The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 408

“I was saying goodbye to Xuan Yuanbing. She’s here to send me off since she doesn’t have anything else going on,” he explained slowly. 

“Oh, you’re here too,” said Ye Lanyu very casually as if she’d just noticed Xuan Yuanbing’s presence. 

Xuan Yuanbing didn’t care. Instead, she looked at the carriage and said, “Only one carriage? It’ll be very uncomfortable for him to squeeze in there with all of you.”

“All of us? He’s the only one leaving. We’re all staying to network with the warriors and magicians and whatnot,” answered Ye Lanyu. 

“??” Xuan Yuanbing was stunned for a moment. She thought Ye Lanyu and the rest would be leaving with him. 

She didn’t know that all students would stay for approximately one month after the end of the competition. This was when students would network, make friends and talk about their interests. 

Other than networking among the participants, this was also where powerful people recruited talents. They would target youth with potential and yet had no current affiliations with other powers and make negotiations. 

However, this time it was held at Sheng City so they had to watch their boundaries. Headhunting was only done in a much quieter manner this year. 

At the same time, Sheng City was also in contact with people who had talents the city lacked for technical support. 

No matter what, all this was unrelated to Ye Lang and he had zero interest in everything. The only thing he wanted was to quickly leave for the tiger race tribe lands. This time, he was determined to arrive and not get distracted by anything else. 

“Remember to take care of yourself. Say hi to Tai Ya for us, and it would be best if you could bring her back. We’ll be less worried with her by your side.” This was the last thing Ye Lanyu told Ye Lang.

“I know, I will,” Ye Lang nodded then entered the carriage. He was planning on upgrading Little Xin’s functions. 

The journey would be long, he would be very bored if he had nothing to do. After reading books from the Sacred Religion’s library, he seemed to have gained inspiration and wanted to experiment on Little Xin. 

What Ye Lang did attracted the attention of the coachman who thought Ye Lang and Little Xin were doing something inappropriate in there. However, he made no comments because that was their business and he was only there to do his job. 

We can’t blame the coachman either. Ye Lang had taken off Little Xin’s clothes for his upgrading work, hence the lewd imagery. 

In addition, the coachman did not see the entirety of Little Xin and what was going on inside, it was only something he vaguely noticed. 

Ye Lang’s attention was fully focused on working on Little Xin, hence he did not do anything else and they successfully made it to the beastmen tribelands. Their carriage threaded through various tribelands, approaching the tiger race’s tribe. 

What Ye Lang didn’t know was that many people were surprised to know he had left Sheng City because there were no signs that he was leaving. Many regretted not being able to send him off and they didn’t know when they would meet him again. 

This included the Light Doctors, Light Alchemists, Light Riders and many of the religious staff. A few girls were particularly upset about this. 

“What? That sicko is gone?” Fei was stunned for a moment then raged, “We haven’t settled our fight yet, and he LEFT? I’ll never let him go the next time we meet.”

“Sir left?” Arwen, who was still helping out at the House of Confusion was also stunned. She felt a surge of emotions, wondering when was the next time she would be able to see Ye Lang again. She knew the chances of it were very, very small. 

Ye Lang entered the carriage again like any other day, about to hurry on his journey ahead. However, today was different because he had already completed Little Xin’s upgrading work so there was nothing left for him to do. 

“I’m so bored, why aren’t we there yet… I should take a look at my tools…” Ye Lang took out some of his alchemy tools for maintenance and repair, then making upgrades to kill time. 

Just when he was bored, the carriage stopped suddenly. 

“What’s going on?” Ye Lang opened the windows to check the outside. He saw a group of beastman surrounding his carriage. 

This group wasn’t made up of just one tribe, many different kinds of beastmen were present. Although they looked different, they shared one thing in common--- they were all strong and muscular. 

Strong, muscular beastman. What did they want? Was this a robbery? 

This would be the first thing anyone would think. Although it was rare to hear of beastmen robbers, they existed too. 

Was Ye Lang THAT unlucky to meet a group of robbers yet again? 

“May I ask, what’s the matter?” Ye Lang asked politely as he got off the carriage. He had to ask about their intentions first and be courteous no matter what. 

“Our sincere apologies to this gentleman of the human race, we are having a meeting here so outsiders are not allowed in. Please wait a few days, you may enter once the meeting is over,” the beastman replied respectfully. 

The coachman confirmed that these were not robbers, he was just unfortunate enough to arrive when they were having a meeting and he had no choice but to stop. 

He had heard of the beastman’s meetings too. There was one major meeting of tribes once every few years to discuss issues they had between themselves. 

They were usually regional meets though, he had never heard of all the tribes present in a meeting before. There was only one possibility-- it was time for the Festival of the Beast Gods which happened once a century. This was when the head of every tribe met at the rumoured City of the Beast Gods. 

Why rumoured? Well, no outsiders knew exactly where the city truly was and no humans had been either. 

Only a small portion of the beastmen had been there and it was a well-kept secret. 

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