The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 215


“What why? She’s my cousin, why wouldn’t I save her?” replied the spirit girl after looking around, ensuring that they were no longer in danger.

“Cousin?!” The crowd was stunned. If Princess Longji was her cousin, then who was this lady? Why hadn’t they heard of her?

Was the Marge family related to the royal family? Did they have royal cousins? It didn’t seem like it…

Even if they didn’t know, it didn’t make sense for Princess Longji to not know either.

“Are you drunk?? I’M your cousin!!” croaked Coldblood Seven. She suspected Ye Lang had made a mistake again.

Perhaps he was drunk, and he recognised the wrong person…

“You’re the fake cousin, she’s the real cousin! But this is odd. Cousin, why are you here?” Ye Lang was also in a daze. Even he forgot that he was in the form of the spirit girl, and he’d been speaking through the spirit.

Cousin? So the ‘cousin’ he’d mention was actually Princess Longji? That was such a coincidence.

“??” Princess Longji was even more confused now. The spirit girl’s tone didn’t sound like she was lying. Then why couldn’t she recall a cousin who looked like her? And they seemed to have met before.

“Son (Mother), since when did we have a relative like this?” asked the emperor and empress dowager at the same time.

“This mean woman is my cousin? No!!” shrieked the little princess, shaking her head.

“Who’s your family now? Who’s your cousin? You can’t randomly play the relative card now…” This wouldn’t be weird if it came from Princess Longji’s lips. However, this sentence came from the spirit girl.

This matter was becoming increasingly muddled. If Princess Longji were her cousin, then the rest should naturally be her family too!

This fair maiden was quite bold too, she didn’t seem to want the emperor as her family?!

“Hey, cousin, your chest is hurt. Let me treat it…” Ye Lang crawled out, speaking with his own voice.

Another voice? Where did it come from?

Ye Lang’s voice was unexpected, the audience was stunned.

“Leave, you little troublemaker, you dare take advantage of this bitch…” blurted Princess Longji the moment she heard his voice, her attitude turning completely.

The crowd was even more shocked. Why was the princess so vicious all of a sudden, she called herself ‘this bitch’. No one had seen this side of her before.

Princess Longji finally recalled something and stopped. This voice shouldn’t appear here!

“You little troublemaker, where are you?!” Princess Longji looked everywhere, trying to spot Ye Lang.

“Here, here! I’m in front of you!!” Ye Lang had already climbed on to the spirit girl’s shoulder!!

“Where? Little troublemaker, you dare play hide and seek with me, I’ll beat you up… Hey, you… you’re tiny!!” Princess Longji finally saw Ye Lang. She pointed at him in shock.

At the same time, everyone noticed his presence too. They stared at him in shock, thinking, what was that?

“I…” Before he could speak, Princess Longji grabbed him by his shirt, holding him in the air to look closely.

“Were you playing with some alchemy thing again? Did you shrink yourself?!” said Princess Longji. She seemed to know him well.

“Heh, that’s… True…” he laughed, “Don’t grab me like this. Put me on your chest, I’ll treat your wound!”

“Go away! Nonsense, this area is not for you to touch! Speak, why are you here? Why do you have a reanimated spirit?” Princess Longji had already ignored the crowd and her own wounds. She carefully held Ye Lang with both hands.

She’d already forgotten there were people coming to assassinate her because of Ye Lang’s appearance!

“Can I not answer that…” he asked while scratching his head, embarrassed.


“Cousin, your chest is bleeding. You don’t want me to touch it, so I’ll give you this. Eat this, then apply this!” Ye Lang seemed to be changing the topic, but he also looked very worried as he stared at her wounds.

“Oh…” Princess Longji took two bottles of medicine from Ye Lang, then ate some according to his instructions. As for treating the wounds, it didn’t seem appropriate to do it here.

“Longji, be careful!” The emperor didn’t even have time to grab the bottle as he watched her swallow the pill. He was afraid that it would be poison because he still didn’t know who Ye Lang was.

It seemed like no one knew of Ye Lang’s identity other than Princess Longji!

“There’s nothing to be worried about. Father, I’m leaving, I’m hurt!” Princess Longji took this opportunity to leave, running away with Ye Lang.

However, everyone was even more confused. How would they let her off easily!!

“Longji, come back! Grandma will help treat your wounds!” The empress dowager grabbed the princess. She didn’t plan to make her stay though, she was dragging the princess out too.

“Alright, the ceremony shall end here. We need to deal with some matters!” declared the emperor. With the assassination attempt, naturally, the ceremony couldn’t proceed. He had to deal with the problem immediately.

He needed to contain everyone involved here then conduct a thorough investigation. He had to know the entire story, and who was the culprit behind the assassination. At the same time, he was curious as to which part of the family Ye Lang was from.

At the Vermillion Bird palace, within the empress dowager’s quarters, Coldblood Seven, a few Coldblood members and Prince Longguang were tied up, kneeling at the centre of the room.

The emperor glared coldly at them, asking all the questions he wanted answers to, but no one was giving any answers!

Looks like this was a job for someone else--- Ye Lang, their newest member. Ye Lang might be a good place to start, but before that, the emperor wanted to know his true identity.

Not only the emperor, even the Coldblood Seven and the rest of the team wanted to know too. They didn’t understand why he turned against them.

However, Ye Lang was brought by Princess Longji into a room. She said she wanted to apply some medicine and change her clothes and forbade anyone else from entering!

If she was changing, how could she bring Ye Lang along? Wouldn’t HE be a problem too?

“Hmmph! Let me go!” At this moment, Ye Lang was very annoyed because Princess Longji had locked him in a box, afraid he would peep.

If she was so afraid of him peeping, then why did she bring him inside?

Her answer was simple--she wanted him by her side!

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