The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 333

“The matter has been settled, what else do you want? It was just an accident,” Feng Xing frowned. He didn’t understand what these people meant. He’d already said it was an accident, what more did they want? 

“What accident? It’s obviously his fault,” someone pointed at Ye Lang. 

“Sir said it was an accident!” Feng Xing’s tone sounded final, as if no one else was allowed to object. 

Unfortunately, the rest did not interpret that from his tone. They continued raising questions, especially Edward, “Lord Feng Xing, didn’t you say you didn’t believe something just because of what someone said? Well if that is the case, why are you taking him at his word?” 

Feng Xing turned to Edward. He was annoyed and now had a hint of mockery, “If it were someone else, I would consider not taking them for their word. However, if it was this gentleman here, I wouldn’t need to consider at all. He would never lie, and he doesn’t need to lie!” 

“Why wouldn’t he lie? And why doesn’t he need to?” asked Edward. Why did Feng Xing say such a thing? This didn’t seem to align with their code of honour. 

Light Riders had to stick to their code of honour, to be fair and just. How could he favour one person like this? 

“Because he’s sir, he would never lie! And he doesn’t need to because even if he did it deliberately, we would never question him!” came Feng Xing’s light reply. 

“Why?” Edward and the rest didn’t understand. 

“Because he’s sir, and that is enough!” Feng Xing sounded each word slowly. And at the same time, the rest of the guards and riders agreed too. 

“??” The crowd was more puzzled. 

“Why does this sicko receive such a treatment here? All because he’s the Ye family’s thirteenth prince?” grumbled Fei, also puzzled. 

“You’re all obviously protecting him! Your explanations aren’t even convincing,” Edward and the rest showed no signs of backing down. 

“What has me being convincing have anything to do with you? This is Sheng City! Also, I know other people would believe him too!” Feng Xing frowned at him, now with a little disgust. This was Sheng City, not Edward’s territory. 

“Believe him?! No one would believe him other than you!” Edward didn’t realise what the Rider had meant. 

However, what he didn’t expect was other people to speak up right when he ended his sentence…

“I do!”

“I believe him!” 

“Me too!”

Shouts of agreement came from the group of students from the Royal Institute and Ye Academy. It was something everyone didn’t expect. 

“Ah…” Edward stared blankly at them, his mouth wide open in disbelief. 

“Why? Why would you believe him?” 

“Because he’s the Ye family’s thirteenth prince…” Almost everyone gave the same answer, which was a very puzzling answer. 

So both Feng Xing and this bunch of people all gave the same reason, along the lines of ‘because he’s him’. 

Only the ones who didn’t personally know Ye Lang were confused. The rest understood. 

“Ye family’s thirteenth prince? Which Ye family?” Edward didn’t know who Ye Lang really was. 

“Soaring Sky… No, we should say… Wait, what should we say? Ye City’s Ye family? But that’s not right… Whatever, he’s just from the Ye family!” someone attempted to explain but realised they were unable to fully explain the Ye family’ situation and which kingdom they belonged to. 

“Ye family… So he’s THAT Ye Lang…” some people understood, but the rest including Edward still didn’t. Why did they think Ye Lang was trustworthy?

Someone raised the question. 

“Why? Because he never lies!” almost everyone answered. 

“Never? How is that possible, he once tricked some people…” interrupted Edward immediately, but he forgot Ye Lang tricked those people to help him. 

“Tricking is one thing, telling a lie is another!” said someone. 

What? Didn’t tricking people mean the same thing as telling a lie? 

While it sounded odd, everyone was used to having such contradictions exist whenever something involved Ye Lang. 

They believed Ye Lang would trick someone, and he must’ve had his reasons then, but he would never lie! 

And that was the contradiction! 

“Alright, alright let’s not discuss any further. The final conclusion is that I believe him! And the entire Sheng City will too!” Feng Xing didn’t want to drag the matter any longer. 

His tone made it very final, and Feng Xing already dragged the entire city into this. Whoever who still wanted to argue would be very dumb. 

This also showed the attitude of the entire city towards Ye Lang! 

“I didn’t expect Ye Lang to be so influential in this area, what did he do? Do you think he’s that confused genius doctor?” 

They started to speculate… The existence of the confused genius doctor was already a very shocking story, and if they put Ye Lang and the doctor’s name together… It was unbelievable! 

However, no matter what, Ye Lang now had a very powerful group of people backing him once again, and such a unique group too. He was a very lucky kid! 

Lady Luck, you’re spoiling him! 

“Ye Lang! Give me my feathers back!!” Black-Winged Girl and Second Sister finally appeared. She hadn’t noticed the awkwardness in the air, fully focused on getting her feathers back. 

The girl’s appearance changed the atmosphere very suddenly. While it wasn’t tense as before, it was still awkward. The girl was already a spectacle herself, why was Ye Lang involved now? 

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