The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 707

“What?” asked Ye Lang casually. 

“I’ll bite you!” Long Ai pounced on him, grabbing his arm and wanted to bite him as a warning. 

“Go away!” He grabbed her hand and flipped her unto the ground mercilessly. 

“Ah…” Long Ai yelped in pain. Although she had a foundation in kung fu, it still hurt. She welled up, looking very pitiful. 

Ye Lang did not care for pretty girls. He just flipped a cute girl cruelly. 

“Ye Lang, why did you do that? Do you know what ‘treating a girl nicely’ means?” said the seventh princess. 

“Nope! But she’s my cousin, do I have to?”


Perhaps bullying a cousin every one in a while was fine…

“Alright, tell us who didn’t let you in. They must have a death wish.” The seventh princess did not dwell on the subject. She just wanted to know who was bold enough to make Ye Lang wait so long. 

“I didn’t notice. Feiyan, what were they called?” asked Ye Lang. He didn’t really care about what happened. If someone really wanted to upset Ye Lang, they’d be frustrated. 

That was because it was completely useless. He didn’t even care! 

“Tianlai Performing Group?! I think that’s…” The seventh princess and Ye Lanyu looked at each other, knowing what the other was thinking. 

“Anxi, weren’t you telling me about Tianlai, the group your daughter is in?” said Long Anqi to Long Anxi next to her, frowning. 

Long Anqi didn’t think this was a coincidence. She felt like someone was deliberately troubling her son, hence she was upset. 

It was true. Long Anxi’s daughter, the one who met Ye Lang, that cold and arrogant girl, was the lead singer of Tianlai Performing Group. She had an admirable voice since young, therefore had been their lead singer for several years. She also had many admirers from this career. 

This time, it was her idea to take over the venue. She knew Ye Lang was performing after her, hence she dragged their rehearsals on purpose. 

She knew the guards would not dare say anything because she was the princess’ daughter and the lead. No one would dare say a word. 

However, she did not know that if Ye Lang really looked into the matter, it would reflect badly on herself. With both sides in conflict, the guards would only listen to Ye Lang, not her. 

Ye Lang just didn’t care. He wasn’t interested. He could care less if they booked the venue forever. 

She didn’t expect Ye Lang to leave so suddenly without even talking to Tianlai. The lines she prepared for the confrontation were now useless. 

“Yeah, my daughter Wu Xia is the lead singer of Tianlai, the most famous performing group of the mainland. She’s not an average singer like your son. Letting them use the venue would just be a waste of resources,” spat Long Anxi. 

Many people heard this clearly, including Ye Lang, who was eating. Long Anqi was right next to Ye Lang. 

Ye Lanyu’s face changed. The rest knew they were in for a show. 

However, they realised that the main character, Ye Lang, was still picking up more food for himself, indifferent. 

Did he even hear her? 

“Little Brother, what are you doing?” 

“I’m eating! I haven’t had my breakfast, thank goodness there’s food here! Right, where’s grandma hiding? She makes delicious Golden Bird’s Nest Jelly,” said Ye Lang. 

“...” Everyone was speechless, realising he did not hear Long Anxi at all. He had completely ignored her presence. 

Also what did he mean by ‘where’s grandma hiding’? She was the empress dowager, could he say that? Even so, would you talk about your grandmother like that? 

“Cousin, you’re shameless! You stole all our bird’s nest jelly the last time you visited, I didn’t have any for months!” Long Ai pouted. It was no ordinary dessert, requiring a long time for preparation. Usually, one would enjoy the dish bit by bit for a long time. 

However, Ye Lang had taken all of it the last time he visited, even the empress dowager didn’t get to have any. She secretly cursed the boy. 

“Is that so?” asked Ye Lang. Not sure if he was faking it. Long Ai stomped her foot in anger. 

“Ye Lang, you imbecile! You think we do not exist?” Long Anxi raged. Ye Lang had not shown her respect since the beginning, now she dragged other people into it, saying ‘we’. 

Everyone else was innocent! Why did you have to drag us in, we’re just minding our own business here. 

They all stayed far from her to clearly show that they were not related to her at all. 

Long Anxi was frustrated because she didn’t know Ye Lang was so influential here. 

“I do treat other people like they exist. As for you, I think treating you like you don’t exist is better. I always feel like talking to you is a waste of time,” said Ye Lang honestly. 

“You… You… Long Anqi, look at him, your son is very rude.” Long Anxi was so mad she could only use this to mock Long Anqi. 

“Manners are unnecessary when talking to another who is lacking,” said Long Anqi mildly. 

“You…” Long Anxi hadn’t expected Long Anqi to imply that she was the rude one. 

Ye Lang was her precious son, how could she let someone insult Ye Lang? She would retaliate even if the other person was the Jade Emperor of the heavens himself. 

“Mom, I have a question!” said Ye Lang suddenly. 

“What’s the question?” Long Anqi asked, puzzled. 

“Is this auntie your older sister?” asked Ye Lang seriously. 

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