Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 57

Xu Yi slowly came out of the Magic Refill Station and his eyes looked over everyone. He paused slightly on old man Sarkozy before giving him a slight nod. Then he moved through the crowd that parted and came to Yodel’s side.

“Manager Yodel, did your company only send you alone this time?”

Although manager Yodel was over forty years old and was experienced, when he met Xu Yi here, he couldn’t help feeling a bit excited.

But after hearing Xu Yi’s question, he couldn’t help revealing a trace of awkwardness on his face.

“This…..Most of the people in the company are preparing for the new factories being opened in the Norton Duchy, so this group of workers…..Ke…..Sir chairman never thought there would be a problem, so he only sent me and a few helpers.”

Xu YI followed Yodel’s gaze to see several young people in the crowd dressed in the uniform of the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce. He gave a nod before asking, “Then when you brought the people over from the Lampuri Kingdom, when you passed through the Mirando Duchy, did you get authorization?”

“Chairman Xu, please be assured, we have handled all the procedures perfectly, there’s definitely no mistakes at all.” Yodel then glared at the man from the Macalin Chamber of Commerce and said in a cold voice, “We also bumped into this fellow who kep[t pestering us.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile as he turned to look at that man.

“Where is chairman Segula now? Does he know what you are doing?”

The man had been staring at Xu Yi since he came out and when he heard Yodel call him “chairman Xu”, his mind quickly turned before his expression changed.

Hearing how easily Xu Yi addressed their sir chairman, he was even more assured of his guesses. He looked at Xu Yi and carefully asked, “May I ask…..are you the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Xu?”

Xu Yi revealed a smile, “What? You recognize me?”

Hearing Xu Yi’s acknowledgement, that man and all the surrounding people couldn’t help taking a cold breath.

If one talked about the most famous person in the surrounding countries in the past few years, it would definitely be chairman Xu Yi of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and no one else.

Although Xu Yi handled matters in a low key manner, all the things the Frestech Chamber of Commerce did was just too dazzling. It made everyone’s eyes focused on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

As the sir chairman who single handedly built the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Xu Yi was the one that everyone focused on.

It could even be said that in the surrounding countries, Xu Yi’s position had already surpassed a normal company’s chairman.

Because before this, no one had thought that a company could affect the rise and fall of a kingdom. It could even influence all the surrounding countries to a certain extent.

Moreover, their influence was increasing at a visible speed.

In terms of influence, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had already surpassed the level of a single company. They had become an existence that many of the surrounding countries placed great importance to.

Now this Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman, Xu Yi who everyone regarded as a super important person had appeared in front of them.

That large man was a leader, so he reacted the quickest. He immediately reacted after being shocked and first looked at Xu Yi in doubt before giving him a respectful bow.

Based on Yodel’s reaction, this Xu Yi didn’t seem to be a fake.

“This small one Geb greets chairman Xu.”

Seeing what their leader did, the rest of the people from the Macalin Chamber of Commerce all gave Xu YI a bow.

Xu Yi waved his hand, not caring about this as he kept asking, “Alright, Geb, you’re here to steal the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce’s people today, does chairman Segula know about this?”

Geb’s expression changed, revealing an awkward look before shaking his head to say, “No, sir chairman just wanted us to find a way to recruit some skilled workers, he doesn’t know what we are doing.”

Xu Yi smiled without saying anything.

He was certain that Geb was lying.

Not only did chairman Segula know about this, it was even likely that he was the one who planned this. Otherwise, how could these fellows be brave enough to come here and steal people from the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce.

Geb’s words were just to help their chairman Segula from being involved in this.

Seeing that Xu Yi didn’t say a thing, Geb gritted his teeth and continued, “Chairman Xu, today’s matters were the mistakes of us subordinates and have offended you, please don’t blame our company. If you want to pursue this matter, I can go see sir chairman with you and have sir chairman punish me.”

Xu Yi shook his head, “There’s no need for this trouble. I have other things to do and don’t have time to meet chairman Segula with you. Un…..If I have to say something, let’s end today’s matters here. Go and tell chairman Segula that for the problem of skilled workers, I’m currently planning on opening a vocational skills school in the Mirando Duchy, so he can prepare ahead of time.”

“Really?” Geb revealed a look of joy, “Sir chairman will definitely be very happy once he learns of this.”

Xu Yi nodded before waving his hand at Geb.

Geb understood and immediately called the other men to leave with him.

Yodel wanted to say something, but Xu Yi stopped him.

When Geb’s group had disappeared into the night outside the Magic Refill Station, Xu Yi said to Yodel with a serious look, “This matter stops here, the Macalin Chamber of Commerce shouldn’t cause more trouble for you in the future. Also, help me tell your chairman Anke that the Norton Duchy is on guard against our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I can’t help him that much in the Norton Duchy. But if there is anything I can do, don’t be afraid to tell me.”

