The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 389

“Sword of Wind!” 

Edward gathered his douqi, a gust of strong wind came roaring as he danced with his sword. Very quickly, the fog was blown away by the wind and his vision was cleared once again. 

Edward and Kesha were stunned for a moment because the first thing they saw was ice and fire flying across the skies. They suddenly felt fear in their hearts. They might lose this battle. 

At the same time, the other two magicians had the same thought. Their powers were far less spectacular than their opponents. With the current mood of the team, Ye Lanyu and the princess would win again. 

However, something surprising happened! 

“Flowing Cloud Blade!” 

Within the icy prison came a blast of fire. A sword, still ablaze, had slashed down the wall of the cage and was now charging directly at Ye Lanyu’s team, ready to unleash more magic. 

“?!” Ye Lanyu and the princess gasped. They didn’t expect the ice cage to be broken, especially not for Fei to send an attack the moment she broke free.

There was no time to think. The white-hot blade of fire was too dangerous. Anyone would die or get very, very hurt if they touched this blade. 

“Shield of Ice and Fire!” 

Ye Lanyu and the princess released the strongest defence magic they both had. Even a Tian Heavenly fighter would not be able to break this shield in a short period of time. 


The fiery sword slashed down unto the shield of ice and fire, a deafening ring echoing upon impact. Its vibrations shook the entire arena, you could imagine how strong the impact was. 

At the same time, Ye Lanyu and the princess witnessed the terror of the fire blade when they saw a huge crack down their shield! 

Fei leapt gracefully out of the ice prison, her entire being ablaze. Her eyes, now resembling a demon, seemed to also burn. She pointed her sword in the air, slashing it down again. 

“Flowing Cloud Blade!” 

The same gust of power came down once again. It was obvious the shield would crumble if it was hit once again! 

Ye Lanyu and the princess understood this, dismissing the shield in a second. A fire and ice angel materialised before both of them, both angels the same size as themselves. One was the fiery angel like the one the seventh princess previously used, another was an ice angel. 

They were both childhood friends who grew up together after all. They had so much chemistry their hearts were almost connected. Although they didn’t have the same attributes, their magic styles were still very similar. 

The seventh princess had the fire dancer while Ye Lanyu had her ice angel. Ye Lanyu had on her ice angel armour while the princess had a similar fire suit of armour. 


The angels barreled straight at Fei, who was still smoking, in attempt to knock her over. 

“Dance of Fire and Clouds!” 

Fei unleashed a similar attack, but her gestures now much faster. She could still counter every attack sent by the angels easily. 

Each angel hovered mid-air around Fei, then charging ahead again to knock her over with their invincible bodies. Unless Fei could completely cut off the root of their magic, they would exist forever as long as Ye Lanyu and the princess had enough magical energy. 

However, while the two angels could occupy Fei for the moment, they couldn’t harm Fei. Ye Lanyu and the princess still had to figure out a way to defeat Fei. 

Unfortunately, there were four more people they had to tackle, not just Fei! 

With the four of them, Ye Lanyu and the princess were at a disadvantage in terms of numbers… Unless they decided to wait and watch the fight. 

This didn’t seem possible though. While the two girls were a lot more powerful than Fei together, they still needed more time. Their opponents weren’t idiots either, they would never wait for Ye Lanyu to defeat Fei! 

“If not now, then when? Let’s go!” Edward sprinted towards Ye Lanyu and the princess, his sword straight at Ye Lanyu. 

Kesha followed suit under Edward’s leadership. The two magicians rushed to solve Fei’s problem.

The tables had turned now that Fei had broken free from the ice cage. Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess were now occupied with defence now, they were no longer in control of the fight and couldn’t attack. 

However, while they were losing control, they still knew how to catch opportunities. They attacked every time there was a gap in their opponents’ defence, and the opposing team was slowly panicking! 

On the other hand, the two girls complemented each other perfectly, their opponents couldn’t find any opportunity to hurt them. The fight slowly fell into a stalemate! 

“Ice and Fire. These girls will be a terrifying team in the future!” This was what the audience thought. The seamless teamwork the girls had was shocking. 

At the same time, their partnership exposed all the weaknesses of the opposing team. If only Fei’s team had the same chemistry, they would’ve won the fight a long time ago! 

The audience could tell Fei’s team was far stronger than Ye Lanyu’s in terms of strength. However, the girls could still hold the fort with their perfect partnership. 

“The opponent’s fire swordsgirl is also very strong…”

Other than Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess, Fei’s strength also attracted a lot of attention. She was the brightest aside from Ye Lanyu and the princess. 

“Ye Lanyu, we might lose if we continue fighting like this. Should we get Ye Lang to help us?” asked the seventh princess as she released a fireball. She believed Ye Lanyu would think the same. 

Even if Ye Lang wasn’t there to hurt anyone, he was still very capable of causing inconvenience and chaos. He could toss a random alchemy item over and their team would panic. That would be a good opportunity to hit them. It would make the battle a lot easier. 

However, this thought was fleeting because it was immediately rejected by Ye Lanyu, “Help? Let him play, it’s fine if we lose!” 

“Yeah, if we lose, we lose! It doesn’t matter!” the seventh princess smiled, then turned to her opponents. 

Fei very quickly found an opportunity to shake off the ice and fire angels. She leapt up at lightning speed, attacking Ye Lanyu and the princess from the skies once again. 

“Clouds of Fire!”

Huge clouds of fire came pressing down from the skies. 

“Ice pyramid!” 

Ye Lanyu cast a very strong magic, creating an ice pyramid. She let one of the fire clouds hit it, blasting a hole. There were no more clouds in their immediate radius. At the same time, the pyramid was now flying at Fei… If Fei was still in the air. 


Ye Lanyu realised Fei wasn’t in the sky, she suddenly couldn’t find where Fei was…

Fei’s clouds of fire weren’t to attack, they were a defence to hide herself, to protect herself from the next fatal blow she was about to use...

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