Magic Industry Empire - Volume 7 Chapter 86

Marshal Sudman looked at Xu Yi as his voice sank, “Chairman Xu, do you know what I was famous for when I was unparalleled on the battlefield?”

Xu Yi slowly shook his head as he felt more and more unsettled.

Marshal Sudman had suddenly summoned him, it wasn’t a good thing.

Marshal Sudman acted like he didn’t notice Xu Yi’s expression at all and said to himself.

“When this old man was on the battlefield, what I mainly relied on wasn’t powerful military force or things like logistics, but rather I relied on this place.”

Marshal Sudman pointed at his head.

“Strategy, that was what was most important to this old man and the most reliable weapon. It’s much more useful than how many soldiers one can have. However, chairman Xu, do you know what is the most important thing when it comes to strategy?”

Xu Yi didn’t reply as he began revolving the magic power inside of him.

“Strategy is just seeing through everything on the battlefield and to obtain the most accurate judgement, that depends on knowing everything about this battlefield and grasping it all, allowing you to make the best decision. This old man has always liked to control everything before a battle, that way I can control the situation. So what this old man hates the most are unstable factors because they can cause this old man to make mistakes.”

Xu Yi slightly knitted his brows.

Could this unstable factor be referring to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce?

“Chairman Xu, you and your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, or rather more accurately, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s military magic machines are the biggest unstable factors stinging the eyes of this old man. They are the biggest unstable factors to our Candra Empire.”

“So? What does the Lord Marshal want to do?” Hearing that Marshal Sudman finally said this, Xu Yi calmed down and asked this back.

“This old man only has one solution for unstable factors. It’s to either control them so that they become stable factors or……” Marshal Sudman suddenly looked at Xu Yi with killing intent that he didn’t hide at all, “Directly destroy them!”

As soon as his voice fell, Xu Yi felt the magic space around him solidify and the elemental magic energy in the air congealed. It didn’t flow as fast as normal and stopped right away.

Xu Yi activated his magic and found that he couldn’t influence the elemental magic energy at all.

In other words, he couldn’t use any magic at all right now!

“Anti Magic Space?” Xu Yi’s brows jumped up as he looked at Marshal Sudman with a surprised look, “Lord Marshal, you really think highly of me. Just to take care of me, you’re actually using such a high level magic trap.”

“I’ve long heard that chairman Xu’s magic talent is excellent, even becoming a Great Magician before forty, so of course I have to be careful. Not to mention that since I’ve decided to make a move against you, naturally I have to think of all possibilities. Otherwise, if you ran away, the consequences would be serious.” Marshal Sudman said with a serious look.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Lord Marshal, can I ask if the emperor knows about you doing this?”

Marshal Sudman matched Xu Yi’s gaze, but he didn’t answer. He just waved his hand to say, “You’re about to die soon, there’s no need for you to know this much.”

“Is that so? I don’t think so.” Xu Yi’s lips curled and with a wave of his hand, there was a strange magic fluctuation that came from him. The elemental magic energy around them seemed like they had been revived as they regained their liveliness.

There was a chill that quickly attacked Marshal Sudman and had entered halfway into his body in the blink of an eye.

There was a wisp of fire that appeared at Marshal Sudman’s chest that quickly turned into a dark flame.

When the chill hit the flame, it was like two strange air currents hitting each other. They balanced each other out before there was only mist left in the air.

When the mist disappeared, an old man in a red magician robe appeared in front of Marshal Sudman.

Xu Yi looked at this old man and his eyes narrowed.

“Arch Magus Laduca?”

Arch Magus Laduca, one of the Candra Empire’s nine Arch Magi. Because he excelled in flame magic, he even received the title of Flame Dragon Arch Magus.

Xu Yi never thought that in order to deal with him, Marshal Sudman had not only lured him to his manor, but also invited an Arch Magus.

Seeing the surprised look on Xu Yi’s face, Marshal Sudman gave a laugh, “Chairman Xu, I’ve already said it. I don’t like things that I can’t predict, so in order to keep you here, it’s normal to invite a respected Arch Magus.”

“Oh?” Xu Yi looked at Marshal Sudman and Arch Magus Laduca in front of him with a teasing look before shaking his head with a smile, “Marshal Sudman, if this is how your Candra Empire decides to treat your business partner, I can only say that I am very disappointed.”

Marshal Sudman’s smile froze before he gave a cold snort, “It doesn’t matter if you’re disappointed because after today, you will be a dead man.”

“Then the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will be split between the Candra Empire and the Marlow Empire?” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Don’t look at me like that. If you didn’t reach an agreement with the Marlow Empire, how could your Candra Empire think to use such an underhanded method to deal with me?”

