Magic Industry Empire - Volume 4 Chapter 84

“Two hundred thousand gold coins?” Xu Yi looked at King Teruc in surprise. He couldn’t help shaking his head as he said with a sigh, “Your majesty, you really are generous. Of course ambassador Hakanin’s appetite really is big.”

“His appetite has always been big.” King Teruc smiled, “But spending two hundred thousand at once is for you.”

“For me?” Xu Yi was more surprised, “Your majesty, I shouldn’t have that much face…..for you to spend two hundred thousand gold coins to solve this matter.”

“Two hundred thousand gold coins is considered much for others, but is it a lot for you?” King Teruc took a deep look at Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, if my estimates aren’t wrong, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s profits last year was at least over five million gold coins, right?”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, neither confirming or denying this.

“I admit that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s profits are good, but we also spend quite a bit. Moreover…..your majesty, how is this related to the reason why you’re willing to pay two hundred thousand gold coins?”

King Teruc shook his head, “Chairman Xu, I think that we shouldn’t waste our time with useless words like this. Since you want me to demonstrate my sincerity, I have already demonstrated it. Although two hundred thousand isn’t much for you, for me and even for the Rudson Kingdom, this isn’t an amount that can be thrown away. I have demonstrated enough sincerity, so what about chairman Xu?”

Xu Yi was a bit surprised.

Although he had heard about King Teruc from Kennard before and had investigated a bit about the Rudson Kingdom, so Xu Yi could tell that King Teruc was a king with ambition and foresight, so he wanted to use this matter to test how King Teruc and the entire Rudson Kingdom would treat the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Xu Yi never would have thought that King Teruc would be this direct, showing his attitude to Xu Yi this straightforward.

It was like King Teruc said, he had paid two hundred thousand gold coins to subside ambassador Hakanin’s anger, which was very much showing Xu Yi sincerity.

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before his smile disappeared and he gave a nod to King Teruc with a serious expression, “Your majesty, I have to say, your attitude has surprised me very much. Actually, I was very worried when I came here because I didn’t know what you were thinking.”

“Do you understand now?” King Teruc said with a smile.

“Yes. I am a merchant, so I can very much feel your majesty’s sincerity from those two hundred thousand gold coins. It’s very clear that I must respond to your sincerity.” Xu Yi paused before asking, “Your majesty, please speak your thoughts, or just give me your request.”

“What if I wanted the military magic machines from you?” King Teruc asked with a smile.

“That is impossible.” Xu Yi firmly shook his head, “We can’t transfer that technology right now, there’s nothing to discuss at all.”

“Is that so?” King Teruc gave a soft snort, “Chairman Xu, don’t forget, you are in my royal palace. With one order from me, I can easily catch you. Do you feel that it’s impossible to use your life to exchange for the military magic machine technology?”

“Impossible.” Xu Yi wasn’t scared because of the threat in his voice at all, rather he said with a relaxed smile, “Your majesty, you wouldn’t do that because what you really want is not as simple as a few military magic machines.”

“You think you really understand me?” King Teruc narrowed his eyes and said in a deep voice, “Chairman Xu, don’t look down on your value. To me, the value hidden in your alone is greater than the two armies for our kingdom.”

“Oh?” Am I really that important to your majesty?” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “But because of this, you wouldn’t use my life to threaten me, right?”

King Teruc gave a snort, “You’re right. You have more use alive than you do dead. At least before taking all the value you have, I hope that you won’t die.”

Xu Yi laughed and spread his hands, “Alright, I am here now. Your majesty, how do you want to take my value?”

King Teruc looked at Xu Yi before revealing a smile again and shaking his head, “I really can’t treat you as a normal merchant. Alright, let’s not waste words on this and get down to business. Chairman Xu, for the two projects your Frestech Chamber of Commerce proposed, I agree as the Rudson Kingdom’s king, but we need to discuss the details.”

“Thank you for your approval. But your majesty, what details do you need to discuss?”

“You can discuss the concrete details with the kingdom’s department, I just want to give you a general idea.”

Xu Yi nodded, “Please, your majesty.”

