The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 239

“Did you know? Kesha will be having a ceremony to look for a partner!” exclaimed Edward.

“What? Will they spar for her hand? That would be fun, bring me!!” said Ye Lang excitedly. He’d only read about sparring to win a lady’s hand in books but hadn’t attended one in person. He’d never let an opportunity like this go, even if it’d delay his journey by a few days.

“There’ll be a sparring segment, but that’s not the only part. There’ll be poetry, and you’ll also have to be outstanding in terms of looks and morals!” frowned Edward.

“Oh, then you won’t stand a chance!” remarked Ye Lang very directly.

“...And that’s all your fault. If it weren’t for you, my skin wouldn’t be black and I’d definitely have a chance!”

“Go away!! You weren’t very good-looking before either!!” huffed Ye Lang. He’d definitely seen Edward when he wasn’t black, but that was when…

“?? Oh, fuck off!! People were trying to kill me then! My clothes were tattered, I was bleeding everywhere- of course I wasn’t good-looking! I’ll tell you this, on regular days, I’m a handsome, valiant prince!!” Edward jutted his chin, looking very proud.

That was true. Ye Lang hadn’t seen Edward’s true appearance, but he still wasn’t sure…

“Really? When do you ever have these ‘regular days’?” he asked, narrowing his eyes at Edward. His eyes were no longer filled with suspicion, but obvious disgust now.

You dare say you were a ‘handsome prince’ looking like this? You’re just an airhead!

Everyone around them looked disgusted too!

“There are many days where I look normal… Ptui! That’s dumb, do you mean I’m not normal?!” shot Edward,

“I’ve never seen you looking normal!” uttered Ye Lang slowly.

“About that… Forget it, do you have a solution?!” sighed Edward.

“What makes you think I do? If I say yes, wouldn’t that mean I’m helping you?” asked Ye Lang, but this means…


Ah, so this guy does have a solution after all!!

“I didn’t know before, but now I’m finally sure. You don’t even try to hide a secret!” complained Edward.

“Ah, you know? I still don’t want to help you though, it’s too much effort and will delay my trip to Sheng City,” Ye Lang didn’t hide his reasons.

“Brother, nothing will happen if you leave a little later. There’s still a long time until the ranking competition starts!! You’ll be saving a life here! Without Kesha, my life would be nothing!” begged Edward tearfully, looking at Ye Lang.

“Just die then!” said Ye Lang, indifferent.

Edward ‘changed his mind’. “I don’t want to die, I want to be with Kesha!!”

“You’re so troublesome! You’re basically dead without a girl you don’t even know, might as well die!” complained Ye Lang. He thought Edward must be one of Kesha’s faraway admirers.

Edward suddenly made a face, a very melancholic expression, “If I didn’t know her, why would I risk my life to come alone? If it weren’t for you, I would’ve been killed by the robbers!”

If you thought about it, it was indeed a little strange Edward would be here alone. He looked like an aristocrat and was a young martial artist himself. People like him usually have an entourage, not sit in a carriage filled with random people.

The group of carriages that were robbed were owned by traders. Edward was just hitching a ride, he didn’t know anyone inside. That was why his capabilities were underestimated by the robbers, incurring huge costs on their side!

Why would an aristocratic martial expert be here alone? If there weren’t anything out of the ordinary, he might’ve been there to have fun and train his fighting skills.

Ye Lang never asked questions because this had nothing to do with him, nor was he interested.

Now, looks like Edward was here for Kesha!

“Would that mean you both know each other?” asked Ye Lang curiously.

“Yep! Not here though, let’s talk later!” Edward surveyed the crowd around them who were straining their ears to listen, then dragged Ye Lang back to their room.

“You can talk now! Is there something shameful happening between you both?!” asked Ye Lang once they stepped into the room, immediately shoving Edward’s arm away.

“... Shameful? We’re very pure!!” retorted Edward, a little angry.

“Oh, alright! Then tell me about the pure things between you both!”

“Why did this sound so twisted?’’ thought Edward. He didn’t have the energy to ask Ye Lang about it though.

“We were both students at Violet Academy, we’ve been in the same class since young. I remember the moment I met her for the first time. I was already deeply attracted to her. I can still remember that innocent smile… I…” Edward started to describe the history between him and Kesha.

At that point, Edward and Kesha were still young, innocent good friends who would often play and train martial arts together!

You could see a hint of warmth, nostalgic of that innocent friendship in his eyes! He would never forget that feeling for the rest of his life!

He would remember every single moment he had with Kesha…

And at that moment, Ye Lang, the audience, was thinking of something else.

Violet Academy? This sounds familiar…

Ye Lang seemed to have forgotten that Violet Academy was the top school in the Ai La Empire. They were the Soaring Sky Royal Institute of Education’s rival.

At the same time, he’d also forgotten that students from both academies once got to mingle, and he was very close with a girl from Violet Academy!

Of course, that intimate moment wasn’t what they wanted at all, and it angered them too!

Ye Lang seemed to have forgotten all of it. Perhaps he’d never remember them again, unless…

“Although we are far apart in status, it doesn’t matter. I’ll do my best to get closer, and I’ll be happy just to be by her side!” Edward continued, “If she’s happy, then I’m happy. If she’s sad, I’ll help her…”

“??” Ye Lang didn’t understand. Wasn’t it an innocent friendship? Did it suddenly turn into a crush? He knew he’d missed out on a few important parts of the conversation.

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