Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 9

In any event, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce opening a factory in the Rudson Kingdom was a large matter, so it couldn’t be possibly set with a simple conversation between Newman and Xu Yi.

After Newman confirmed Xu Yi’s intentions, he spent three days solving the problem for this batch of agricultural magic machines before bringing back three thousand agricultural magic machines from this batch with him.

According to his ideas, as long as he returned to Caraca City, he would immediately transfer Xu Yi’s idea to King William. He believed that with how important the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was to King William, there wouldn’t be too big of a barrier in this matter.

Three days later, watching Newman leave the Falling Rain Valley with the agricultural magic machines loaded into his horse carriage, Xu Yi couldn’t help stroking his chin. He turned to look in the direction of the Stantine Duchy to the southwest.

Although he hadn’t gone to the Rudson Kingdom for an inspection, he was certain from the enthusiasm that Newman demonstrated and the attitude that King William demonstrated through Newman, going to build a factory in the Rudson Kingdom would be much easier compared to the Stantine Duchy.

Moreover, according to the introduction of the surrounding countries from acquaintances, the Rudson Kingdom’s people weren’t as lazy as the Stantine Duchy’s. King William was a determined king and the Rudson Kingdom’s national strength progressed with each day, already far surpassing the Lampuri Kingdom.

Thinking of the Lampuri Kingdom’s national strength, Xu Yi couldn’t help giving a sigh.

Sometimes he couldn’t help feeling, why didn’t he arrive in a stronger country when he transmigrated? For example, the two big empires of Candra and Marlow?

If he was in such a powerful country, the magic machine industry he single handedly built would be easily recognized by the upper echelon of the country and there would be quite the room to develop. It wouldn’t be like in the Lampuri Kingdom where every single step was hard.

Because the Lampuri Kingdom’s national strength was weak, there were many things that they couldn’t support Xu Yi in. It made him also have to consider the development of the Lampuri Kingdom while developing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The more important thing was that for a weak country like the Lampuri Kingdom, it was easy for things like power struggles to appear.

If it wasn’t for the old stubborn fools that Count Stagg represented aiming for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, forcing Xu Yi to relocate the foundation of the company and even transferring Count Sean who supported him away, according to Xu Yi’s plan, Banta City would have already become the economic center that would create large strides for the magic machine industry in the Lampuri Kingdom. It wouldn’t have been forced down this step like how Count Stagg treated it now.

The Banta City citizens reviled and cursed Count Stagg, but if one was to talk about real hatred, no one could compare to Xu Yi.

To Xu Yi, this fellow was not just a criminal in Banta City, he was a criminal to the entire Lampuri Kingdom.

But Xu Yi was helpless on this matter. Count Stagg represented the Stagg Family and the Stagg Family represented the will of the conservative stubborn old fools.

If this became more serious, those stubborn old fools were backing the eldest son to take the throne and openly supported his highness Eric. It meant that they would definitely be incompatible with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce who supported her highness Seveni.

It wasn’t that Count Stagg didn’t see the benefits the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had brought to the development of Banta City, but he was stuck in his ways and decided to aim for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

It was a good thing that although the king didn’t explicitly show any attitudes towards the issue of succession, he was currently supporting Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce through her highness Seveni.

Whether it was making Xu Yi a baron before, making him the only person who was both a noble and a merchant, or when he made Xu Yi a viscount and broke conventions by giving him the Falling Rain Valley and the surrounding area as his territory. It all demonstrated the king’s full support of Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

It was because of this that although Count Stagg wanted to deal with the Frestech Chamber of commerce, he could only make moves with reasonable cause and couldn’t force his way.

Now that he had his own territory, Xu Yi could boldly develop as per his plan and didn’t need to worry about another Count Stagg issue again.

Turning back to look at the Falling Rain Valley that he was familiar with after living here for some time, Xu Yi thought for a bit before heading towards the residential district.

The current Falling Rain Valley residential district was very different compared to before.

After the workshops at Sandton Manor and the magic research facility in Banta City were moved, there were much more humans in the Falling Rain Valley. A new area was opened in the residential district for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce human workers to live in.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce already had over six thousand workers. Dwarves and elves took up over a thousand of them, with the rest being human workers.

But the dwarves moved their tribe to the Falling Rain Valley, while only a part of the human workers chose to live in the Falling Rain Valley since it was so far away. So while there were over ten thousand people in the Falling Rain Valley, humans only made up less than half of that and were far less compared to dwarves and elves.

