The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 151

Coldblood Thirteen believed this was a very safe place because no one could enter here without his permission. That is why he left everything scattered in plain sight. 

Ye Lang didn’t even realise that he was trespassing either, and he wasn’t afraid of Coldblood Thirteen finding out. He picked up random objects to look at them closer, sometimes even taking them apart. This should’ve been enough to raise suspicion already

However, because Coldblood Thirteen didn’t believe someone else would dare trespass his labs, he thought he had remembered wrong. 

We can’t blame him though. He had personally spent so much effort in designing that door. He thought that even an alchemy master would never be able to enter, so why would anyone else, especially Ye Lang, be able to come in?

Therefore, he never suspected a thing and Ye Lang did whatever he wanted inside! 

After observing Coldblood Thirteen’s things for a day, Ye Lang seemed to have a basic understanding of everything. Although what Coldblood Thirteen did was very peculiar, Ye Lang could still speculate its functions and mechanisms through what he already knew. 

No one would’ve been able to look at random objects and make such accurate speculations- perhaps only Ye Lang. 

However, it wasn’t enough for him. Ye Lang still wanted to know more. It was best if he could find some sort of information library, or books, or at the very least a finished product there. 

Ye Lang finally knew what he had to look for in the third laboratory. However, at this rate, if he entered again Coldblood Thirteen would definitely find out. Then his fun would be over. 

What now? 

After deep thought, Ye Lang decided to give up on this. He was interested in many other lines of alchemy anyway, so this wasn’t an urgent matter. 

His ‘deep thought’ lasted only ten seconds. 

Just like that, Ye Lang left the second laboratory, closed the door, then left the first laboratory. He found a random room outside and fell asleep in it. 

It was after midnight. Time for bed. 

However, regular people would never sleep as he did. They’d definitely set up basic defences just in case someone wanted to hurt them. 

This was the headquarters of the Coldblood Group, almost everyone slept with defences around them. They would’ve called Ye Lang foolish for not protecting himself. 

If they told him that to his face, Ye Lang wouldn’t have cared. 

Ye Lang slept soundly through the night. The sun was high up in the sky when he rose. 


Ye Lang stretched lazily, letting out a huge yawn. 

He took a shower, changed into a clean set of clothes, then ate breakfast as if it was all very normal. 

Except it wasn’t. This wasn’t his house, so why was everything already prepared for him? Nothing was normal about this. 

Ye Lang, being his silly self, did not notice this. He thought this was how his life should be. He hadn’t had someone prepare so much for him since Tigress left. 

Then again, anyone who came to visit the Coldblood Group would receive such treatment. This was what they did as hosts. 

The people there didn’t ask about Ye Lang’s identity. Since he was there, and no one restricted his activity and was able to stay in a room without being disturbed, they assumed he was someone to be served too. 

In reality, they were making preparations to serve Coldblood Thirteen too. While Coldblood Thirteen might not show up, they still had to be prepared. 

That was why Ye Lang reacted this way…

“I’m so full! I can’t believe they serve such a feast for breakfast here…” Ye Lang rubbed his belly as if it was about to explode. 

“I’m taking a walk, it’ll be good for my digestion!” Ye Lang wanted to read for a bit but decided to take a walk because he was too full. 

He walked out of the small yard, but the main yard outside wasn’t a place anyone could loiter around.

Someone stopped him. They said where he was going. 

Ye Lang looked at the person but did not answer the question. “Hey, that’s weird. Why are you wearing normal clothes?” 

Everyone he saw here was wearing cloaks and masks yesterday, he didn’t see anyone in normal clothes. 

“I’m the butler, this is my attire. I’m not one of the members, I don’t need to, and am not qualified to wear that,” the person said politely. 

“Oh, I see,” Ye Lang nodded, “Excuse me, but I’ve got to enter.” 

“No, you can’t leave!” the butler shook his head. 

“Why?” Ye Lang asked. He didn’t understand why not. 

“They told me to watch you. We cannot let you wander off without Lord Thirteen’s permission,” said the butler. 

It was obvious Coldblood Thirteen had given instructions to watch him. He didn’t want Ye Lang to escape. 

However, he also told them not to harm Ye Lang and to treat him well. Hence, Ye Lang was an honoured guest under house arrest. 


He had no freedom but received treatment of an honoured guest! 

“Oh, really? Alright, you may watch me. I’ll be walking around here, that doesn’t count as wandering off, right?” asked Ye Lang. 

“Uh…” the butler was stunned by the question. He wasn’t sure if it was against the rules. 

“What? I’ll just walk around here. Watch me closely too, I don’t want you telling other people I wandered off just because you didn’t see me,” said Ye Lang walked passed the butler to the main courtyard. 

“Hey!” The butler ran after him to stop him, but then felt he couldn’t justify why either. He finally gave up, instead followed Ye Lang who was strolling around blindly. 

There shouldn’t be a problem as long as Ye Lang didn’t leave this courtyard. This was the headquarters of the Coldblood Group anyway, he could just shout if anything went wrong, and someone would come running. 

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