Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 97

Different from the chill in the north, Banta City at the end of October was only slightly cold at dawn and at night. It was clear during daytime and was warm most of the time. When it came to the afternoon, it was still a bit warm.

The places that had more people were naturally warmer.

In a place that was less than ten thousand square meters outside the Falling Rain Valley, there were several thousand people here today that completely filled up this area.

The heat from countless people came together, causing the temperature in this area to be much higher than other places. Adding in the anxiety in everyone’s heart, everyone felt hot and dry.

Mick was squeezed in the crowd. Other than looking up to see if the crowd in front of him had changed, most of them he was reciting from the book in his hand in a small voice.

For him who had been born in Prana Village, because he had never gone to school before, he didn’t even recognize the letters that normal peasants did. Although he had bought this «Vocational Skills Basic Theoretical Knowledge» half a month ago and had someone read it to him, studying it every day, it was like a heavenly book. He could only understand a few things, but he couldn’t understand their meaning.

But he had no choice in this. Who had the Frestech Chamber of Commerce hold this theoretical knowledge test. If he wanted to obtain a high class certification, he couldn’t be careless.

Compared to these things that could just be memorized, Mick was more worried about the practical application problems.

He heard that in this Frestech Chamber of Commerce vocational skill test, the ones in charge were actually the best magic mechanical engineers. Compared to them, Mick felt like he was far from being able to compare.

But the small advantage that he had was that he had worked for the Rimet Chamber of Commerce. The production magic machines he operated were the new ones promoted this year, which had the same specifications as the production magic machines currently used by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. It was also the same as the production magic machine used in this exam, so this made this exam a bit easier for him.

According to what the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced in the «Banta Times», this vocational skill test was separated into seven different kinds. Mick was confident in becoming a high class punch press worker, then he felt that he could take the exam for a high class carver. As for the other five kinds, he didn’t have any plans currently.

When he was silently paying attention to the numbers on the boook, while repeating the various conditions of the production magic machine to himself, Mick suddenly felt a stir come over the crowd.

He looked up and saw that the doors to the large building that was just built last month open. A young man wearing the standard blue uniform of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce came up the stage built of several wooden blocks, “Everyone don’t push and don’t be so loud, listen to me finish first!” That young man seemed like he was specially chosen since his voice was very loud. When he shouted, his voice suppressed the voices of thousands of people.

Everyone looked at the young man and silence gradually came over them.

Seeing that the situationw as under control, the young man gave a nod before continuing, “Hello everyone, I am the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s household magic machine department’s manager, Ankhto. I represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to welcome everyone to the vocational skills test. In order for this test to progress smoothly, I hope that everyone can follow the rules of the test…..”

After that, Ankhto repeated the rules that were announced in the «Banta Times» before officially announcing the beginning of the exam.

Mick looked at the registration card that he received last week and found that his number was 00372, knowing that he had registered quite early.

Based on the situation, if he hadn’t listened to his father advice to register in advance, he might not have been able to enter the exam today.

While it still wasn’t his turn yet, Mick quickly used his time to recite the «Vocational Skills Basic Theoretical Knowledge».

When he was prepared to read it a second time, he found that it was his turn.

He entered the giant exam site with a bit of nervousness. Mick found that this place was quite similar to the Rimet Chamber of Commerce’s factory, but it was different since it didn’t only have a few production magic machines like in the Rimet Chamber of Commerce. This place had all different kinds of production magic machines, overwhelming Mick when he looked at them.

“Hey, kid, do you want to take the exam or not?” A rough voice woke Mick from his shock at seeing all these strange and new magic machines.

Looking over, he found that there was a dwarf who was only at his waist, but had a much rounder waist than him.

Mick quickly handed over his registration card in a respectful manner. The dwarf took it and had Mick follow him to a magic machine, throwing him two square steel plates.

“Come, cut them into circles.”

Mick measured the steel plates in his hand and asked back, “What diameter do you want?”

The dwarf had a look of praise in his eyes. He nodded as he said, “A diameter of twenty centimeters and the error margin can’t be more than three millimeters.”

Mick immediately calmed down.

