Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 157

There was a powerful explosion in the distance.

Although it sounded like it was very far away, the shaking of the hall showed how strong this explosion was.

Feeling the vibrations from the seat under his butt, Duke Wein’s face sunk.

After the explosion was over, he looked at the middle aged man with the same gloomy look on his face and said in a deep voice, “General Keller, when can you send out your magicians?”

The middle aged man called general Keller knit his brows and looked out the window.

There was another explosion in the distance that made him knit his brows even deeper.

After pausing, he replied, “Duke Wein, please be assured. The reinforcements from the kingdom are on the way, they’ll be here in a few days. Because they have received my reports, the kingdom will definitely send enough troops.”

Duke Wein gave a strong snort, “General Keller, I’m warning you, if the Sack Kingdom can’t send enough reinforcements and we can’t defeat the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the end, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

General Keller had a flash of anger in his eyes as he looked at Duke Wein. This fellow was just the puppet duke of the Stantine Duchy, if it wasn’t for the aid of the Sack Kingdom, he wouldn’t have dared to resist the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that only had two thousand guards.

This useless fellow, he actually dared to vent his rage on the commander of the Sack Kingdom’s first fleet! He simply didn’t know the depths of heaven and earth!

He would definitely report to the army headquarters after this, making them greatly consider this Duke Wein.

Even if they took care of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this Duke Wein couldn’t be kept.

These thoughts flashed in general Keller’s mind. When he was about to speak, there was a stronger explosion that came from outside.

Based on the sound, this time it was much closer to here.

General Keller’s expression changed again.

Although this Frestech Chamber of Commerce had less than two thousand guards, they were very hard to deal with.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had many elf and dwarf warriors who were far stronger than normal human warriors.

Moreover, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards were all equipped with military magic machines. Their battle strength was raised to a terrifying level.

Duke Wein hadn’t been able to break the defenses of the Abundant River with ten thousand people before. General Keller had looked down on the battle strength of Duke Wein’s subordinates.

But when he led the kingdom’s first fleet to attack from the sea, he personally experienced how strong the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards were.

The first fleet had sent out over thirty large boats this time. There were five thousand elite soldiers, but they couldn’t even approach the coast of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s base.

As soon as the boats were one kilometer from the coast, they would encounter the attacks of the Magic Repeating Crossbows and the Magic Bazookas.

Just with one fight, the first fleet had lost seven boats and close to a thousand soldiers. General Keller had no choice but to retreat back to the sea with the first fleet.

Now the first fleet was depending on their strength to block the seas.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had enough people, general Keller wouldn’t be confident in blocking them.

Thinking of this, general Keller suddenly felt that it was reasonable how Duke Wein had obediently listened to the orders of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Xu Yi.

Thinking of this, general Keller suppressed the rage in his head and said to Duke Wein with a serious look, “Duke Wein, at this time, we should not have internal strife and think about how to defeat the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. I’ll send another letter to the kingdom now and urge them to send the reinforcements faster. As for your side…..please block them as much as you can.”

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce started fighting back, general Keller had Duke Wein send his troops to clash with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards.

However, the results were incomparably pitiful.

Duke Wein had sent out five thousand soldiers, but they only faced less than two hundred guards and they couldn’t fight back against them at all.

If they met Duke Wein’s troops, with the powerful individual might of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards and the military magic machines they had that weren’t even on the same level, they could even fight five times the enemy and completely defeat them.

If they ran into a large group of Duke Wein’s troops, with the ten powerful Magic Armoured Vehicles that they had, they could fight and then escape. Duke Wein’s subordinates couldn’t do a thing as they watched them leave.

After a week like this, the two hundred Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards didn’t lose a single person. Rather the five thousand troops that Duke Wein sent out had been destroyed and there were only a thousand people left, so they couldn’t chase at all.

Duke Wein could only give up the idea of trapping those two hundred guards. He strengthened the defenses of his territory and tried to limit those two hundred guards as much as possible.

This method had been quite effective.

Although those two hundred guards were strong, they had too few people. They couldn’t display enough might against these powerful defenses, so they rarely harassed Duke Wein’s territory during this time.

