The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 596

It was all true. The information on Li Yue and the Ye family’s thirteenth prince was all true. The Tanlang Military Group was just unlucky. They could have bullied anyone, yet they chose to provoke this kid. 

After reading, Grand Marshal Li immediately said, “Your Majesty, I am willing to personally lead an army to capture the northern region. If anyone resists…”

Just as what Zhao Yarou said, it was a good opportunity!

“If they resist, kill them!” she said coldly. The cold, violent aura radiated suddenly, everyone felt chills. 

“Understood!” Grand Marshal Li nodded.

It looked like the Tanlang group was about to go extinct today and the northern region would finally be under their control once again. The empress was in luck.

“I have such a great brother-in-law! You’re really Lady Luck’s favourite son, you have given me such an amazing gift!” Zhao Yarou chuckled to herself. Everyone heard her too.

But they ignored it because they did not want to mention him in front of her. Even if he had just helped her. 

That was because they weren’t sure when her mood would change again. Then there would be trouble! 

There were countless instances of this- the day Ye Lang escaped had been a bad day for many people. 

After that, they discussed military matters. Although they had to leave immediately, they could not be reckless. Everything had to be planned out first. 

Many departments had to be coordinated because it was the machinery of an empire. Everyone working on the same page was necessary for the best results. 

“Urgent… Urgent report from the north…”

Just as they discussed, there was another urgent report. 

“What is it!” Zhao Yarou furrowed her brows. What was it again? Was it about Ye Lang again…

The handmaiden quickly passed the report over. After reading the report, Zhao Yarou was stunned for a moment. 

“That’s, that’s impossible. How is this possible? Hahaha… Ye Lang, you’re a miracle… Hahaha…”

She was initially shaking her head in disbelief but then let out a burst of laughter, her composure gone. Everyone was stunned. They had never seen her like that. What happened? 

What was this psychotic empress thinking now? Was she going insane? Should they leave…

“Uh, Your Majesty, what’s the matter?” Grand Marshal Li asked, concerned. 

“Good news, I’ve got very good news! Grand Marshal Li, looks like you won’t have to spend so much of your effort. Also, please bring a few administrative ministers there too. We will change all the important leaders of the area immediately,” she said with a smile. 

“?? Administrative ministers? Is that too soon? We can do that after everything stabilises.” Grand Marshal Li didn’t understand. He was expecting at least a few battles. Stabilising the north was still no easy task. 

This report only gave them an opportunity, it was not something immediate. And this situation could last for years. 

“No, no need! There’s no need for that! Tanlang’s main branch of more than a hundred thousand, plus Moji, one of the leaders, have been killed in a patch of grasslands by Ye Lang,” said Zhao Yarou excitedly. 


It was as if her words were an atomic bomb, everyone almost had a concussion from the bomb. How was that possible?

However, Ye Lang had prior reputation- plus Zhao Yarou said so. They had no choice but to believe it. 

“Your Majesty, is that true? Their main branch of one hundred thousand soldiers, plus their leader were all killed by Ye Lang alone?” Grand Marshal Li asked, shaken.

“Yes!” she nodded with a smile. Her excitement had vanished but her mood was still visibly great. 

“How? Alchemy?” he asked. That was he only thought. Ye Lang was an alchemy prodigy, he must have used some powerful alchemy technique. 

Yep, alchemy was the only possibility! 

Everyone agreed. However, they didn’t expect the answer to be…

“No! Not alchemy! He played music!” she smiled, creating suspense. She must really be in a very good mood. 

“What? Music? What does that mean?” Everyone did not understand. Could he kill an army like that?

“Yep! He played a musical instrument. Don’t ask me that, I don’t know how playing a musical instrument can kill. Maybe he’s just horrible at it,” she said with a grin. Zhao Yarou rarely made jokes like that. 

It did not matter if it was true. They didn’t ask either, for it was unnecessary. If it was fake, it meant she didn’t want to tell them. So they shouldn’t ask questions. 

Very quickly, they returned to the original topic. They had to remake their plans because the situation had changed. 

Over the next few days, to the oblivion of the rest of the mainland, Zhao Yarou’s army had destroyed the entire Tanlang Military group. The ones who obeyed orders were split up while the rest who resisted were killed. 

In a short period of time, the fifth largest military group in Soaring Sky was extinct, they were history! 

Soaring Sky Empire, or more specifically Zhao Yarou, finally gained control of the entire empire. This was a very meaningful event to her, and all thanks to Ye Lang. 

It looked like this visit to Soaring Sky had benefited Zhao Yarou the most. Perhaps she had to thank him one day. 

No one knew if she would! 

Ye Lang only prayed that Zhao Yarou would be nicer to him. She should just do her job as the empress. She was good at it anyway! 

As Zhao Yarou sent her army to the north, Ye Lang was already long gone from the empire. He was heading to the tiger tribe lands with Li Yue. They would arrive in less than ten days. 

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