The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 299

That was reality. If the entire crowd of more than a hundred thousand didn’t take action but instead wait for aid, this district wouldn’t have existed and they might not have survived. 

They had to rely on themselves, they couldn’t only rely on other people! 

At the same time, we must watch who we save. Some people who were only willing to sit around and wait for help were not worth saving at all, it is the ones who want to help themselves that were worth the effort! 

“Ye Lanyu… Ah, I can’t believe she left without telling me!” after listening to Alvin, the seventh princess wanted to go watch Ye Lang treating his patients. She wanted to witness his medical abilities. Hence, she wanted to invite Ye Lanyu along- but Ye Lanyu had already left. 

She stomped her foot in anger, then ran into the mansion… To see Ye Lanyu inside! 

“...” Alvin was stunned for a moment, then followed them in. He still had to help Ye Lang with some matters. His most recent job was to be Ye Lang’s nurse. He was there to help care for the patients and perform some simple medical treatments. 

The seventh princess realised Ye Lanyu was watching Ye Lang, astonished, 

“Don’t you think Ye Lang looks so dreamy from here? He’s bringing hope to the patients, like an angel…” mused the princess, because that was what she thought. 

The seventh princess thought Ye Lanyu was thinking about this, and she only saw Ye Lang- she didn’t see anything else. 

“Little seven, say, do you think it’s possible for Tai Ya to have grown to resemble humans? Would she not have a tail?” asked Ye Lanyu in a flat tone without turning her head. 

“??” The seventh princess paused for a moment, she didn’t know what Ye Lanyu meant but answered anyway, “Tai Ya is from the tiger tribe, how would she grow into a human? No matter how much makeup she applies, she won’t be able to hide her tail!” 

“Then tell me, is that girl next to my brother, the one almost as perfect as me, Tai Ya?” Ye Lanyu pointed at Little Xin standing behind Ye Lang, not forgetting to give herself a compliment. 

In the past, the princess would definitely have been disgusted and at the same time a little envious of Ye Lanyu’s good looks. Ye Lanyu was definitely pretty enough to be proud of her own looks. 

However, the princess didn’t have the time. After noticing Little Xin, she too was stunned, “How… How can she be Tai Ya? She doesn’t have a tail, no ears, and her face is completely different. I think she looks similar to you, is she your sister?” the seventh princess denied the possibility of the girl being Tigress. However, she easily pointed out that Ye Lanyu’s shadow was in Little Xin, and it felt as if Little Xin had a few of her own features too. 

“She’s definitely not my second sister. Although I haven’t seen my second sister in a while, it’s impossible for her to change this much!” Ye Lanyu shook her head. 

“Then who is she?” 

Ye Lanyu thought for a moment. “Little Xin!” 

“Who’s Little Xin?” 

“How would I know? Let’s go ask the idiot. I wonder where he picked up such a pretty girl!” waved Ye Lanyu as she continued to walk forward. She knew the name Little Xin only because Alvin had mentioned it. 

The princess followed suit and arrived to stand next to Ye Lang. 

At this moment, Ye Lang was still examining Chen Pi’s mother, his face full of concentration. The girls didn’t disturb them- they still had this much courtesy. 

“Not much of a problem! Alvin, apply one No.3 dogskin patch on the seventh vertebrae, where there is a dip in her back. After you’ve done that, let Mr Chen Pi take a look, give him 6 pieces! The patch can be used for 7 days. Mr Chen Pi, help your mother change the patch after seven days.”

“Also, I suggest you stay here to rest. It will benefit your mother the most!” said Ye Lang very professionally. 

However, Ye Lang’s professionalism made it sound too simple. Chen Pi had met so many doctors, none of them didn’t give such simple instructions- this was just 7 patches of some medicine he’d never heard of! 

And what was a dogskin patch? Why hadn’t he heard of it? 

To be fair, he hadn’t heard of it because there was no such medicine as a dogskin patch 

Dogskin patches were general terms for patches of medicine applied externally, on the skin. It didn’t refer to one specific type of medicine. However, over time, it got its horribly sounding name from the medicine & herb conmen in the streets.

In some ways, dogskin patches were better than internal medicine. That was because there was a very low chance of getting any side effects from external application. 

Then again, with Ye Lang’s knowledge of alchemy and with him being from another world, this dogskin patch would definitely be different from the rest! 

Ye Lang’s patches consisted of the medicine, the ‘dogskin’- the fabric or leather that makes up the patch- and the alchemy formation he’d drawn on it. 

These alchemy formations were meant to increase the effectiveness of his medicine, and had their own healing properties too! 

They were of course not etched on by Ye Lang himself. He let his people do trivial work like this. Other than some rare or special formations, this didn’t require Ye Lang to do it personally. 

What Ye Lang had to do was to figure out how to use these patches in treatment! 

Doctors didn’t need to make their own medicine, they only need to tell people how to use them. “Doctor, is that it?” asked Chen Pi suspiciously. 

“Yep! You should cook something warm for your mother. You don’t have to get the expensive herbs, just something nutritious like chicken soup,” nodded Ye Lang. He didn’t sense Chen Pi’s suspicion, he thought Chen Pi was asking for more advice. 

“Please don’t question the doctor. Just do as he says! Your first task is to follow me inside. I’ll demonstrate once, then you’ll be helping your mother after this,” said Alvin. He opened the door to a room, gesturing for Chen Pi to carry his mother inside. 

It wasn’t appropriate for them to help stick the patch on his mother’s back in front of everyone, they had to pull up her shirt later. That was why they had a separate room for privacy. 

Chen Pi stopped talking. Since that was what the doctor said, he was just going to follow his instructions. He wasn’t a man of many opinions anyway. He carried the old woman inside. 

“Place her there, then lift her shirt up!” said Alvin, pointing to a patient’s stage while taking out a patch. 

Chen Pi didn’t think much of it. He helped his mother lie face down on the stage, then lifted her top. 

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