Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 83

Leader Uther looked at Count Zidal beside him without an expressionless look and then gave a nod.

“Alright, we’ll give them to you.”

Lesas and Floyd gave each other surprised looks.

In the Namco Mine incident, other than the ten Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff members that were killed on the spot and the remaining forty that had disappeared, the most important people were the fifty mine guards that had been present.

Because those fifty guards were local Drow Race, they had survived the conflict and even several of them had joined in with the riot.

When Lesas led his subordinates to Namco Mines and drove out those rioters, they had caught six guards that had joined in the riots and were prepared to interrogate them.

Then Lesas received an order from above to hand over the witnesses that they caught to the Candra Empire’s investigation team first to let them question them first.

Although Lesas wasn’t willing, he was forced to hand it over because of the order from above and scheduled it so that he would come back three days later to pick them up.

Because those witnesses were ones that knew that situation, they were very important and Lesas didn’t think that the Candra Empire side would give them over so easily.

But he never thought that leader Uther would agree right away when he asked for them.

After being surprised, although Lesas felt that something was off, he said with a now, “Alright, then hand them over. We still have some things to ask them.”

Leader Uther turned to his subordinate to tell him something and that subordinate ran into the camp, clearly having been prepared.

Lesas kept staring at leader Uther with his wooden face and the indifferent looking Count Zidal, feeling that something was off.

However, he was at the Candra Empire’s military camp right now and he couldn’t do much, so he could only patiently wait.

After a while, two Candra Empire soldiers came out of the camp driving a horse carriage.

Lesas saw several figures sticking out of the back of the horse carriage with rags covering them and his face fell.

When the horse carriage came over, he walked over. He lifted the rags and saw the six corpses inside the horse carriage that were already rotting, like they haven’t had any life for a long time.

These six corpses were naturally the six mine guards that had been caught.

Lesas looked over the six corpses and after confirming that not a single one was alive, he turned to leader Uther with a face as deep as water.

“What is the meaning of this?”

“What meaning? Didn’t you want me to give them back to you? I gave them back.” Leader Uther had no expression as he calmly replied.

“Return your ass!” Lesas flew into a rage, “I gave you six living people three days ago and now you’re giving me six corpses? How can you call this giving them back to me?”

“Team leader Lesas, please mind your words.” Leader Uther’s expression didn’t fluctuate at all, “Three days was the agreed upon time, we never said whether we would be giving you living or dead people, so it doesn’t go against the agreement.”

“You…..” Lesas angrily pointed at leader Uther, but he saw Count Zidal on the side secretly laughing. After thinking about it, he put his hand down and took a deep breath as he forced himself to calm down, “Alright, then tell me, how did they die?”

“It’s nothing, we just used a small method to get some evidence, but they died from it, it’s just that.” Leader Uther said.

“Small method? Good…..Very good……” Lesas’ hands trembled from rage. He wished he could throw a fist into leader Uther’s wooden face.

These six guards were clearly important witnesses, but now that they were all dead, wouldn’t that mean that the truth of the matter was hidden?

Moreover, their final testimonies were in the hands of the Candra Empire, so the Candra Empire could make whatever testimonies they wanted which would be very bad for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Of course, that was on the basis that the Candra Empire wanted to compete on the truth with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce on this matter.

Although this wasn’t too likely, the result would be bad for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and would easily affect their fame, which could be considered a blow to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Thinking of how he had suffered all these grievances after these Candra Empire fellows came and now such a result had happened, Lesas’ heart was filled with rage.

However, he knew that without orders from above, he couldn’t do anything.

So after glaring at leader Uther for a bit, he turned to leave.

Floyd, who was left behind, gave a cough before waving at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards behind him. He had them bring along the carriage before giving a nod to leader Uther and turning to leave.

When they returned to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s camp, Lesas was waiting for Floyd in his private tent.

Lesas didn’t look angry at all, his expression was very calm. He only slightly knitted his brows as if he was thinking of something.

“Floyd, don’t you feel that this is off?”

