Above the Arctic Ocean, the Gods could not help but be a little bewildered and indignant when they heard the conversation between Athena and Yang Chen. 

He had actually mastered the unknown mysterious power, dark matter, in the universe and could ignore the space law. In that case, they would have almost no chance of winning!

It was like taking an egg and smashing it against an iron block. Despite smashing it for tens of thousands of years, the iron block might remain unscathed, not to mention that they only had one divinity. Thus, they could not possibly withstand Yang Chen’s Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning.

Yang Chen lamented, “Now, my absolute power has overridden all of you. Continuing to fight will just end in meaningless casualties. You just need to give up the Mother Tree to let the people on Earth live a peaceful life, and I will not make things difficult for you for the sake of the past we had.”

According to Meng Xiaoyao’s intention, there were two outcomes of that battle, either the Gods occupied Earth, or he killed them, nipping the Gods’ revival in the bud.

However, Yang Chen did not want to do that. Out of the sense of responsibility of a human, a husband, and a father, he could not sit back and ignore the demise of humanity, nor could he lay hands on Athena.

That was why he hoped that Athena could give up everything and settle down properly.

Regardless of whether Lin Ruoxi could return, at least, the woman’s soul could still exist.

He was clear about the power of the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning. If Athena died, the souls of Lin Ruoxi and Seventeen would be destroyed at a very early stage.

He dared not imagine how he would face Lanlan in the future if he did kill Athena. The image of the m little chubby girl blinking her big, innocent, round eyes, and asking where her mother went while looking at him appeared in his mind. Was he going to tell her that her father killed her mother with his own hands?

That mere thought caused his heart to tremble.

Yang Chen thought he had let go of many things, indifferent to many ethics, but some things were deeply rooted in him. They simply could not be changed.

To Yu Xuening, that was also the difference between Yang Chen and Meng Xiaoyao. 

Faced with Yang Chen’s admonition, most of the Gods chose to be silent.

It was not because they were willing to admit defeat, but rather because they could not think of a way to defeat Yang Chen.

At that time, Athena put down her spear gracefully, raised the giant shield, and said, “We can’t go back anymore. I’ve waited for this day for 20,000 years… It’s time to have an answer.”

Yang Chen frowned. The woman’s stubbornness was far beyond his own imagination. Even when she knew it was impossible to win, she still wanted to fight until the last moment. 

Zeus, who had been grim-faced, raised his head and said, “Yang Chen, even if you have the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning, as long as Mother Tree does not fall, we are eternal and undying! If you want to fight, then have the entire Earth’s energy as a sacrificial item for us Titan Gods!”

He then ordered the rest of the Gods to strengthen the Titan Boundary of Mother Tree, leaving him and Athena to fight to the death with Yang Chen.

Yang Chen could not help but shake his head and laughed lightly. With a hint of resignation in his voice, he said, “Why would you do this? Do you not know that I, Yang Chen, will never admit defeat if I can win the fight? I will not lose to any of you, even if you’re betting on Earth.”

“Go ahead and try then!”

Zeus grunted heavily. The huge thunderbolt in his hand flashed crazily, drawing more energy from Mother Tree, and his power had attained a whole new peak.

“The Wrath of the Gods!!!” he roared. 

In that instant, it was as if the sky had collapsed as thunder boomed.

When the thunderbolt in his hand was released from his grip, it caused violent friction to occur in the space around him, resulting in a wide range of thunder radiation.

In a flash, the whole sky was colored by the golden-blue lightning. Yang Chen’s figure was like a small black dot, lost from sight in the blink of an eye.

However, in less than a second, a black lightning pillar shot into the sky from the golden-blue thundercloud storm. 

Like a pillar piercing straight into the sky, it gradually engulfed the gold and blue lightning. 

Zeus’ eyes widened in anger, and he hurriedly recalled his thunderbolt.

However, after the thunderbolt fell back into his hand, it had become a third of its original size and length. Shockingly, it was destroyed by the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning!

Yang Chen sneered. “My Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning not only ignores your space law, but it also has the characteristic of Chaos Energy which I originally had, so it can devour your energy to turn it into my cultivation. Do you still want to send tonics to me?”

