Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 46

Compared to two years ago when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other companies had just built this production base, it was now took up ten times the area. It was even past ten square kilometers wide, so it couldn’t be described as just a “base”.

Other than the factories the Frestech Chamber of Commerce built in the last half a year, because there were too many people, this place gradually became like a city.

During the initial planning phase, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had already planned for the surrounding area.

It was the same when planning the new city area for Banta City, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had separated the industrial and living areas. This place was very similar to the new city in Banta City.

For example, there were roads spreading in all directions. Other than the road that connected to the road to Banta City, there was a road south that connected to the Stantine Duchy and there was a road that went west into the depths of the Black Rice Wasteland. It was said that it even reached the endless seas.

There was even a road north included in the plans.

According to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s announcement, this northern road would reach the border between the Black Rice Wasteland and the Sack Kingdom to the north, before connecting to the road network in the Lampuri Kingdom’s north.

If this became true, the Black Rice Wasteland would be a transportation line that connected all places.

With the Black Rice Wasteland’s special position, it had become the Lampuri Kingdom’s, or rather the entire western continent’s closest hub to the sea.

To speak in terms of now, with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce moving many factories here and building two large steel mills, this place had already become very prosperous.

Countless small and large Magic Cars delivered cargo for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other companies. They kept going out in all directions, transporting goods and transporting more goods.

Sarkozy and Baltro received an order from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce this time. They were delivering non-ferrous metals from Cramer City to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s steel mill.

In a normal situation, they would have headed back after delivering this cargo, but Sarkozy already made the decision to move to the Stantine Duchy from Banta City. So after resting here for a bit, he would head out to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s new base in the Stantine Duchy to inspect it.

In order not to waste their time, they wanted to see if there was a transport job from here to the Stantine Duchy.

It should be said that their luck wasn’t bad. After delivering the non-ferrous metal to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s steel mill, the manager of the steel mill who Sarkozy was close to give him a job to transport the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s precise refined alloys to the Stantine Duchy.

Although the fees of this trip weren't high, only being a trivial twenty gold coins, Sarkozy still agreed.

Leaving their Magic Car in the steel mill to be loaded, Sarkozy and Baltro left the steel mill to the living quarters on the side, preparing to find a place to rest for the night.

Walking through the streets of the living quarters, Sarkozy looked at the crowd around him before seeing the familiar Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s special street lamps. Then he looked at the familiar factories on the side and he couldn’t help giving an emotional sigh.

“Look, this place is no different from the new city in Banta City.”

Baltro nodded, “Un, since this was planned by chairman Xu, the style shouldn’t be different. After he finished, he looked in the distance with a strange expression, “We haven’t been here in a few days and there are that many trees. With this speed, wouldn’t the Black Rice Wasteland no longer be considered a wasteland?”

Sarkozy looked into the distance to see the green and let out a sigh, “The elves are so good at planting trees, they can even turn the Black Rice Wasteland into this. If they did it sooner, the Black Rice Wasteland would have already been transformed.”

“You think the elves don’t want to do this? It was just that the beastmen controlled the Black Rice Wasteland before and didn’t let the elves in.” Baltro said with a sigh, “It should be because of chairman Xu that the beastmen and the elves can peacefully be in the same place. Moreover, the beastmen allowed the elves to change the Black Rice Wasteland.”

“The beastmen aren’t silly. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce is letting them live good lives, of course they would listen to chairman Xu. Then again, you think the beastmen want to live on a wasteland? If the Black Rice Wasteland’s environment improves, they definitely would be happy.” Sarkozy said.

“Un, after all, there’s nothing of value in the Black Rice Wasteland before. But if it is changed…..perhaps many people will be moved. I wonder, has chairman Xu considered this problem before?” Baltor said in a worried voice.

“Moved?” Sarkozy gave a laugh and pointed in the distance, “Do you not see it? If they are moved, they should ask them first.”

Baltro looked at where Sarkozy was pointing and saw that on the road that led into the Black Rice Wasteland, there was a row of more than ten Magic Cars that were covered in steel plates raising dust, as they quickly drove off.