“Of course.” Floyd gave a nod, “It wasn’t like we didn’t expect them to kill all six witnesses, but for them to do it this openly without hiding a thing is a bit strange.”

“Right, based on how they’ve acted in the past few days, I even think that they want to anger us on purpose. But they are clearly holding back and not conflicting with us. Could it be…..that they are waiting for us to make the first move? But what benefits are there for them?”

Floyd thought for a bit before slowly shaking his head.

“I don’t know. There’s too little information to tell.”

“That’s right.” Lesas thought for a bit before suddenly saying to Floyd, “How confident are you to go in without being spotted?”

“If the enemy camp doesn’t have an Eighth Grade Magician or above, I’m 100% confident.”

“Good, then give it a try tonight. See if you can find anything.”

“What if there is an Eighth Grade or above magician……”

“If you’re found, just retreat right away. If it really looks bad, just reveal yourself. I don’t believe that they will dare to do anything to you.”



That night.

There was a faint current of air that appeared in the Candra Empire’s camp outside Namco Mine that headed towards the center.

This fluctuation came to a tent that was clearly bigger than the surrounding tents before stopping.

In the shadow of the tent, there was a very faint figure that no one would have discovered which was Floyd.

After coming beside the tent that should belong to the commander, Floyd slowed down and suppressed the magic fluctuations around him as much as possible, even almost stopping his breathing.

As a high grade elf warrior, Floyd’s abilities were something that the other guards couldn’t compare to, which was the unique skill of the elves.

Because of this skill, when the guards needed people to sneak in, they would always send elf guards.

But this mission was special and more important, so Lesas asked Floyd to go personally.

After calming himself for a bit and confirming that no one had noticed him, Floyd started slowly condensing magic in his ears to strengthen his hearing.

After a while, he could hear the various sounds from the camp.

However, after listening for a while, Floyd found that he couldn’t hear any sound from this tent at all.

Floyd couldn’t help being a bit surprised.

It wasn’t strange for a human noble like Count Zidal to do things at night, but that leader Uther would stay in the camp at night no matter what, so why wasn’t there any movement at all?

Floyd thought about it and reached out a finger as he carefully sent in a bit of magic.

However, when his magic touched the tent, he couldn’t feel any changes at all.

This confirmed that there wasn’t any insulation magic that was on this tent.

“Strange, if those fellows aren’t in the camp, what are they doing?”

Floyd condensed even more elemental magic energy in his ear and strengthened his magic so that he could hear the sounds from the entire camp.

But even so, he couldn’t hear leader Uther or Count Zidal’s voices.

What surprised him even more was that this camp was much quieter than he thought.

Although there wasn’t a lack of noise, it was much quieter compared to another camp with two thousand people.

But it wasn’t the time to question this now. After listening for a bit, after confirming that there weren’t the voices of leader Uther or Count Zidal, he hesitated a bit. He laid down and reached a hand into the tent, trying to peek inside.

It was a large tent that was lit up by a Magic Lamp, so he could clearly see everything that was inside.

There wasn’t leader Uther or Count Zidal in the tent, but rather there was an old man who looked to be around sixty years old wearing a dark robe sitting on the ground.

When Floyd’s eyes fell onto him, that old man reacted and turned his head. His eyes seemed to be glowing as they met Floyd’s eyes.


Floyd’s heart tensed and he gathered his magic without hesitating as he entered the darkness and turned to leave.

With just a single look, he was certain that this old man in the tent was at least a Ninth Grade Magician or even higher. He wasn’t his match at all.

However, when he had just moved, he felt the magic around him start to fluctuate. There was a column of mud that came up from under him that trapped his legs, making him unable to move at all.

Then the old magician appeared beside him with an interested look on his face.

“An elf? This kind of experimental subject really is hard to find…..”

Floyd was shocked, but before he could make a sound, he had already lost consciousness.

When he closed his eyes, there was a flame that suddenly shot out into the sky.

It was shot out in the direction of the mine……