Although the Rimet Chamber of Commerce couldn’t compare to the Ireland Chamber of Commerce, but it still had a bit of fame in Banta City’s component production circle. Mick was considered one of the best at operating the production magic machine in the Rimet Chamber of Commerce, so naturally this wasn’t hard for him.

He took the measuring tool from the dwarf and marked the appropriate lines on the steel plate. Mick picked up the steel plate and in less than ten minutes, he created a circle.

The dwarf took the steel plate to look over and found that the margin of error was less than one millimeter, so he couldn’t help giving a satisfied nod. He took Mick’s registration card and went to a small book beside him to write something down.

Mick stretched his head and saw his mark of eighty five in the book with his good eyesight, but he was a bit unconvinced.

“My work is this good, why is it only eighty five points? Shouldn’t it be at least ninety points?”

The dwarf looked at Mick and gave a cold snort. He turned back to pick up a steel plate circle to give to him.

“How does your work compare?”

Mick took the steel plate and didn’t need to measure it at all. He knew just from the feel that the quality of this steel plate was much stronger than his.

“How many points is this?” Mick asked in an unwilling voice.

“Ninety.” The dwarf replied.

“It can’t be, right? This is only ninety? Then what does a hundred take?” Mick instantly said in a shocked voice.

“One hundred? Stop dreaming. Unless you can have an error margin of zero, then you can get a hundred points. Can you do it?” The dwarf said with a laugh of disdain.

Mick was speechless.

Margin of error of zero? That was clearly impossible.

“What’s the point of having full points then? That is clearly impossible.”

“It’s to give you a goal, you’re treating it seriously?” The dwarf waved his hand, “Alright, stop wasting words, do you still want to take the test? If you don’t continue, it’ll be considered you giving up.”

“Yes, of course I do!” Mick quickly replied.

The dwarf didn’t say anything as he gave Mick a blueprint and a steel plate.

Mick naturally understood what this meant. He carefully looked over the blueprint and then he drew some lines on the steel plate before using the production magic machine.

He took longer this time, using twenty minutes to process the steel plate according to the blueprint.

The dwarf looked over it and gave a satisfied nod. In front of Mick, he gave him a score of eighty.

Although Mick was a bit depressed, he wasn’t surprised.

When he was processing this part, perhaps of his mood, he had made several mistakes. Being able to get eighty points was already quite good.

“Alright, the application exam ends here, next is the theory exam.” The dwarf pointed at the door.

Mick nodded and walked out of the test sight. When he was prepared to head to another small room for the theory test, he looked up to see a familiar figure.

“Hey, miss Evita!” Mick quickly ran over and excitedly greeted Evita who was passing by.

Evita turned and saw Mick, waving her hand at him with a faint smile. Then she saw the test room behind him and asked, “Did your application test just end? How was it?”

Mick shook his head in a depressed manner, “Not too good, I feel that I won’t be able to become a senior mechanic.”

Evita revealed a faint smile, “You don’t need to feel discouraged, according to sir chairman’s standard, there isn’t anyone qualified for becoming a senior mechanic. You just need to pass the beginner exam and become an official mechanic, so you’ll be qualified to work for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

This Mick was old man Anduin’s second son. Last time when Evita went to Prana Village to inspect the Magic Crystal mine, old man Anduin had asked her about Mick working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Evita had suggested that Mick participate in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s vocational skill exam and old man Anduin agreed, letting Mick register as soon as possible.

Then Evita went to Prana Village several times and met Mick, so they could be considered acquaintances.

Hearing what Evita said, Mick couldn’t help being surprised, “This was what your chairman said? His requirements are that high?”

“The chairman’s requirements have always been high.” Evita said with a smile, “But this is a good thing since it urges us to continue forward, don’t you think?”

Mick nodded like he didn’t really understand.

Seeing his appearance, Evita shook her head. She pointed at the theory test room in the distance, “Go, the test time is very tight today, don’t delay it.”

“Un, then I’m going. Miss Evita, when the test results are out, I’ll tell you some good news!” Mick waved his hand before turning to run to the theoretical test room.

Seeing his back full of life, Evita revealed a faint smile. She looked at the tide of people and turned to the road outside the Falling Rain Valley, entering a Fersen Carriage Company public transportation Magic Car that was preparing to head to Banta City.