Magic Industry Empire - Volume 8 Chapter 60

“Chairman Xu.”

“Chairman Xu.”

Other than elder Undine, the other figure was Cassandra in her human form.

Xu Yi looked at Cassandra and didn’t ask why she was also here.

With the good relationship between Akali and Cassandra, it wasn’t strange that she told Cassandra about this place.

Then again, this was related to the Abyss Demon Race. If the dragons that had an even longer history than the elves were to participate, it might help them.

“Have you been waiting long?” Xu Yi casually asked as he turned to look at the wall in front of them.

He only needed a single glance to know that this wall was made from the same material as the pillars they found before.

But it was different from the pillars where the pillars only looked like normal pillars unless they were incited with electricity. The wall in front of him was actually releasing a bright and gentle glow that could even be seen outside.

The light in the passage here should have come from this.

“We’ve been here for a bit, but we haven’t found a way to get in yet.” Elder Undine replied.

“Actually, we found this place last month, but we’ve never been able to get in.” Akali added in.

“Is that so?” Xu Yi looked up and found that this was a very open space. Only after more than ten meters above him could he see a layer of rock and the wall in front of him actually reached that roof. It created an arc shape on the roof that separated itself from the wall by quite a large space.

It seemed like the magic barrier outside of this wall not only kept the water away, but also the impurities.

The seabed outside had already covered this place with a thick layer of rock over ten thousand years, but this wall was able to maintain its original design.

“If these are ruins from the Abyss Demon Race, then the Abyss Demon Race’s technology really is shocking.” Xu Yi gave a sigh before asking Akali, “Did you not use the Investigation Magic equipment to look inside?”

Akali shook her head, “We tried, but the magic signal couldn’t penetrate the wall, so we couldn’t see inside.”

Xu Yi felt a bit surprised, “Couldn’t you see what was inside the pillars before? Why can’t you see through this wall?”

“How should I know?” Akali said in a snappy voice.

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before turning to ask elder Undine and Cassandra a question, “Your elf and dragon drees don’t have any records about this place?”

“No.” Elder Undine shook her head.

“This is my first time learning about these ruins.” Cassandra knew even less than elder Undine.

Xu Yi knew that he couldn’t depend on the representatives of these races that had a longer history to help him, so he walked in front of the wall and carefully examined it.

The wall in front of him wasn’t complete. Whether it was the left or right or above, there was a space that separated it from the rock walls around it.

Xu Yi walked around this wall and flew up to look over it, finding that this wasn’t a wall at all, but rather a semicircular vault of some sort.

This building was around twenty meters tall and its biggest diameter was even over two hundred meters.

If it was hollow, the space inside should be shockingly big.

After Xu Yi flew around, he could only give up after not finding anything different.

Of course, Akali’s group had already found this last month. If there was anything different, they would have already noticed it.

“Sir chairman, have you thought of how to get in?” Akali looked at him with an expectant look.

Xu Yi gave a sigh and shook his head.

“There’s no way, I can’t even find a slit in it. This is simply like an egg shell. But I feel that this place should be related to the pillars that we found before. As long as we can properly study the pillars, we might be able to find a way to open this thing.”

Akali was a bit disappointed, but she knew that Xu Yi was right.

“Could it be that we can only look at this thing after spending all that effort to find it?”

“That’s nothing. It’s here, it won’t run away.” Xu Yi reached his hand to pat the wall and feeling the thickness from it, he turned to Akali with a smile, “We still have time, so we can slowly study this. There’s no need to……”

Xu Yi suddenly noticed that Akali, elder Undine, and Casssandra all had shocked looks like they had just seen ghosts.

“Sir chairman, you……you……” Akali’s eyes opened wide as she pointed behind Xu Yi.

“What is it?” Xu Yi was confused as he turned around, but then he was also stunned.

In the seamless wall behind him, there was a rectangular gap that was three meters tall and four meters wide!

“It can’t be……” Xu Yi looked at this gap in shock. He could only see a tunnel leading in, but he couldn’t see anything else.

“Sir chairman, could it be that you’re from the Abyss Demon Race?” Cassandra said with a shocked look.

