Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 95

“Chairman, why didn’t you agree to that contract?” Kennard watched as Hank Wilson’s horse carriage disappeared along the road before turning to ask Xu Yi.

Xu Yi asked back with a smile, “This question, are you asking from the position of the Emma Family’s successor or as our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s CEO?”

Kennard was surprised. After being silent for a bit, he answered with a serious look, “Whichever position it’s from, I feel that this is a contract worth signing. If it is from the Emma Family’s position, cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce can earn a large amount of benefits for the Walmart Chamber of Commerce, but it can also open the magic machine market in other countries, so it is very beneficial.”

“Then what about from the position of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s CEO?” Xu Yi asked.

“From the position of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this contract is very beneficial to us. Our company’s goal is to eventually enter other countries, instead of attempting it by ourselves in the future, it is better to cooperate with the Walmart Chamber of Commerce. It would save us plenty of trouble and would be very helpful to our company.” Kennard replies.

“I have to say that your ideas are very correct, but…..I don’t want our company’s development to be controlled by others, do you understand?” Xu Yi said.

Kennard looked at Xu Yi in surprise. He was surprised by his answer and he was more surprised that his answer was so blunt.

In the end, he was someone from the Emma Family. Him giving this reason, was it for him to understand? Or was it for the Emma Family to understand?

But seeing the calm smile on Xu Yi’s face, he couldn’t understand what he was thinking at all.

Kennard couldn’t help giving a secret sigh in his heart.

The longer he worked at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the more he was in contact with Xu Yi, the more he felt he couldn’t see through him.

“But you don’t need to worry. Although I didn’t sign this contract, it doesn’t mean I’m against it, right?” Seeing the expression Kennard had, Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “At least I still hope that we can continue developing our cooperation with the Walmart Chamber of Commerce. For example, regarding the Walmart Chamber of Commerce’s proposition of selling our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic machines in different countries, I support it very much.”

Kennard thought for a bit before giving up on asking Xu Yi his real intentions. He said in a thoughtful voice, “But chairman, you agreeing to sell the Walmart Chamber of Commerce five hundred Magic Cars, I’m afraid it’ll be a bit difficult. Currently we still haven’t finished the Fersen Carriage Company’s order and you agreed to take the orders of the other companies after the Fersen Carriage Company, how will you produce all those units?”

“Relax, Camby and the others have developed the automatic production magic machines further. You’ll find that it’ll greatly increase our production efficiency, so there’s no problem squeezing out five hundred Magic Cars for the Walmart Chamber of Commerce.”

“Even if there are the automatic production magic machines, I still feel that it will be very hard.” Kennard said with a frown.

Xu Yi laughed, “This trouble is a headache for you as the CEO, this is your responsibility.”

Kennard said with a bitter smile, “Sir chairman, you really know how to give me trouble.”

Xu Yi gave a cold snort, “Don’t you forget, I still need to take care of a bigger problem and this problem has a deep relationship with you.”

Kennard could only give a bitter laugh, “Sir chairman, I hope that you can look after Sophia while she’s here.”

Xu Yi gave a helpless sigh, thinking why must he be a nanny?


The leaves in Banta City fell once again and late autumn came.

It was different from the bleakness of last year. Because Seveni took over as the City Lord this year, Banta City’s commerce had greatly improved and it was like the city was filled with life.

Although there was a slight chill that came with the autumn wind, there were crowds all over the streets that served to make the city very lively.

Seveni looked at the prosperous market filled with people that was in the distance from the City Lord Manor and she couldn’t help revealing a heartfelt satisfied smile. She said with a soft sigh, “If our entire Lampuri Kingdom can be as prosperous as this, it would be good.”

“Be assured, your highness, I believe that your expectation will become a reality.” There was a middle aged man standing respectfully behind Seveni who said this with a faint smile.

“Is that so?” Seveni turned around and looked at the middle aged man. She sat back down in her seat, but she didn’t have the middle aged man sit down like she normally did with Xu Yi. There was a slight seriousness in her eyes as she said to the middle aged man, “Norwi, royal father sent you here to examine Banta City under my govern. After seeing it, what do you think?”

