The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 644

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In this game, the referees had the toughest job. They had to go remind each eliminated member of the red team that they were not part of the game anymore. 

“Snap out of it!! Go in!!” 

The prince roared at the frozen members of the red team. The prince led the team into the building as if he had forgotten that he shouldn’t be speaking to them anymore. 

“Your highness, remember that you are eliminated now!” reminded the referee. 

“Oh…” The prince got back to his senses and asked, “Is it fine for me to go in and have a look?”

“It is fine but no talking!” said the referee. 

“That I know, I’ll take note!” said the prince as he headed in. 

At that moment, Debbie and some others managed to get in too with their skills. They stood on the higher floors to continue observing the game. 

“This is the biggest problem he will face. How is he going to defeat her?” said the third princess as she and her friends sat on the rooftop of the courtyard. 

“I think he can defeat her, his skills are amazing,” said Debbie, voicing her opinion. 

“I think she’ll torture him to death. She’s a prodigy, she’s different from us,” said Princess Hyena, her hatred towards Ye Lang seeping in. 

“Both sides have a chance. Even if both sides are injured, I think Ye Lang still wins. He has a hundred points and the red team has ninety-nine.” 

“Dummy, if Ye Lang is eliminated, the red team gets a point.” 

“But if Ye Lang is eliminated by the bride does the red team get a point?” 

“I don’t know. If that happens, a tie isn’t that bad. Everyone’s happy like that.” 

The brides were all discussing among each other happily on the rooftop.  It was a scene to behold for the other onlookers, some were more excited to look at the brides than the game.      

“If you want to get closer, you have to step on me first,” said someone that tried to block Ye Lang. 

“Ok!” Ye Lang nodded. He jumped up and forcefully stepped on the man as a boost. 
The one that got stepped on was slightly upset. He didn’t mean it literally, he just wanted to look cool. He took comfort from the fact that some others faced the same fate as him. 


The referees appeared once more to inform those unlucky members of the red team. 

As Ye Lang got closer, everyone got more excited. They had high hopes for the battle between Ye Lang and the masters, and of course, the lady inside. 

The masters? 

That’s right, there were a group of people waiting for Ye Lang in the courtyard. It was the prince’s inner circle, the highly skilled nobles.

The prince was supposed to be part of the group but sadly, he got eliminated by Ye Lang!! 

The masters were in position when Ye Lang entered the building. They were prepared to say a few words before they started but Ye Lang didn’t give them the chance! 

As soon as he got in, he directly went with his plan and eliminated all of them!! 




The referees soon appeared to announce the elimination of the still confused masters! 

“Ye Lang really has a one straight mind. I don’t blame him, it’s efficient!” said the third princess. 

That day, the third princess learned a lot from Ye Lang. She believed she would never forget that special day or Ye Lang that special person. 

At the same time, the prince was also deep in thought. He was processing the lessons he learned from Ye Lang. It actually helped him a lot in life later on. Years later, he felt that he should have made Ye Lang his master to learn more from him!! 

Of course, at that time, the prince’s mind was only filled with thoughts of the game. His body was filled with anticipation for the final match between Ye Lang and the Lady. 
Most knew the final line of defense for the red team was the bride waiting inside the building. They thought Ye Lang had nothing on the Lady, she could definitely eliminate him with some help. 

The thing was that the Lady didn’t like receiving help. She enjoyed the process of a 1v1 fight. 

Anticipation only increased as time passed… 

Soon, the door was flung open, inside was a young lady… 

“You’re the bride right? I’ll eliminate you now!” Ye Lang pointed at the young lady. 


It was silence. 

“No, she’s not, she’s from the red team…” said the prince nervously. He was afraid that Ye Lang would injure her because it was Hu Mei. 

“No, the one you’re looking for is inside. Her temper isn’t great, be careful,” said Hu Mei with a smile. 

“Hu Mei, what are you talking about? My temper is great!” The Lady walked out in a white dress that held no obstacle to her movements. 

“You are the last bride…” 

“You are 5050…” 

Ye Lang and the Lady spoke at the same time. 



They both stared at each other. 

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