“First, it’s related to Nissi City’s port. Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce renting it long term isn’t a problem, but I can’t agree to only using the port to dock your Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s ships.”

“Oh? Why?” Xu Yi asked.

“Because that is the land of our Rudson Kingdom, do you understand what I mean?” King Teruc said in a deep voice.

Xu Yi thought about it before nodding, “I understand. Your majesty thinks that the port will lose its sovereignty by accepting the request of our company?”

“It’s good you understand.”

“Then what does your majesty propose?” Xu Yi asked, “If we use it as a normal port, I don’t think there’s a need for our company to rent it from you, don’t you think?”

“Of course we’ll give your Frestech Chamber of Commerce some rights.” King Teruc said, “I will approve several ports in Nissi City to give priority to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but when your boats aren’t there, the other boats can dock like normal. Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce only needs to pay a certain management fee, what do you think?”

Xu Yi slightly knit his brows, “Then what happens if our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s boats arrive and find other ships docked there?”

“It’s very simple, just inform us ahead of time.” King Teruc waved his hand, “These are small details that you can discuss with the City Lord Manor of Nissi City. I’m just giving you an idea, you can discuss the rest.”

Xu Yi thought about it. Although this method wasn’t perfect, he could accept it, so he gave a nod.

“Then that’s decided then, our company will follow your majesty’s idea and discuss further with Nissi City’s City Lord Manor. Then your majesty, as for the second project, what do you think?”

“The second project…...I have no opinions on this project itself, but chairman Xu, I don’t agree with some methods that your company has chosen.”

“Oh? Your majesty has places you’re not satisfied with when it comes to the cooperation method?”

“It’s not that I’m dissatisfied. Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has invested in seventeen household magic machine factories in our Rudson Kingdom, recruiting a total of six thousand four hundred and twenty three local Rudson Kingdom workers. You have solved the problem of work for the kingdom’s people and have greatly improved the living standards of the people, so I’m very satisfied.”

Xu Yi said with a smile, “Many thanks for your majesty’s praise, but this is just our normal business, there’s nothing worth praising.”

“Before your Frestech Chamber of Commerce came, there weren’t these things.” King Teruc shook his head, “If I didn’t see the changes your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has brought to our kingdom, do you think you would have a chance to talk to me today?”

“If I didn’t have value, I wouldn’t have come here anyway, right?” Xu Yi asked back with a smile.

King Teruc laughed, “Chairman Xu really is different from normal merchants. Alright, I can’t deny the value that you have and I appreciate the value of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but chairman Xu, you don’t think…...that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is moving too slowly in our Rudson Kingdom, being too careful?”

Xu Yi slightly knit his brows, “Your majesty, you mean……”

King Teruc waved his hand, “My meaning is very simple, our Rudson Kingdom is not the Lampuri Kingdom. I’m not like Lampuri Thirteenth who died of old age and the current useless Eric. You don’t need to worry about encountering the same things you encountered in the Lampuri Kingdom in the Rudson Kingdom.”

Xu Yi smiled and didn’t say a thing.

Actually King Teruc was right. Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been suppressed in the Lampuri Kingdom, Xu Yi had been more careful investing in the Rudson Kingdom. He was no longer like back in the Lampuri Kingdom two years ago, investing all over with factories, afraid that there would be a change in the Rudson Kingdom.

Seeing the expression on Xu Yi’s face, King Teruc said with a serious look, “Chairman Xu, I am clear on the value of your and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and know what influence and change the magic machine industry can bring to a country. So that is why I was willing to offend ambassador Hakanin and the Candra Empire to protect you. I have made my attitude clear, what are you worried about?”

Xu Yi thought for a bit before looking at King Teruc and asking in a low voice, “Alright, your majesty, what do you want me and my company to do specifically?”

“It’s very simple, give us the various household magic machine technology, help our kingdom create talents in the magic machine field, and promote the development of the magic machine industry in our kingdom. My goal is to have each city in the Rudson Kingdom be as prosperous as Banta City was before!”

Seeing the glow in King Teruc’s eyes and the strong confidence on his face, Xu Yi suddenly didn’t know what to say.