The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 404

“Stay right there!” roared Mia. There was more than one person shouting now, the shout included Ye Lanyu, the seventh princess and Second Sister, all who did not want to see Ye Lang slip away like that. 

“What now…” Ye Lang stopped. At least he still listened to Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess. 

“Sit right there, we haven’t even begun… Sigh, I didn’t expect you both to end the fight before we start!” sighed Ye Lanyu, though her tone was weird. She was still in shock from what just happened. 

“Ye Lang, when did you pluck my feathers?” Mia flew to Ye Lang’s side. She had already decided to pester him wherever he went. 

“Huh, I did not pluck your feathers…” Ye Lang shook his head, refusing to admit this. 

“Stop lying, what I sense will never be wrong! The Winged Race can sense the condition of their own feathers!” Mia was still flying next to Ye Lang, her feet not touching the ground. She floated mid-air. 

Mia looked exceptionally beautiful, an ethereal magnificence. She attracted a lot of attention--- including Ye Lang’s! 

All Ye Lang wanted to do now was to hide, his face full of guilt. It was too easy to see what he was thinking! 

“Tell me!” Mia chased him. 

“That net was used to capture nine-headed birds. This net has something to numb your senses, then it tugged at your feathers a bit. It was an accident, I didn’t do it on purpose! It was because of the net!” Ye Lang blamed everything on the net, declaring that it was an accident. 

“Accident my ass! I knew you were up to something! You wanted to steal my feathers during the fight, and then call it an ‘accident’, right?” accused Mia. 

“Ah, how did you know?” asked Ye Lang, stunned. He was now admitting to his crimes. 


So she was right after all. He was always after her feathers. Sigh, poor Mia…

“...Give them back!” 

“No! It was an accident and I picked them up!” 

“They’re still mine if you picked them up! Give them back!” 

“Ah, I didn’t pick anything up. Did you see me pick anything up?” 


Ye Lang was playing games now, finally settling on a blatant lie. No one saw him anyway, and there was no evidence. He could lie recklessly now! 

“You’re a liar!” 

“Innocent until proven guilty!” Ye Lang said solemnly as if he believed it. 


In the end, Mia could only accept her terrible fate. She couldn’t convince Ye Lang to return her feathers. She swore she would never like him! 

“Little Seven, let’s begin!” Ye Lanyu ignored the bickering and started what they needed to do: fight Second Sister. 

This was the first time Ye Lanyu battled her sister, also her first time seeing her sister in action. All her life, she never had the opportunity to watch her second sister or eldest brother use their abilities because they spent very little time together and there was no occasion to. 

“Combined Magic: Ice and Fire!” shouted Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess at the same time, holding hands. 

Something peculiar was happening in front of the girls. A white-hot pillar of flame shot up from the ground, then another pillar of orange ice. The two kinds of pillars started to emerge from the ground across the arena. 

“Combined magic?” Second Sister hesitated for a moment then immediately formed a shield of water, shouting, “Be careful, go…”



Two girls were knocked up into the air by fire and ice. They too had defences up but they did not anticipate the attack to be this powerful. 

Only another girl and Second Sister were fortunate enough to protect themselves. 

This was not something anyone expected-- two have two elite fighters eliminated almost immediately after the start of the battle. 

To be fair, if this wasn’t a competition, they wouldn’t be considered ‘eliminated’ from the fight. They were still able to fight after landing, relatively unscathed. 

Unfortunately, they were not able to fight because this was a competition and they had landed on the bleachers! 

This was something Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess had already discussed before the fight. They were going to blast everyone out of the field to win the competition--- they were going to use the competition rules to their advantage. 

Some call it cheating, others call it being smart and adaptable! 

“I didn’t expect a combined magic technique at all! Looks like I’ll have to re-evaluate my impression of the both of you!” frowned Second Sister. 

This combined magic technique combined the magical powers of two people to form a whole new type of magic instead of merely combining forces to attack the opponent. 

Combining forces wasn’t difficult but integrating two kinds of magic was. One must first find the perfect partner with the perfect chemistry for this or the magic might backfire. 

The number of people who could use this technique on the mainland was fewer than a hundred, and none of the pairs had such opposite elements like ice and fire. 

“One plus one will always be more than two, our little brother told me that,” said Ye Lanyu with a chuckle. 

Ye Lang was involved in the formation of this technique too. No one knew if he was doing it for fun or seriously, but he decided to guide the two girls in perfecting this technique. 

“You both may know how to combine your magic but that doesn’t mean we’ll lose!” Second Sister smiled, a trickle of water circling her being like a floating silk scarf. 

“Second Sister is a water attribute!” it seemed like it was the first time Ye Lang had heard of this. Although Ye Lanyu had never seen her second sister train, she knew she was a water attribute. She'd inherited this quality from Ruan Lian’er and Ye Chengtian. 

Ye Lanyu also knew their eldest brother inherited their father’s double-attribute characteristic: fire and water. However, he preferred using fire magic because it was more destructive. 

Double-attribute fighters may not use both kinds of magic all the time. A person’s energy was limited after all. Specialising in one kind would be a lot better than cultivating two kinds of skills at the same time. 

It looked like only Ye Lanyu inherited Long Anqi’s ice attribute! 

“The Ocean Meets Sky!” under Second Sister’s command, a huge wave poured from the sky. Yep, a huge wave materialised from nothing! 

The wave pounded unto the ground, which was scattered with ice and fire, drowning them all… But everyone soon witnessed a strange phenomenon. They realised the white flames were not from extreme heat, they were extremely cold. Water turned to ice the instant it touched the pillars of flame. 

On the other hand, the orange ice was in fact extremely hot. Water evaporated instantly as it touched the pillars of ice...


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