“Nonsense!” Xu Yi immediately shook his head, “The Abyss Demon Race already disappeared ten thousand years ago, how could I be from that race?”

Cassandra had naturally only been joking, so Akali and elder Undine didn’t think about this any further.

Elder Undine pointed at the passage revealed and said, “What do we do now? Do we go in?”

Everyone was a bit hesitant.

This place was very strange and if something dangerous was inside, they wouldn’t know how to deal with it.

Akali thought about it before gritting her teeth and walking in.

“Since we’re already here, how could we be afraid!”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and followed Akali in. At the same time he gathered his magic power and raised his vigilance.

Elder Undine and Cassandra looked at each other before following them.

Facts proved that they were too cautious.

The passage wasn’t long, only going for around ten meters. The scene in front of them lit up and an incomparably large space appeared in front of the four of them.

Xu Yi looked up and confirmed that this space was around the same as the building outside, so they should be inside this semicircular building.

In terms of volume, this was around the size of a basketball court.

However, this giant space was actually empty.

The only thing that caught everyone’s attention was the giant pillar that was in the center.

Akali didn’t hesitate to fly over and after circling the pillar for a bit, even flying up to the peak of the pillar, she came back down and said with a strange look, “This pillar……it should be the same as the ones outside, but why is it encased this much?”

“It’s not the same.” Cassandra looked at this giant pillar that was over twenty meters tall and two to three meters in diameter and denied Akali’s thoughts, “It’s at least bigger than the ones outside.”

“If I’m not wrong, this pillar should be the core, so it has to be protected.” Elder Undine gave a guess.

“Un, I agree with this speculation.” Xu Yi also said.

Akali thought about it before taking out some equipment from her storage space.

This equipment was the Investigation Magic equipment that she and elder Undine had developed with the New Moon Chamber of Commerce.

Akali pointed it at the giant pillar and a large Magic Illusion came out of the equipment.

Akali, elder Undine, and Cassandra looked at the illusion and spoke at the same time.

“It really is the same!”

“It’s the same as the pillars outside?” Xu Yi asked.

“No……not completely the same.” Akali shook her head. She seriously looked over the illusion before giving a certain nod, “Yes, there are some details that are different.”

The four looked at the illusion for a bit before sharing a look.

“Sir chairman, I’m certain that this pillar should be left by the Abyss Demon Race and it’s part of the giant Magic Array that they used to go to another world. As for the biggest pillar in front of us, this should be the core of the Magic Array.”

“This means that……as long as we start from these pillars, we can activate the Magic Array and go to another world like the Abyss Demon Race?” Cassandra asked with a shocked look.

“This……” Akali and Xu Yi looked at each other with bitter smiles before shaking their heads, “It won’t be that easy. First, the Abyss Demon Race going to another world is just a legend and no one knows if they succeeded or not. If they failed, then starting this Magic Array will be seeking our own deaths. Second, even if they did succeed, how…..should we activate this Magic Array?”

“Of course……” Cassandra opened her mouth, but she couldn’t say anything else.

Although they had explored all those ruins related to the Abyss Demon Race and guessed at some secrets, they still didn’t know anything about these pillars. How were they supposed to activate the Magic Array that they had only speculated at?

“Actually, it’s very simple.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Since the equipment can see what the situation is like in the pillars, then we can just copy it and then do our own experiments. One day, we should be able to learn the secrets hidden in these pillars.”

Akali looked at the illusion before saying in a stunned voice, “Sir chairman, although it’s not clear, the inside of the equipment should be very advanced. How can we possibly copy this?”

“How would you know if you don’t try?” Xu Yi revealed a smile.

“In the eyes of sir chairman, any problem isn’t a problem at all.” Akali rolled her eyes, “But I still have a very important problem with this. Sir chairman, we’ve been here for over a month and tried many methods, but we still couldn’t get it. Why did it suddenly open after you came? Could it be that you’ve been here before?”

Elder Undine and Cassandra also looked at Xu Yi with doubtful looks.

This question was a bit too unbelievable for them.