Yodel nodded with a faint smile, “Chairman Xu, sir chairman will definitely deeply remember the help you have given to our company.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling. Thinking of Anke Eren’s deeply engraved memory, it would probably be the shame that he brought him the first time they had met.

But Xu Yi was already a Great Magician and Anke Eren in all these years had only gone from a Fourth Grade Magician to a Fifth Grade Magician.

Just in terms of magic power, Xu Yi was more than twice as strong as him, not to mention the fact that he couldn’t compare to Xu Yi in terms of position in the magic machine industry.

Although the Norton Duchy clearly didn’t want to cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce they wanted to cooperate with wouldn’t enter the Norton Duchy without the approval of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, or rather Xu Yi.

If Xu Yi wasn’t willing, the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t have been able to smoothly cooperate with the Norton Duchy, it would have been a problem to exist for even three months.

So Yodel’s words weren’t considered pleasantries. Anke Eren was able to develop the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce into a first grade company of Anvilmar City with an annual income of several hundred thousand gold coins was all because of Xu Yi’s support and help.

When Yodel wanted to thank Xu Yi for his help with this matter again, he suddenly noticed the other meaning of Xu Yi’s words and he couldn’t help being surprised.

“Chairman Xu, for you to suddenly appear here, you should be heading to the Norton Duchy, right? Since it’s like this, sir chairman is currently also in the Norton Duchy for work, so he will definitely be very happy if you go meet him.”

Xu Yi shook his head, “No, I still have other things to do, so I’m not that free. If chairman Anke wants to see me, he can come and find me after I return to the Stantine Duchy.”

Yodel could only give a helpless nod.

Seeing that Xu Yi didn’t mention what he was doing, he couldn’t ask about it.

Xu Yi said a few words to Yodel before leaving him and coming over to old man Sarkozy.

“Hey, old man Sarkozy, if I remember correctly, you’re already over sixty this year, right? Why are you working so hard and coming to such a far place?”

Hearing Xu Yi actually call him by name, old man Sarkozy’s face had a blush before he said with a smile, “This is also life. Chairman Xu, why is a noble person like you in a place like this?”

Xu Yi pointed at the Magic Refill Station behind him, “This is the furthest Magic Refill Station that our company has built, so I wanted to inspect this place since I was passing by.”

“Oh……” Old man Sarkozy thought that although Xu Yi’s response was an explanation, it didn’t explain why he would come all the way here.

As the chairman, it was impossible for him to come all this way to inspect a Magic Refill Station.

“Old man sarkozy, is that small transport Magic Car outside yours?” Xu Yi asked.

“Un, I just bought it this year.” Speaking of the small transport Magic Car, old man Sarkozy became excited. He kept telling Xu Yi all about the merits of the small transport Magic Car with a praising tone in his voice the entire time.

Xu Yi stood there with a faint smile for a while before suddenly raising his hand to stop him.

“Old man Sarkozy, other than merits, I ask you to tell me some of the defects. For us, knowing the defects can let us improve on it.”

Old man Sarkozy awkwardly scratched his head and hesitated a bit.

“This…...There are flaws, but they aren’t that important…..After all, it’s impossible for things to be perfect…...”

“No, as the producer, we must chase perfection.” Xu Yi said with a serious look.

Seeing the seriousness on Xu Yi’s face, old man Sarkozay gave a helpless sigh. He then talked about all the problems he encountered with the small transport Magic Car during the past month and where it could be improved.

Although telling the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman the flaws of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic machine made him feel a bit strange, he felt very satisfied after telling him all the issues.

Even if it was him, he understood that Xu Yi had always been strict towards the magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced.

He reflected on these problems and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would very likely fix them.

The two talked about the small transport Magic Car for a bit before Xu Yi suddenly changed the topic, “Old man Sarkozy, are you transporting goods to the Norton Duchy?”

“Un, what is it?”

“Will you stay in the Norton Duchy for a few days?” Xu Yi asked.

“Probably not, I don’t have anything to do in the Norton Duchy.” Old man Sarkozy shook his head.

“Then do you have to leave immediately?”

“Of course not. I still want to take the chance to look around the Norton Duchy.”

“Good, if you have free time, I want you to help me with a job. Are you willing?”

Old man Sarkozy was a bit surprised, “Chairman Xu, if you need someone to help you with a job, you have a bunch of people. Why do you need me?”

“Because I just thought of something and I don’t have anyone suited for it. Now that I’ve bumped into you, you should be suited for this work, so I asked you. Of course, if you’re not willing, that doesn’t matter.”

“No, no, no, I’m very willing, I’m very happy to help you.” Old man Sarkozy quickly said, “Chairman Xu, just what is this job? Tell me about it.”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “Alright, this job isn’t that hard, but it isn’t that simple either, it just takes a bit of time……”