The Amber Sword - v4156p1

“Who’s that young lady?” 

Someone from the crowd asked. Everyone paused and the chattering stopped, then glanced at Babarn. “She seems to be that country bumpkin’s servant.” Babarn replied with his mind somewhere else. He was thinking of how to get her from Count Trentheim and if he would agree to it. I guess he will? He wouldn’t mind having another friend anyway. Babarn was confident about it as this friendship would come from within the empire.

The nobles were a little disappointed at the answer as she was just an insignificant person. They would’ve teased her on a normal day but they weren’t in the mood to do so now. The conversation then quickly switched back to the possibility of House Cecil hunting them down and so they started sighing again. But they didn’t succumb to the circumstances. One of them said, “This wasn’t something of our responsibility in the first place, if it wasn’t for that country bumpkin, all this wouldn’t happen.”

Everyone started agreeing to it, forgetting that they had a choice to not come at first. Veronica wasn’t in a place to rule their army and Brando only brought these burdens along because he didn’t have a choice. But those who led these nobles here had turned into frozen corpses now, but they didn’t dare blame people from House Cecil so nobody brought that up.

But everyone knew that complaining was useless. House Cecil might look for Count Trentheim and put the blame on him, but it didn’t mean that they would get out of this safely. These ‘high-up’ people wouldn’t give a shit about insignificant people like them. But someone voiced out amidst the sighing, “Maybe Till and Jon were right?” 

This assumption was like a devil’s temptation. The valley below the glacier had a moment of silence.

Everyone froze where they were and only their eyeballs moved to look around. No one dared to say anything, their faces were full of fear, shock, and unbelief. There was a little expression of hope left on their faces. Till and Jon were those two heirs of House Cecil who were frozen - of course, two out of many. As for what they said, everyone present knew if it was right or not. 

After quite some time only then someone spoke, “This… this may be the only way to go, but if it fails, we’re going to face wrath from both sides.”

“It doesn’t matter if it's from one side or both sides, we can’t die twice.” Everyone felt more bold now since someone took the lead.

"But what about the evidence?" Another person asked cautiously.

"Evidence? What evidence do we need? We are the Officer Observation Corps, WE, are the evidence," the one who spoke from the back glanced at everyone and replied grimly, "You all saw it with your own eyes, that Ash Sword Saint, who clearly was our enemy, saved her life. On what grounds? His duchy is still within the territory of the empire, will he be willing? Tthere must be some kind of conspiracy here."

In fact, everyone present felt that it was just a gentlemanly gesture by Mephisto. The Ash Sword Saint hated the Empire but he needn’t play tricks in this palace. With his character, he would only defeat enemies in an upright manner. No one refuted at the moment but someone asked, “You mean, Veronica and Mephisto conspired to restore the country?”

"But what good does it do her? It doesn't make sense, Her Majesty is not a fool." Someone shook his head.
"You're all forgetting one thing," the man pontificated, "Mephisto is the teacher of that country bumpkin Count, Veronica is close to that Count, they must have some kind of private deal."

"But how can we know the insider story of the deal? His Majesty can't just listen to our side of the story, she is the real head of the army, the empire can't do anything to her without definite evidence."
"It is because she is the army chief that His Majesty would be more suspicious. As for the inside story of the deal, it is true that we do not have evidence for it now, but we will soon."
The man looked at the direction where Scarlet disappeared, revealing his white teeth and smiled coldly.

A prismatic platform stretched across the darkness, like an island above a dark lake, with countless pathways extending from all sides, connecting to the base of this platform below.
Brando seemed to be fixed there as if someone casted a spell on him. He clearly remembered that the Devourer's Tooth rushed out of the cliff into a bottomless abyss when he looked back behind him, but now, this strange platform had appeared out of nowhere, less than 300 feet below him and the King of the Devourer's Tooth. What was this place? Absolutely no player in the game had found such a place. And how the hell did this platform appear?
Was it because he was too nervous earlier and overlooked? No, this could never be. Brando suddenly thought of something which he then coordinated his limbs and tried to climb up along the back of the giant insect. After about ten meters, he suddenly felt as if he had passed through a thin layer of something like a water screen.
This is it!

He looked back and saw the same unfathomable abyss behind him. He took a breath, and slowly returned behind the water screen. At that moment,  the scene in front of him seemed to ripple up, and when his vision regained clarity, the platform appeared in front of him once again.
No doubt that this was an illusion! There was a huge illusion hidden beneath this cliff! An uncontrollable chill went down Brando's spine. He didn't even have to think to hard to understand that the scene hidden under this illusion couldn't be any ordinary place, it must be the God's Eternal Resting Place that Korfa mentioned, the real location of the game's hidden BOSS, Surash.
But he immediately calmed down and asked himself a question. Should he go back the way he came, or should he go down and take a look? It was more logical for him to not stir up anymore trouble as the little female dragon had grabbed the star-shaped stone and Anrek's plot was completely foiled. It would be best for him to leave this place as soon as possible and look for Freya, Xi, Char and other people. After that he should go outside and wait for Veronica to rendezvous, both to eliminate the potential threat of Eruin, but also to get the Cruz people's favor. This way, it could be said to be a great profit.
But Brando looked at the 'abyss' below. There was another voice in his mind, like a devil's, telling him to go take a look. Marsha on top, how rare of an opportunity this was. Countless players have spent countless hours without finding the secret, and now it was just in front of him. He only had to turn back a few steps and the legendary BOSS would appear in front of him.

Brando took a deep breath as he took one last look at the platform. This was, after all, not in the game; here, he only had one chance, and once he made the wrong choice, he would regret it. What's more was that at this moment he was no longer alone. In this Holy Cathedral, there was Char, Metisha, and Freya waiting for him; outside the Holy Cathedral, his destiny had long been linked to everyone within the Firbur territory.
He simply understood one thing- he could not let down those who looked up to him.
Although Brando's heart was overwhelmed, he managed to finally calm down. What a pity. He turned around and climbed up along the Devourer Tooth's back.
But it was at this time that a slightly contemptuous voice sounded in his mind.
Brando froze. This wasn't Sanorso's voice. He subconsciously turned back to look for the source of the voice, but instead saw an unexpected scene. At that moment, as if right in front of him, a peculiar circle of ripples appeared across the darkness.
It was like an isolated wave of water that started at one point that gradually expanded out in all directions, and quickly passed him by.
In the space where time almost stood still.