Xu Yi entered the residential area and walked along a road that passed through the dwarf and human living areas. After a while, he came to a large training field outside of the residential area.

There were several hundred people on the training field currently training in three groups. They were separated into close to three hundred human warriors, one hundred dwarf warriors, and a hundred elf warriors.

The human warriors were conducting drills under Hart’s lead and the dwarf warriors were currently dueling with each other.

The elf warriors were completely different, they could be considered shocking compared to the human and dwarf warriors who splashed sweat all over. The elves had a calm and elegant appearance while training, but they were just stretching and jumping around, doing simple movements.

Just based on this training, one could see a very large difference between the three races.

Humans viewed everything seriously, dwarves focused on their combat strength and physical strength, while elves emphasized balance and coordination.

So on a person fighting scale and in a small scale battle, the elves and dwarves were stronger, but if the numbers increased to a certain amount, humans were stronger.

Of course, there were only three hundred human soldiers here. If they were to fight the hundred dwarves or the hundred elves, they would definitely be destroyed.

When Xu Yi came to the training field, he stopped and remembered what he said to Hart before thinking about a few things, then making up his mind. If he wanted to maintain the balance with the hundred dwarf and elf warriors, even adding in the two hundred guards who were on duty in the Black Rice Wasteland, it still wasn’t enough. He would have to at least recruit another three hundred human guards.

But right now the five hundred elite human guards for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce all came from major MacConley, so wanting to find another three hundred was too much. Xu Yi couldn’t do that for now.

But right now whether it was the dwarves or the elves, they all had good relations with Xu Yi. Adding in the fact that Xu Yi was the leader in name, there was no need to worry about this for now.

After considering this a bit, Xu Yi walked onto the training field and called the leaders of the humans, dwarves, and elves over.

First he encouraged them before Xu Yi told them his goal for coming here.

“I promised you all last time that suitable equipment would be provided for you. You’ve already been here for several months, so you should be used to living here and I’ll be fulfilling this promise. Come, tell me what equipment you need and I will write it down to have someone make them for you.”

The leader of the dwarves Omar and the leader of the elves Furio looked at the leader of the humans Hart.

Hart didn’t show any courtesy and directly said, “Sir chairman, we don’t have any special requests. We just hope that you can provide us with a full set of armour. It doesn’t need to be anything special, it’s already pretty good if it’s the same equipment used by the northern army.”

Xu Yi nodded before looking at Omar and Furio.

Furio gave an inviting gesture to Omar who nodded his big head, saying in a strong voice, “Sir chairman, we elves have thick muscles and don’t need armour, but we need good weapons. Moreover, those weapons need to be heavy, that way it’ll be strong when we use them.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “If you like, with the technology of our company, we can cast giant steel axes that weigh several tons. Do you want those?”

“Several tons?” Omar’s eyes popped out as he waved his hand, “That’s too much, even if I have confidence in my strength, I can’t pick up an axe that weighs several tons. It doesn’t need to be big, just one or two hundred kilograms is enough.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

What is “just one or two hundred kilograms is enough”? These dwarves really had terrifying strength.

After receiving Omar’s opinion, Xu Yi looked at Furio.

Furio shook his head, “Chairman, we elves use equipment we make ourselves, we don’t need anything else.”

“Is that so?” Xu Yi asked with a smile, “But elder Illusia told me that the warriors with equipment in the Night Song Tribe is less than three hundred. Moreover, because of how hard it is to make your feathered arrows, each shot is very precious and you don’t even have a means to recycle it after they are shot, right?”

Furio nodded, “Yes, these resources are hard to obtain and must be treasured.” Seeing Xu Yi’s expression that didn’t seem to think the same, Furio added, “I think that this is the same for both humans and elves because it is hard to make any kind of equipment, so people don’t want to waste them.”

Hart and Omar both nodded.

“That’s right, we dwarves really liked making small throwing axes before, but it was too much of a waste and we gradually stopped using them.” Omar said.

Hart gave a bitter laugh, “Sir chairman, I come from the northern army, so based on what major MacConley has told you, I think you know how tragic our situation was.”

Xu Yi nodded, but he still revealed a smile, “Then if I told you that you can use equipment without worry of using them up, would you believe me? For example, Furio, if I told you that you could have arrows that you could never finish shooting, how would you feel?”

“That is impossible!” Furio immediately said in a firm voice.