Magic Industry Empire - Volume 5 Chapter 64

After meeting with Leslie, Xu Yi and Evita’s group rested on the ship for a bit before heading off on the Magic Airship the next morning.

However, they didn’t head back to the Stantine Duchy, but rather they headed even further east.

Looking at the endless seas to the east, Leslie took a deep breath. He thought that fellow Xu Yi really was ambitious.

While others were still considering how the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would stabilize the situation in the Lampuri Kingdom, the Rudson Kingdom, and the surrounding countries, he had actually set his eyes on the Candra Empire.

And now, he was focusing on somewhere even further. He wanted to bring the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s products to the furthest eastern point of the continent.

But the sea in front of him was endless and Xu Yi’s currently destination was very remote.

First not mentioning whether he could reach it or not, just being able to smoothly reach the destination was a very worrying problem.

Actually, Xu Yi was also a bit worried about this.

This was the first long distance journey for the Magic Airship Evita had designed. From the Stantine Duchy toe meeting Leslie on the Candra Empire’s seas, they had travelled over three thousand kilometers.

If they wanted to reach their destination, the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom, just based on the map, they would have to travel over two thousand kilometers.

This meant that this trip had surpassed a distance of over five thousand kilometers one way.

On the current Sines Continent, a trip of over five thousand kilometers was almost impossible to do.

However, Xu Yi’s group riding the Magic Airship, because of the Magic Airship’s speed of over a hundred kilometers an hour and its strong ability to continue flying, this trip might become possible.

“Evita, how far have we gone so far?”

Evita was looking down at the sea below the Magic Airship through the windows and could vaguely see land in the distance. Hearing Xu Yi’s voice, she turned back with a smile and said, “We’ve already flown for over six hundred kilometers. Sir chairman, according to my estimates, we should be able to fly out of the Candra Empire’s area by today.”

“Oh? That is quite fast.” Xu Yi revealed a smile, but he didn’t really agree with his appraisal in his heart.

The airplanes on earth could fly at a thousand kilometers an hour, five thousand kilometers would only take half a day to travel.

But the Magic Airship could only barely reach a hundred kilometers an hour. To travel five thousand kilometers, even if they didn’t stop at all, it would take over fifty hours, which was just over two days.

Of course, compared to traveling on land in the Magic Cars that were limited by the geography, the Magic Airships were much faster.

Not to mention the old horse carriage style of the Sines Continent, the Magic Airship was a completely other level of transportation.

Instead of comparing speeds, Xu Yi cared more about the accuracy of the flight path.

The Sines Continent didn’t have the same airplanes as on earth which through satellite guidance systems, could guarantee they would be flying on the right route. To make sure that they reached their goal, it would depend on the pilot’s judgement.

Although Evita’s team had experience in cruising, this was their first long distance experiment, so it was a big challenge for them.

But they had gone two thousand kilometers from the Stantine Duchy to find Xu Yi in the Norton Duchy, which meant that they had the ability for this. So Xu Yi only cared about it, but he wasn’t worried.

“Sir chairman, I plan on letting it cruise at a constant speed after it turns dark and it should take around eight hours. If nothing goes wrong, we should enter the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom when morning comes.” Evita explained her plan to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi looked at the sky that was getting dark from the sun setting to the east and shook his head.

“No, Evita, we’ll be in the dark less than the eight hours that you estimated, you should be ready to adjust for this error.”

“Less than eight hours? Why?” Evita slightly knit her brows in confusion.

Xu Yi thought about it before deciding to explain to Evita the sun’s rise based on the rotation of the planet.

After being in this year for over eight years, Xu Yi had already found that there were many places about this world that were similar to earth. The most obvious was the planet’s rotation and the passage of time.

As for when he looked at the stars at night, Xu Yi had also found that there were many constellations that were in the same positions as on earth.

Xu Yi had always doubted that he was still on earth, but it was just in a parallel universe.

When listening to Xu Yi’s basic knowledge of astronomy, Evita didn’t fully understand.

But this didn’t hinder her from seriously listening and thinking about the things that Xu Yi said.

