Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 80

Kennard was a bit confused why Xu Yi suddenly said this, but as the Magic Sedan approached that group, Kennard looked over to find Newman’s group standing there.

As the main contact for the Rudson Kingdom to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, whenever Kennard came to the Rudson Kingdom for a transaction, he was always received by Newman.

This was Xu Yi’s first time coming here, so naturally Newman was the one in charge of welcoming him.

Before coming to the Rudson Kingdom, Kennard had contacted Newman beforehand and Newman had said that he would be here to welcome Xu Yi.

But in the group that appeared in front of them, other than Newman, there were many important people from the Rudson Kingdom.

For example, the two people close to Newman. One was the chief of the agricultural and business department that Newman had introduced to Kennard before, Wendigo Witherspoon and as well as the chief of the magic machine industry development board, chairman Barry Wesley.

It had to be said that these two were important people in the Rudson Kingdom. They were standing with Newman, but their position was in the center of the group.

They weren’t inconspicuous, but they were far from being the most important.

It could be seen that there were many people with higher positions than the three of them.

But this made people even more confused.

Although the magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were welcomed in the Rudson Kingdom, with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce receiving high praise from the officials and even the king.

No matter what, this lineup welcoming them was too much. It was no wonder Xu Yi was surprised.

Looking at this crowd, Kennard shook his head, “Sir chairman, I’m afraid you should be disappointed. They aren’t here to welcome us.”

Xu Yi laughed and shook his hand, “I was just joking. Although our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is considered good, naturally we wouldn’t have this much face to make all these important people from the Rudson Kingdom come greet us.”

He looked at Newman in the crowd after saying this before giving a sigh, “It seems like Newman is busy, so let’s enter the city first and contact him later.”

“Un, it seems like we can only do this.” Kennard nodded. He hinted to the driver to head towards Caraca City in the distance which had already appeared.

When they passed this group, the Magic Sedan had to slow down because of that large group.

Xu yi and Kennard wanted to not disturb Newman since they saw he was busy, but they never thought that when their Magic Sedan passed by, Newman would actually look over to see Xu Yi and Kennard sitting inside the Magic Sedan.

Newman was stunned before revealing a look of joy. He squeezed through the crowd and came in front of the Magic Sedan, blocking it.

“Chairman Xu, Kennard, why are you here now?” When the window came down, Newman saw Xu Yi and Kennard before asking with a look of pleasant surprise, “Didn’t you say you would come tomorrow?”

Xu Yi looked at Kennard and Kennard quickly said, “The sir chairman wanted to arrive a day early to check out the situation of your Rudson Kingdom.”

“Oh, welcome, welcome.” Newman revealed a friendly smile and nodded, “Since chairman Xu is here this time, you should stay for a while in our Rudson Kingdom. I’ll bring you to see some good places of our Rudson Kingdom that will definitely satisfy you.”

“Alright, I’m looking forward to it very much.” Xu Yi replied with a smile.

Compared to before, now when he saw Newman, Newman would always be excessively friendly like he was trying to flatter him.

The reason was very simple, with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce investing in the Rudson Kingdom, they had brought many jobs and brought benefits to the Rudson Kingdom. It brought good appraisals to Newman who had introduced the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to the Rudson Kingdom, allowing him to be promoted several times in the past two years.

Although his position was still the chairman of the Rudson Chamber of Commerce, his actual power was much greater.

And according to some rumours, he had obtained the recognition of the king because of his merits. He might even be promoted to the vice chief of the agricultural and business department.

This position could be considered a high position in the Rudson Kingdom. If he could be promoted, it would mean that Newman would be stepping into the highest level of the Rudson Kingdom.

Newman knew why he had this rare opportunity, so he was very friendly towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“Newman, who are they?” Newman wanted to chat with Xu Yi when a serious voice came from behind.

The three looked over and found that it was the Rudson Kingdom’s agricultural and business chief, Wendigo Witherspoon who had been standing with Newman.