“This is outrageous!”

Zeus was livid. He originally came out of the formation full of vigor, planning to revive the gods after restoring Mother Tree.

However, he had barely begun and was already obstructed by Yang Chen. Naturally, he was furious.

At that thought, Zeus simply chose to ignore everything, brandishing the fist of the Titan God and attacking Yang Chen furiously!

Zeus' fist lightning was ferocious, with golden-blue thunder and lightning. Although the power was unrivaled, Yang Chen found it to be a non-issue because he could simply avoid it.

Yang Chen thought the Gods would not understand the gap between their powers and would not consider giving up if he did not do something impactful. Hence, he no longer intended to drag on.

A black Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning was released from his hand. Amid the void, it condensed into a massive heavenly lightning sword tens of feet long. 

Like a lightning flash, he dashed straight towards the huge head of Zeus above the clouds!

Zeus hastily stretched out his giant hand to try to block Yang Chen, but the giant sword easily penetrated Zeus’ giant palm as if it was piercing through a layer of paper. 

“Be careful!”

Hera long noticed that something was wrong. A golden light flew out of the Golden Apple Tree in her hand. It was a Golden Apple that flew into Zeus’ energy body.


A golden light shone from Zeus’ body, creating a lag the moment the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning Sword touched his head!

Zeus used that opportunity to dodge Yang Chen’s thunder strike!

“Golden Apple Tree…” Yang Chen failed to land a blow, so in a somewhat reluctant manner, he looked towards Hera and sneered. “Since you are so resistant, I shall deal with you first.”

Hera took a look and knew the situation was bad. Therefore, she hurriedly summoned another Golden Apple, which seemed to transform into Hera’s apparition, overlapping with her.

Without saying a word, Yang Chen waved his hand, and a Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning bolt fell from the profound outer space of Earth with a bang!

It was like a black dragon, devouring everything in its path, and as it continued to descend, it grew thicker and thicker until it enveloped Hera’s entire body!

Hera let out a miserable shriek uncontrollably. The Golden Apple tree in her hand tried to save her, but it could not resist Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning’s overbearing attack due to the latter being in the higher realms. Alas, it was directly turned into flakes of golden powder, which disappeared from then on.

Hera relied on the Golden Apple to offset some of the damage, and with the Mother Tree constantly supplying her energy, she finally survived, but her divinity looked incomparably weaker.

Unable to maintain the Titan form, she soon reverted to her original human form, her face pale as she tried her best to hover in the air.

The power of Yang Chen’s one strike terrified the Gods. Hera was merely struck by a Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning blast, yet she was seriously injured, and the immortal weapon was also destroyed. That made them wonder if Hera would not even have a chance to reincarnate and have her soul be destroyed if she were to be struck again. 

Worse yet, the speed of Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning was far beyond their imagination. Without Athena’s Great Prophecy, dodging the attacks would be difficult!

Just when the Gods were still at a loss, Yang Chen had already summoned several more thunderbolts, aiming them directly at the Titan Boundary of Mother Tree!

“Don’t let him break the boundary! Protect Mother Tree!” Poseidon shouted

The Gods dared not let Yang Chen break the boundary of Mother Tree, so they could only go forward to cast their techniques regardless of everything, trying to take on the heavenly lightning. 

However, the power of Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning could not be handled so easily, not even for cultivators at the peak of the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning stage. Hence, one could imagine the Gods couldn't do anything to salvage the situation. 

When the black heavenly lightning got rid of the Gods’ resistance, just like Hera, the remaining seven main Gods, all of whom had lost their Titanic bodies due to injuries to their divinities, reverted to their original forms.

It was almost impossible to continue fighting as the damage to divinity was difficult to recover without a long time of recuperation.

Yang Chen swept his gaze to the remaining Gods, Zeus and Athena, and said, “As you can see, you can’t stop me from destroying Mother Tree at all.”

Athena’s eyebrows were furrowed, and she seemed to be in some kind of contemplation.

Zeus, on the other hand, had a grim expression. Suddenly, he let out a low laugh as if amused by something absurd and stared at Yang Chen intently. “In that case, we can only fight!”