The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 59

“What kind of medicine did you use? What kind of potion did you soak her in? How did you make her look so stunning in such a short time? How’s her skin so white and delicate?” bombarded Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess. They cared a lot, but of course, they only wanted the potion to lose weight and for skincare. 

These two were sharp and intelligent. They had long figured out that even if a person could lose weight, from more than 200 kilograms to less than 100 in twenty days, such high-intensity weight loss would leave this person’s skin to be full of wrinkles.

Okay, even if you let this go, Zhen Xiaoyan’s skin didn’t use to be this good either. It wasn’t bad, but it was nothing compared to her present self. This was a noticeable change. 

It wasn’t just her skin, even her hair went through a major transformation!

“Well, this is my secret recipe. I accidentally made it in the past and never experimented with it since. Fatty’s the perfect specimen!” chucked Ye Lang.

“...” Everyone was quiet.

“So you used her as an experiment? What if it wasn’t successful?” Ye Lanyu smacked Ye Lang.

“What? If she hadn’t taken the risk, she definitely wouldn’t have succeeded. The results concluded that my potion was very effective!” said Ye Lang casually.

“Well, it was effective!” Just when everyone started to nod and agree with one another, Ye Lang followed with a sentence that made everyone immediately take back their statement.

“It’s just, I don’t know if there are any after-effects. Maybe after a few days, her body will change back, or maybe her body will become weird…” said Ye Lang. He said it without conscience. 

“...” Everyone stayed quiet. You needed a lot of courage to work with a person like Ye Lang, especially if it concerned your body.

“Forget it, let’s talk later. I’m going to sleep, I’m exhausted,” yawned Ye Lang. It was clear he was exhausted.


Just like that, Ye Lang casually explained the whole thing. He said his role in this was extremely small, not only because he did not want to take credit, but it was also because he used the art of healing from the martial arts treasury. He did not want to explain it to the others, nor was it easily explainable. 

If it was just medicine, he could just use alchemy to make it. As said before, it was a kind of medicine he accidentally made. No one would doubt this because knowing alchemy was a very special ability, anyone would believe you if you said you made a magical medicine.

Ye Lang didn’t just use potions though. Well, Zhen Xiaoyan required a massive transformation.

Ye Lang also used the most amazing skill among Chinese medicine, and his expertise — acupuncture!

He used acupuncture to change the settings of Zhen Xiaoyan’s body, temporarily blocking her absorption functions. 

This way, she would become thin in the shortest time possible. 

But doing that had some serious consequences as this brought a lot of stress to her body and may leave some after-effects in the future.

Ye Lang was not joking when he spoke about the after-effects previously, it was true!

And this was only just acupuncture, there were other consequences and after-effects too. Zhen Xiaoyan’s body was currently like beautiful glass, extremely fragile.

Did Ye Lang hide something from Zhen Xiaoyan? Why else would she consent to that?

No, not at all. Ye Lang was completely honest, telling Xiaoyan all the possibilities and consequences honestly before they even started.

Zhen Xiaoyan had a choice. She could have rejected it, but she didn’t. Her reaction was also unexpected.

Ye Lang remembered, he warned —

“Fatty, think this through. I could transform you into a stunning girl, making you the most beautiful girl in a crowd. This might only be temporary though, and the after-effects may be out of my expectations. It might ruin your life and you might spend the rest of your life regretting it. You learn alchemy, so you should understand!”

Although there was a huge difference in Ye Lang’s healing skills and alchemy skills, he knew applying alchemy in medicine could have severe after-effects. Everyone knew that. Zhen Xiaoyan learned alchemy so she knew that better than others. 

Zhen Xiaoyan smiled, then said with a calm but firm tone, “I know, but I won’t regret it!”

At that time, Ye Lang gave Zhen Xiaoyan many different choices, choices that would not harm her body. But she chose the hard way.

By doing so, only then could she feel like she really won on her own. 

Ye Lang’s other choices were some tricks up his sleeves, and only this choice involved no tricks.

She hoped her love was real, without tricks; she hoped her love was pure, without flaws!

This was what many girls dreamt of. They often made stupid decisions just to achieve this goal, just like Zhen Xiaoyan. She was not the first girl to do stupid things for love, not the last one, nor would she be the only one!

Of course, she knew it would be the hardest way, this path would bring her a lot of pain. It could bring her harm she probably wouldn’t be able to fix later on, but she chose it without a single doubt.

Even if it was only for a while, all she wanted was to experience true happiness, even if the cost may be suffering for the rest of her life!

Some might think she was a fool to trade her life for a mere moment, but she did it without any regrets. Ye Lang shook his head and sighed — a silly woman!

Just when Ye Lang was about to leave, Zhen Xiaoyan, who was still staring at Moya in a close range, noticed Ye Lang. It seemed in moments like these, she still cared about Ye Lang’s whereabouts. 

“Ye Lang, where are you going?” Zhen Xiaoyan left Moya behind immediately and chased after Ye Lang. 

This left everyone stunned. What was Zhen Xiaoyan doing? She should focus on being in love with Moya, it was not her concern where the prodigy was going.

In the end, did you care more for this prodigy? Or did you care more for your lover?


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