Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 57

City Lord Kamado had a very strange look on his face as he looked at the application form.

This form came from a new company, it was to apply to set up a company in Banta City.

Normally speaking, this kind of normal application wasn’t something that the City Lord like him would look at.

But this form really wasn’t normal.

First, when all the companies other than the ten companies were moving out, there was someone that wanted to open a company here. That was already very strange.

What was even more unusual was that on the application form, it wrote the Seveni Chamber of Commerce.

City Lord Kamado was clear that this Seveni Chamber of Commerce was a company that was opened with the support of her highness Seveni.

Around a month ago, her highness Seveni had suddenly arrived in Banta City and she didn’t hide herself. So City Lord Kamado had invited her over on behalf of the City Lord Manor.

At this banquet, her highness Seveni had expressed her idea of opening a company to City Lord Kamado.

City Lord Kamado had thought that her highness Seveni had been joking.

Although most of the nobles ignored the rules of the Royal Parliament and participated in business, her highness Seveni had always strictly adhered to it and never participated in business.

Even when she was close to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Xu Yi, her highness Seveni had never show any real interest in benefits from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

However, her highness Seveni wanted to set up her own company now? How was that possible?

But the form in front of City Lord Kamado clearly told him that this wasn’t a joke.

Moreover, the company’s name was Seveni Chamber of Commerce. The person who made this application and was the chairman was actually one of Seveni’s most trusted subordinates. Seveni had even introduced that person to City Lord Kamado at the banquet and had asked him to take care of him.

“Take care?” City Lord Kamado couldn’t help giving a bitter laugh.

When Seveni firmly made the decision to give up on the throne, Seveni’s fame in the Lampuri Kingdom had greatly increased. Whether it was in the hearts of the citizens or the nobles, she had a very high reputation.

This Seveni suddenly wanted to open a company, investing herself into business. Even if she didn’t use a representative and came forward herself, the nobles might not even dare criticize her.

Having City Lord Kamado take care of the Seveni Chamber of Commerce was a joke.

If he wanted to speak of this, he should be asking her highness to take care of him.

However, there lied the issue that puzzled City Lord Kamado.

Her highness Seveni wanted to come back to Banta City to open a company, so he had no reason to reject this.

But City Lord Kamado and the ten companies had finally driven out the other companies who wouldn’t listen, letting them control Banta City. Now that there was a Seveni Chamber of Commerce that appeared, it would definitely destroy this good situation.

Because it was a company created by her highness Seveni, the ten companies couldn’t take care of it like they had taken care of the other companies.

But if her highness Seveni broke the tacit agreements of these ten companies, it would affect the overall situation.

City Lord Kamado was certain that her highness Seveni would break the standards that they had worked hard to set.

The reason was very simple, the application had clearly indicated that the main business of the Seveni Chamber of Commerce was magic machines.

“Her highness wants to ruin this?” City Lord Kamado deeply knit his brows.

With the close relationship between her highness and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, City Lord Kamado wouldn’t believe it at all if it was said the Seveni Chamber of Commerce didn’t have the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s influence.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was forced out back then and unexpectedly, they didn’t fight back at all.

City Lord Kamado had thought that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would definitely find a chance to fight back, but he never thought that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would make such a big move. They could actually make her highness Seveni come out for them.

“How should I deal with this?” City Lord Kamado pondered this question, feeling it was very tricky.


Even if City Lord Kamado wasn’t willing, the Seveni Chamber of Commerce was set up.

On the day it began, the Seveni Chamber of Commerce held a large ceremony in the shop they rented, announcing to everyone they were starting their business.

The «Banta Times» and reporters from the surrounding cities came. There were even reporters from the «Anvilmar Times» and the «Lampuri Weekly».

The launch of the Seveni Chamber of Commerce caused quite a stir. When it just opened, all of the Lampuri Kingdom’s people knew about it.

If it were people familiar with her highness Seveni, they would have noticed that this approach didn’t conform with her low key attitude.

In half a month after the Seveni Chamber of Commerce was set up, countless magic production machines were transported to the idle factory the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had left in the Falling Rain Valley.

After that, countless people from who knows where began working in the Seveni Chamber of Commerce’s factories.

At the same time, the Seveni Chamber of Commerce recruited workers from Banta City.

In their recruitment, the Seveni Chamber of Commerce had clearly marked that the lowest wage for each person would be ten gold coins a month.

Although this was far from the high wages of Banta City from before, it surpassed the wages that the ten companies had set.

Because of this, there were many citizens who were planning on leaving Banta City for other places that had remained, applying for the Seveni Chamber of Commerce.

There were quite a few people who stayed and most of them had experience working in the other companies. They were all pulled into the Seveni Chamber of Commerce.

Moreover, the Seveni Chamber of Commerce suddenly set up ten factories, producing various household magic machines. This increased the demand for workers, allowing them to digest all the people who stayed.

In just a month, the Falling Rain Valley’s factories that had been shut down for half a year were filled with the sounds of magic machines again, creating a busy scene.

In the blink of an eye, the Falling Rain Valley was like back when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was there.

Seeing this scene, the people who stayed in Banta City couldn’t help seeing a bit of hope.

With the appearance of her highness, Banta City might be able to return to its previous prosperity.

Although there were some people that were worried that the ten companies would target the Seveni Chamber of Commerce for doing this.

But because of her status as the princess and adding in the fact that since the Seveni Chamber of Commerce started, neither the ten companies, the magic machine industry management department, or even the Royal Parliament and the kingdom’s parliament didn’t make a sound. It made the people of Banta City feel more confidence in the Seveni Chamber of Commerce.

These fellows dared to shamelessly target the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but even if they had more guts, they wouldn’t dare use the same methods against her highness Seveni!


“Too naive.” Xu Yi gave a sigh and put down the «Banta Times» in his hand, looking at Banta City’s direction in the northeast with a complicated gaze.

Before Seveni set up her company, she had met him before and discussed this with him. Then she contacted him many times, asking for his opinion.

Xu Yi was very against her doing this because she had given up the throne back then. She should have followed her idea of just staying in seclusion, why would she interfere in the matters of the Lampuri Kingdom?

But Seveni was very determined and she already had an idea. Xu Yi knew that he couldn’t convince her, so he could only give up this idea and didn’t offer any suggestions. He just worked with her requests, doing things according to her ideas.

The Seveni Chamber of Commerce had opened with nothing, but the reason why it could build all this in a short period of time and take less than two months to get out their first products was all because Xu Yi had spared no efforts in supporting them.

But Xu Yi didn’t have a good view of the Seveni Chamber of Commerce’s prospects.

Although those fellows had scruples with Seveni’s status and wouldn’t deal with the Seveni Chamber of Commerce in the same crude way as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, still they wouldn’t let the Seveni Chamber of Commerce continue.

Even without a crude method, Xu Yi could think of countless methods to stop the Seveni Chamber of Commerce.

Among them, there was a very direct and effective method that Seveni definitely couldn’t deal with.

Xi Yi was very clear on the consequences, but he didn’t plan on warning Seveni.

First, even if he did, Seveni might not believe him.

Moreover, Xu Yi also wanted these fellows to use this method to make Seveni completely give up.

Then Seveni would give up and whether she returned to her territory to live a good life or thought of a better way to change the Lampuri Kingdom, Xu Yi was willing to see either.

The only thing hindering Xu Yi was his conscience.

“Capital comes from the world, from head to toe, each pore is covered in dirt and blood.” Xu Yi gave a sigh and looked down at his hands, “My hands might become dirty and bloody soon…..”