“Sir chairman, if it is really as you described, then wouldn’t the night be longer when we return to the Stantine Duchy from the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom? Or perhaps if we set out at daytime, wouldn’t the day be longer?”

“It’s like this.” Xu Yi nodded, “But the speed that we’re flying at is much slower than the rotation of the planet under our feet, so we can only delay it by some time and we will still fall into night eventually.”

“Then that means…...If the Magic Airship can fly fast enough, wouldn’t we be able to always live under the sunlight?” Evita’s eyes filled with a sparkle.

Xu Yi laughed, “It is like this in theory, but the planet is turning at a very fast speed and it’s hard to catch it. Of course, if you really want to live under the sun, there’s a simple method. If you reach the far north or the far south, you will find a place where the sun will never set during a certain part of the year.”

Evita knit her brows and thought over this.

After a while, she couldn’t help picking up some paper and writing a few things on it.

Seeing how focused Evita is, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and left the front cabin.

He didn’t have a plan temporarily telling Evita this basic astronomy knowledge.

Since he started developing the Magic Airship, Xu Yi had been giving Evita this kind of knowledge. His goal was to change her world view as soon as possible.

The Magic Airship was a very important part of Xu Yi’s future plan, so Xu Yi had high expectations of Evita, so he hoped that he could spare her some of the troubles.

When he came back to the middle cabin of the Magic Airship, which was also the lounge, Xu Yi found that other than two researchers who were on night duty, the others were already sleeping.

They had been excited at first about the long distance journey, but as time passed, everyone felt exhausted. It was a good thing that there was the night speed cruising option, so everyone would have time to get some rest.

Xu Yi looked around the cabin and found that in a corner where weak blue and red lights were flashing, Akali was sitting there with a look of concentration on her face.

“Hey, Akali, it’s this late and you’re not sleeping. What are you still doing?”

Hearing Xu Yi’s voice, Akali looked up with a vacant gaze before she suddenly revealed an excited smile.

When she was about to speak, she suddenly remembered something, so she lowered her voice and waved her hand at Xu Yi.

“Sir chairman, come and see.”

“Un?” Xu Yi looked over curiously and found that there was a disc on the table in front of Akali with faint blue and red lights glowing on it.

“What is this?” Xu Yi carefully looked at it and found that this disc was similar to the ones that Akali used in her long distance Magic Positioning System, but the display was a bit too big.

“Sir chairman, do you see the lights on this?” Akali asked.

“Un, I see it, what about them? Do these lights represent something?” Xu Yi asked.

Akali gave a giggle, “Sir chairman, weren’t you worried about how we would return safely? Let me tell you, with this thing, we definitely won’t get lost when we go back.”

“Oh? What is this thing? Is it that amazing?”

“These lights represent small Magic Resonance Sensors that I’ve thrown down along the way. Look, this dot that is closest to us is the one I just threw down. Based on the situation here, they should be four thousand and three hundred meters from us to the southwest. In other words, we’ve flown four thousand and three hundred meters northeast since I threw it down. Look, this spot is about to disappear since it’s about to leave the detection zone.”

Xu YI looked at the lights on the plate and couldn’t help asking, “Then how are you differentiating them? How do you know which light represents which Magic Resonance Sensor that you threw down?”

“That’s very simple, as long as there are a few small changes to the Magic Array on the Magic Resonance Sensors, they will be picked up by this control panel while also differentiating them.”

Seeing the excited and proud look on Akali’s face, Xu Yi couldn’t help taking a breath in.

He never thought that while he was explaining basic geography to Evita in hopes of not getting lost, Akali had already made a major breakthrough in her technology again.

Even if Akali’s plan was very crude right now, as long as it was properly guided, the effects that it could have in the end would be very shocking.

To Xu Yi, this Magic Positioning System that Akali had developed had an even more shocking effect than the guiding systems from earth!

Thinking of this, Xu Yi stood up and headed back to the front cabin, speaking to Evita who looked up in surprise with a serious look.

“Change directions, head towards the land.”