Marshal Sudman was silent.

Xu Yi shook his head before saying with a sigh, “I thought that establishing relations with both the Marlow Empire and the Candra Empire would mean I could use your two empires to distract each other, but I underestimated how shameless your two empires are. Yes, instead of cooperating with our company passively and waiting for us to be willing to transfer the technology to you, it’s better to take care of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce and discuss how to split the goods, right?”

Xu Yi looked over Marshal Sudman’s ugly expression and he gave a taunting smile.

“This idea is good, but Lord Marshal, can you…..or rather your Candra Empire… this?”

Marshal Sudman’s face turned cold and he gave a snort, “Chairman Xu, since you are about to die, I’ve let you say a few more things. I never thought that you would waste your words like this, it really has disappointed me. Since you’re not willing to treasure this time, then…..Arch Magus Laduca, please send chairman Xu off.”

Arch Magus Laduca’s expression focused and Xu Yi felt the elemental magic energy around him condense again. Moreover, it was much stronger compared to before.

There was a dark purple ball of flame that appeared.

“Ai, Arch Magus Laduca, you might have never heard this before, but you can’t use the same move twice against a saint.”

[TL Note: It’s a Saint Seiya reference.]

As soon as his voice fell, Xu Yi disappeared and then he appeared outside the door of the room.

“He, there really is an Anti Magic Array. I have to say that the Lord Marshal really is prepared.”

Xu Yi reached out a finger to poke what seemed to be empty space outside the door with a smile. There was a pitch black thing that seemed to be a crack in space that was sucking at the void appeared which seemed to be covering the entire door.

These cracks couldn’t be seen with the naked eye, but Xu Yi could see that each crack was a dangerous crack in space.

A crack in space was very terrifying. If one fell in, their body would be ripped apart.

There were all these dense cracks at the door. If Xu Yi had rushed out, his body would have been ripped to countless pieces.

Moreover, these spatial cracks prevented Xu Yi from using spatial magic to escape. It could be considered the strongest prison for a magician, so Xu YI couldn’t immediately escape.

“Chairman Xu, if you’re willing to give up without fighting, I can have Arch Magus Laduca destroy the source of your magic and let you keep your life. After all, you have value and it’s a pity to kill you like this.” Marshal Sudman suddenly said.

“Lord Marshal, you should know what my answer is.” Xu Yi replied.

“Un, so I didn’t have this idea in the beginning.” Marshal Sudman gave a nod, “Not to mention that I don’t like unstable factors and you are the most unstable factor of them all. Killing you is the safest choice for me. Arch Magus Laduce, do it.”

Arch Magus Laduca had been silent the entire time, but now he gave a nod to Xu Yi.

“Chairman Xu, you are a very talented magician. I shouldn’t be making a move against a magician with as much talent and prospect as you, this would go against the basic principle of the Magicians Guild, but…..Now that even the Magicians Guild has been half ruined by you, then there’s no meaning in these principles.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling, “Alright, Arch Magus Laduca, just make a move, what are you making an excuse for yourself? It sounds quite funny if you put it like this.”

Arch Magus Laduca’s expression sunk. He raised his right hand and he pointed at Xu Yi.

There wasn’t any threat from this finger, but Xu Yi’s expression became serious.

But he didn’t move and stood there as he looked at Arch Magus Laduca’s finger.


A spatial crack that was twisting came out of Arch Magus Laduca’s finger and instantly spread in front of Xu Yi.

Xu Yi took a light breath and released his magic, condensing it all in his right index finger. He tapped out and created a dark crack in space that didn’t seem too terrifying.

The space around Xu YI’s finger surged and shrank, surged and shrank……

After doing this for an unknown amount of times at high speeds that the naked eye couldn’t keep up with, the space exploded.


There was a powerful wave of air as all the surrounding elemental magic energy exploded. It was like detonating a powerful bomb.

The air wave spread for several hundred meters and it ground everything in the surrounding area to powder.

Other than the space under Xu Yi and the space behind him, there was only the space under Arch Magus Laduca and the space around Marshal Sudman that was still in one piece. The floor of the hall could still be seen, but all the other places had been turned into a desert.

What was even more strange was that other than the desert that had appeared in this space of several hundred meters, the flowers and plants of Marshal Sudman’s manor were still in one piece. There was a very clear boundary with the desert that was made which looked very strange.

But the strangeness of this situation couldn’t compare to the shock on Arch Magus Laduca’s face.

He looked at Xu Yi with shock and disbelief.

After a while, he lowered his right hand that was slightly trembling and said in a shocked voice that was a bit hoarse.

“You……You’re already an Arch Magus?!”