However, when Duke Wein and general Keller were feeling assured, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had a new method of harassment that brought an even bigger headache to them.

Moreover, they couldn’t find a way to deal with this method at all.

After promising to urge the Sack Kingdom to send their magicians as soon as possible, general Keller left Duke Wein’s manor.

After getting on his horse, general Keller couldn’t help looking into the sky in the distance.

There was a “black cloud” that was quickly coming from the distance.

This “black cloud” was the Magic Airship the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had sent to harass Duke Wein’s territory.

Against this giant thing that could fly several hundred meters in the air, the magicians under Duke Wein couldn’t do a single thing. General Keller also didn’t bring any powerful magicians with him this time, so he also couldn’t do a thing.

In this situation where there was no threat, this Magic Airship caused great trouble for Duke Wein’s territory and the Sack Kingdom’s first fleet that wasn’t far from the coast, currently blocking off the base of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This Magic Airship flew around every day, sending out some Magic Rockets from time to time, creating powerful explosions on the ground.

Moreover, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s information was very precise. Every time, they would target a supply warehouse or a military camp of Duke Wein’s.

Every time they were sent out, the Magic Airships created heavy losses for Duke Wein.

At the same time, they were also sent to attack the first fleet twice.

Even if the first fleet was nimble and avoided several fatal attacks, the first fleet had to avoid them whenever they were sent out, which made the general Keller’s heart fill with rage.

This invincible and brave Sack Kingdom’s first fleet was actually forced into this situation by a single Magic Airship, this was simply embarrassing!

However, he could only endure the rage in his heart and he couldn’t do anything.

The Magic Airship flew just too high and unless there was a High Grade Magician that flew in the air, they couldn’t threaten it at all.

General Keller didn’t have this kind of magician under him. Naturally he could only watch the Magic Airship fly around, but he couldn’t do a thing…...

“When the army headquarters sends enough powerful magicians, you’ll see a good show.”

General Keller glared at the Magic Airship flying in the distance before he looked even further north.

He was clear that whether it was the Magic Airship or the two hundred guards, if they didn’t have a base to supply them, they wouldn’t have anything and wouldn’t be able to cause any serious threats.

But the issue lied in the fact that they both had a powerful base behind them, so they could attack Duke Wein’s territory without any worry.

This base was Black Rice City on the Black Rice Wasteland.

When the Sack Kingdom decided to attack the Frestech Chamber of Commerce with Duke Wein, the army headquarters had planned on sending the Cheetah Regiment to the Black Rice Wasteland border. They would attack the Black Rice Wasteland and take Black Rice City.

But when the Cheetah Regiment reached the border, they were stopped by the fortifications built on the Black Rice Wastelands.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce worked with the western army to build these fortifications, the Sack Kingdom didn’t care at all. That was because these fortifications weren’t tall at all and they weren’t connected, rather they went on and off. It simply didn’t block the way into the Black Rice Wasteland at all.

But when they Cheetah Regiment finally took action, these seemingly useless fortifications had posed a serious threat to the Cheetah Regiment.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had put many powerful military magic machines in these fortifications. With these fortifications, to block the Cheetah Regiment that attacked these fortifications from below became very easy.

The Cheetah Regiment had attacked five times and there were only a thousand people that had made it through this fierce firepower, there were over six thousand corpses left on the ground.

Behind these fortifications, the western army was already waiting there. The Cheetah Regiment didn’t have any chance to break the blockade at all.

With the attack in the Black Rice Wasteland’s north blocked, it meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards and the Magic Airship could keep harassing them, causing quite a bit of problem for Duke Wein and general Keller.

Looking away from the north, general Keller looked up at the Magic Airship in the sky that was already far away. There was a question that appeared in his heart.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce could have the western army help defend, then why didn’t they have the western army just storm through Duke Wein’s territory?

If they could equip the western army with the same military magic machines as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, Duke Wein’s troops and the first fleet wouldn’t be able to stop them at all.

Based on the information he had, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Xu could do this.

So why did Xu Yi make this decision?