He could be casual with Newman, but in front of chief Witherspoon, Xu Yi couldn’t just keep sitting in the car. He got out of the car and gave a slight bow to chief Witherspoon with a smile.

Newman had already introduced Xu Yi to chief Witherspoon. Chief Witherspoon looked at Xu Yi in surprise and gave a slow nod before revealing a look of praise, “I heard Newman say before that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Xu was young and promising, but I never thought that you would be this young. It really is surprising.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Many thanks for the praise of sir chief. The magic machine industry of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is a young one, so it’s normal for the chairman like me to be young.”

Chief Witherspoon laughed, “Chairman Xu really does have his charm. Are you saying that old men like us shouldn’t meddle in the magic machine industry of you young people?”

“Of course I didn’t mean this.” Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “The development of the magic machine industry in the Rudson Kingdom can’t leave the support of sir chief.”

“Chairman Xu, you don’t need to be modest.” Chief Witherspoon said with a sigh, “Actually since your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has arrived to invest in the Rudson Kingdom, helping drive the economic development of our kingdom, it has played a vital role in relieving the pressure on our kingdom’s finances. When the king summoned me last time, he even specially mentioned the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Oh? I never thought that our small Frestech Chamber of Commerce has caught the attention of his majesty, it really is a great honour.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “I wonder, what did his majesty and sir chief talk about?”

Chief Witherspoon looked at Newman before replying, “It’s mainly about introducing the technology of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. His majesty was very interested in how Banta City had become a prosperous city in just a few years under the drive of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he wants to create the same economic city in our Rudson Kingdom. But we need a certain amount of magic machine industry infrastructure, which means we need the technical support. So…..chairman Xu, we hope that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce can cooperate with us on this.”

Xu Yi exchanged a look with Kennard before nodding with a smile, “Sir chief doesn’t need to worry. For my trip to the Rudson Kingdom this time, I wanted to discuss building magic machine industry infrastructure in the Rudson Kingdom with mister Newman. As for the technology…...I believe that we will find a result that satisfies both sides.”

“Really? That would be great.” Chief Witherspoon nodded with a smile before saying to Newman, “Since chairman Xu is already here, Newman, you don’t need to stay here anymore. You’ll be in charge of receiving chairman Xu. Remember, you have to satisfy chairman Xu, understood?”

“Yes, sir chief, I will arrange everything.”

After talking to Newman, chief Witherspoon turned to Xu Yi with a serious look, “Chairman Xu, if you have time, I want to have a long talk with you. Will you be able to accept this?”

“I’m looking forward to it.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“Alright, chairman Xu, CEO Kennard, I hope that you have a good time in our Rudson Kingdom.”

Chief Witherspoon gave a nod before returning to the group.

The people in the crowd didn’t react when Newman had moved, but seeing that chief Witherspoon came over to talk to Xu Yi and Kennard, they couldn’t help being curious over who these two were and all looked over.

Newman ignored this and after greeting a few people, he prepared to return to Caraca City with the two of them.

When the two were about to get in the Magic Sedan, there was the thundering sound of horse hooves from the road behind them that shook the entire ground.

Since developing the Magic Cars, Xu Yi hadn’t heard that many horse hooves, so he couldn’t help turning around in curiosity.

When he turned and looked into the distance, there were several dozen horses pulling a horse carriage along.

Normally, the speed of a horse carriage could rarely pass thirty kilometers an hour, but these horses were all very good and the quality of the carriage was good. Pulling at full force, while it was impossible to be as fast as the Magic Car, it still moved quite quickly.

When the horse carriage ran at full speed, the momentum was very powerful, which was something that the Magic Cars couldn’t compare to.

Seeing the horse carriage running forth, the pedestrians and other vehicles moved out of the way, out of fear that they might not be able to avoid it.

When the first carriage was about to reach, there was a little girl who came out from the side and there was a young woman who was behind her.

The young woman called out and wanted to pull the little girl back, but she was too far.

The horse carriage didn’t slow down at all and the first horse’s hoof was about to fall down on the little girl’s head.

Xu Yi gave a cold snort and used his magic, creating a wind wall above the little girl’s head.