“Those…...Could it be that it’s the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s law enforcement team?” Baltro looked at those fierce looking Magic Cars and he was completely shocked, “God! Just with those Magic Cars, couldn’t they just run over anyone?”

“It’s not that. Look at those Magic Cars…...They should be called Magic Armoured Vehicles. Look at the outside, isn’t that blood?”

Baltro narrowed his eyes and saw a layer of dark red over the Magic Armoured Vehicles, which were probably blood stains.

“Just how many beastmen did they kill?” Baltro couldn’t help being shocked.

“How do I know? Anyway, I just know that the beastmen are much more obedient, this place hasn’t been harassed or attacked by the beastmen in a long time.” Sarkozy said with a laugh, “Those beastmen really deserve it, they had to make chairman Xu angry. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s law enforcement team goes out every two days, they know to be more obedient.”

“The beastmen bully the weak and fear the strong.” Baltro also revealed a smile.

Turning over, they found that many people came over to see the Magic Armoured Vehicles and there were many different kinds of beastmen among that crowd.

However, Baltro was confused by this. When these beastmen saw these Magic Armoured Vehicle, their faces were filled with joy and excitement, they didn’t seem unhappy at all.

Baltor was confused by this.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s law enforcement team were taking care of beastmen, so it was right for them to be angry from being from the same race, so why were they happy?

Could it be that these beastmen were uncaring people?

These twenty Magic Armoured Vehicles didn’t stop at the industrial or living districts, they passed through the crowd and drove to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guard base to the northeast.

Before the cars stopped, Hart jumped out and without even stopping, he headed to the office.

“You’re back?” How did it go this time? How many did you kill?” The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s dwarf guard leader Omar was in the office lifting a large dumbbell since he was bored. When he saw Hart come in, he immediately asked this with a smile.

The elf guard leader Furio on the side was more tactful than Omar. When he saw Hart’s slightly ugly expression, he was surprised.

“What? Did something unexpected happen? Were the losses big?”

“There weren’t any losses, those beastmen brats can’t hurt our brothers, but something did happen.” Hart replied in a deep voice. He reached to his waist and put a sword on the table.

“What is this?” Omar and Furio looked at the sword in surprise.

“This was what I took from a beastman.” Hart explained.

Omar didn’t react, but Furio said with a surprised voice, “Those beastmen actually have weapons?”

Furio took the sword to look over carefully as he slightly knit his brows.

“This sword’s craftsmanship isn’t bad, it doesn’t seem like something the beastmen can make.”

Hart nodded, “It isn’t just this, take a look at this……”

Hart took the sword from Furio’s hand and turned the sword hilt to them, pointing at the blade there, “Look at this curve, there’s a small opening. I’m certain that this sword came from the Sack Kingdom!”

“Sack Kingdom?” Omar and Furio were stunned, “How is it related to the Sack Kingdom?”

“That I don’t know.” Hart shook his head, “When I was with the northern army, I fought with those Sack Kingdom fellows many times, so I can recognize it. But I don’t know how those beastmen were connected to the Sack Kingdom. If it was just one sword, I can guess that the beastmen got it from somewhere. But these beastmen that we bumped into, each one of these fellows had a weapon, so this wasn’t normal.”

Omar and Furio looked at each other before their expressions became serious.

It was like Hart said, the beastmen on the Black Rice Wasteland didn’t know how to forge and they were poor. It was hard enough to get their daily necessities, so they didn’t have any care for weapons.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards swept the Black Rice Wasteland, beating the beastmen into submission, other than the guards being powerful, the main reason was the disparity in weapons between the two sides.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards were all well equipped and they had many personal military magic machines. The beastmen didn’t have any armour and their only weapons were worn out rods or even stones.

With this difference in equipment, how could the beastmen stop the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards armed with the Magic Armoured Vehicles?

But now, Hart found that the beastmen tribe he met this time were all equipped with weapons.

Although they weren’t any threat to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s guards, this situation was very unusual which made the three of them cautious.

Furio was silent for a bit before saying to the other two, “No matter what, we should report this situation to the chairman first.”

Hart and Omar looked at each other before nodding.