The middle aged man named Norwi lowered his head slightly and respectfully said, “Based on what I saw, Banta City’s prosperity can even compare to Anvilmar City. There are many places where it is even better than Anvilmar City in. For example, the Magic Lamps on the streets, that is something that Anvilmar City can compare with.”

Seveni revealed a faint smile, “If you knew that it cost two hundred thousand gold coins to fill Banta City with street lights, you wouldn’t hold it in such esteems.”

Norwi revealed a smile as he said, “This just proves that Banta City’s finances are very good, being able to take out two hundred thousand gold coins to lay down Magic Street Lamps. Your highness, Banta City’s finances being this good is naturally related to your govern.”

“Many thanks for your praise, but since I became the City Lord, there weren’t many things to do. Banta City being able to have such good finances is all because of the large companies in the city. Let me tell you some figures, according to last month’s financial report, just the business tax turned over by the large companies of Banta City had surpassed five hundred thousand gold coins.”

Norwi raised a brow, as he revealed a shocked expression.

“Five hundred thousand gold coins in a month? In a year, wouldn’t that be at least over five million gold coins?”

Seveni’s smile had a trace of satisfaction, but she humbly shook her head, “That is not true. The business tax isn’t fixed and they were able to pay this much last month because many companies finished large orders last month. That is why their business taxes were that high.”

Norwi nodded and sunk into thought before suddenly asking, “Your highness, may I ask, how much did the Frestech Chamber of Commerce pay?”

Seveni looked like she expected this and said with a faint smile, “Less than two hundred thousand.”

“This isn’t correct, right?” Norwi knit his brows, “From the numbers that I know, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s monthly business taxes shouldn’t be only two hundred thousand. Why is it that the other companies increased their taxes while they lowered theirs?”

“Norwi, it seems like royal father hasn’t explained everything to you. Let me remind you, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is one of the companies with free trading rights.”

Norwi was surprised before instantly understanding.

“That means…...The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s main business last month was deals with other countries?”

“That’s right.” Seveni nodded, “Actually the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is cutting down on local businesses because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is moving their factories to other cities. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s biggest deal last month was selling three thousand magic production machines to the Rudson Kingdom. As for their other deals, most of it is conducted with other cities in the kingdom. According to the kingdom’s laws, our Banta City can only levy a small business tax from these businesses.”

Norwi knit his brows, “Why would it move out? Could it be that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is giving up on Banta City? Your highness, if I may be frank, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is the most important company in Banta City and its most important source of revenue. I suggest that you limit the actions of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, otherwise Banta City will lose its most important source of wealth.”

“Norwi, your sight is too shallow.” Seveni slowly shook her head, “I don’t oppose the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s actions, rather I support them. Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has brought a large change to Banta City, making this small city the most prosperous city in the entire kingdom, Xu yi is right. Changing Banta City alone is limited in helping the Lampuri Kingdom, only by changing all the cities can the Lampuri Kingdom truly become stronger.”

“That is what chairman Xu said?” Norwi was surprised.

“Of course.” Seveni gave a certain nod, “Xu Yi’s goals and ideals are beyond what you can imagine. So… can’t measure him with the standard of a normal person.”

Hearing Seveni’s evaluation, Norwi was very surprised. He looked at Seveni in surprise for a while before saying with a slight nod, “Alright, I will pass these words to his majesty.”

“I believe in your loyalty to royal father.” Seveni said with a nod, “Then Norwi, can you tell me what my dear brother has been doing in the past few months?”

Norwi’s expression became a bit strange and a bit awkward. After hesitating a bit, he said with a bitter smile, “When I left Lorren City, his highness was reorganizing the northern army.”

“Reorganizing the army?” Seveni deeply knit her brows, “What does he want to do?”

Norwi was silent for a very long time before saying with a soft sigh, “His highness said that he is a man, so naturally he had to prove his value using man’s method. The greatest place to prove a man’s value was on the battlefield.”

Hearing this answer, Seveni knit her brows even deeper.