The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 674

“Wei Xing? A name full of personality, yet he is an embarrassment.” Ye Lang looked at Wei Xing’s eyes darted at the weird man. His entire being gave off an unsettling feeling. 

Ye Lang took one look, then turned his head immediately. He hated his guy and it was obvious from his look of contempt. 

Wei Xing was already annoyed before this. Now, he was furious! 

“Right, although Wei Xing is considered capable, he could only become a core Wei family member only because his mother had an agreement with one of the core members to take him as their son. That was why his father on paper isn’t his biological father,” said Coldblood Five. 

If Wei Xing knew that Coldblood Five knew this, he would panic. Only Wei Xing, his mother and that member knew of this. It was a secret, no one else must know. 


“Not many know of this, you don’t have to tell anyone,” said Coldblood Five. 

“I understand, and I don’t have time to talk about that! Right, how do you know?” asked Ye Lang curiously. If so few people know, how do you know? 

“Coldblood Group was watching them for a while and learned about this,” replied Coldblood Five. 

“Watching? Did you all watch even the process?” Ye Lang asked. It was unfortunate that Coldblood Five had to answer this question. 

“Nonsense, of course we did…” Coldblood Five huffed. 

“Oh…” Ye Lang thought for a moment, then asked, “Who watched?” 

“It’s… It’s none of your business!” Coldblood Five wanted to answer but suddenly realised it was not related to him. 

“Fine, it was just curious!” Ye Lang grinned and continued eating. “Eh, my jelly shrank… Kaline, you’re so naughty! You stole my food, I’ll spank you.” 

“Mmm….” the little princess’ mouth was stuffed with food. She said something but it wasn’t important. 

“Time to eat. What tofu is this? It tastes great, and this… Not bad…” Ye Lang and the little princess started eating, even Coldblood Five participated. 

Hmmph, I’m not THAT impolite! 

This was what Liu Feiyan thought but she saw Ye Lang’s hand extend in front of her. 

“Ah! Boss, you’re so mean, eating my food! No way, I must eat too…”

In the end, she got off her high horse and started to snatch food for herself too. However, although they were fighting for food, they seemed to do it with nobility and elegance. They were all no ordinary folk after all. 

However, to some people who hated them, they did not look elegant at all! 

“Hmmph, a bunch of barbarians indeed! Kid, I like your two girls here. Have fun with your food. Ladies, come follow me!” That eerie voice appeared once again, very close to them- only a few steps away from Ye Lang and the bunch. 

No one responded. Wei Xing’s smile stiffened. “I’m Wei Xing, the young master of the Wei family, also your Wanhua Building’s frequent customer. Don’t think you can earn a little profit off a barbarian like this. You’d lose much more money just for a moment’s profit.” 

To Wei Xing, Coldblood Five and Liu Feiyan were working here. It was a brothel anyway, other than the girls who worked here, there were no other girls. 

Since they worked here, then he must state his identity. Naturally, they would follow him if they knew what’s best for the business. Even if they were new, they should know how to make this decision. 

He’d never seen them before so he assumed they were new. He was a frequent customer here, why else would he not recognise the girls here? 

However, Wei Xin was embarrassed once again because no one responded! 

“Brother Wei Xing, let’s not disturb other customers. We’ve got to hurry and talk to Miss Xinni. We’re not here for fun today, we have serious business.” At this moment, a well-dressed gentleman next to Wei Xing spoke up. He nodded apologetically to Ye Lang and the rest. 

Of course, no one was sure if Ye Lang and his bunch even saw it. 

This gentleman was more observant than Wei Xing. He thought that Ye Lang’s reaction was not normal. Either they had their reasons for not being afraid, or these people had not seen enough of the world. 

It didn’t matter which. The man did not want to waste more time here. If these people were calm because they had their reasons, that would be trouble. On the other hand, clueless people who hadn’t seen the world were their own kind of trouble too. 

The gentleman was very different from Wei Xing. They were only here for a serious matter, he wasn’t a frequent customer here. 

They were here not to question the business operations of the place. 

While Wei Xing was a frequent customer, he rarely came this early. He usually only came in the afternoon. 

He was here for Miss Xinni, the girl mentioned before. They needed Miss Xinni’s help because they were preparing for a performance- for the empress dowager. 

Unfortunately, there were also other people present in the building who were annoyed with Ye Lang. Like Wei Xing, they were frequent customers here. Wei Xing wasn’t alone. That was why the escalation of this incident could not be stopped by this gentleman alone. 

“You can talk to Miss Xinni later, she isn’t awake at this hour yet anyway! I can’t believe I missed a few days here and two beauties appeared!” a rich boy with Wei Xing said with a chuckle. It was more like an evil sneer. 

“Yeah, Brother Liu, you should ask Sister Xin Ying why they didn’t inform us when new girls arrived! Your Liu family is the one paying for their livelihoods!” said Wei Xing. 

“Cough cough, Brother Wei, you talk too much!” the man named Brother Liu coughed dryly. 

What are you coughing for? It’s not a secret. Anyone knows the depth of the relationship between Wanhua Building and your Liu family. Too many shady deals in there too. 

Princess Longji was previously here to investigate this matter too. Wanhua Building was in many shady deals with major palace officials. 

Although on the surface, this matter didn’t look serious, no one really knew the true figures. That was why investigations were conducted. 

On the surface, everyone knew this place was related to the Liu family. But that was just superficial knowledge. No one really knew the extent of this. 

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