so it would be welcomed by everyone if they could be provided with fresh and cheap fruit juice!”

“It’s good that you’re confident.” Xu Yi nodded with a smile before pointing at Miranda, “Alright, you can discuss the problem of keeping juice fresh with Miranda. When you’re done talking, we can discuss our next steps.”

Cantona excitedly talked with Miranda and Xu Yi left the room.

When he walked out, he bumped into Camby who had rushed over.

Camby looked into the room and asked Xu Yi with a confused look, “Chairman, fruit juice is definitely something good that will sell, so why did you give it to the Cantona Chamber of Commerce? Why didn’t our company do it ourselves? This should earn more money than the canned fruit factory, right?”

“This will indeed earn more money and in the long run, if our Frestech Chamber of Commerce does it ourselves, we would earn a lot of money. But Camby, there are too many things in this world that can earn money and if our Frestech Chamber of Commerce keeps everything, that’s not how to work with others. Remember, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is a magic machine company.”

Camby shook his head, “I don’t understand. Although our main business is magic machines, it isn’t a problem to earn money from other businesses, right?”

“You can treat it as me being willful. In short, I hope that our company will focus on magic machines and not other things. Even the canned fruit factory, I’ve already discussed it with her highness and I’m planning on choosing a good time to hand it to the Koror Village villagers, letting them take care of it.”

“That really is a pity.” Camby knit his brows, “At the meeting last time, Sebas said that the development for the canned fruit factory is very good and profits would only grow. To give it up like this… really is a bit…...a bit too wasteful…..”

Xu Yi laughed, “It’s fine, I’m a prodigal, you should be used to it.”

“Sir chairman, you really are the strangest human I’ve ever seen.” Camby helplessly shook his head, “The chief discussed this with me a few days ago, he was planning on having our tribe create a factory with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but now it seems like you’re not interested.”

“Oh? Chief Siluka saw that the Night Song Tribe opened a factory and wasn’t willing to fall behind?” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

Camby laughed, silently agreeing to Xu Yi’s guess.

“Tell me, what kind of factory is chief Siluka planning on opening?” Xu Yi kept asking.

“Un…..The chief said that Banta City has had rich crops for several years and with the fertilizer, the wheat is growing even better, so Banta City wouldn’t be lacking wheat. He was planning…..on opening a brewery with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Brewery?” Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling, “This really is the style of you dwarves. What? The wine at the Sachi Manor can’t satisfy you anymore, you have to open your own brewery?”

“That is one of the reasons.” Camby scratched his big head and said with a laugh, “But the main reason is that the chief thinks that we dwarves are so skilled in brewing, so it is a waste if we don’t use it. There weren't enough grains to eat before, so we didn’t have anything to use for brewing. But now that Banta City’s grain yield has increased and our company’s land in the Stantine Duchy is producing well, there would be extra grains, so we might as well use it for brewing.”

“Un, this idea isn’t bad, I support it very much.” Xu Yi thought about it before saying with a nod, “That’s right, right now Banta City’s granary has over a hundred thousand tons of wheat stored. Her highness had discussed how to process this wheat with me before. I think that I can convince her to take out a small part of this for brewing, which will create some income for our Banta City.”

“Great!” Hearing Xu Yi’s response, Camby excitedly pumped his fist, “The chief was worried that we dwarves weren’t good enough to buy that much wheat. Now that sir chairman is helping, this will be much easier.”

“This is a matter where both sides win, I’m very happy to facilitate it.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “But I am only just an intermediary. As for the specifics, you should learn from the Night Song Tribe and solve your own problems, I won’t meddle.”

“Alright, we understand humans better than those stubborn elves, there definitely won’t be a problem!” Camby patted his chest as he said in a confident voice.

“I hope that you can tell me that there is no problem when I ask you about the development of the new magic machines.”

Hearing this, Camby who had a confident look on his face instantly collapsed.