Ye Cang activated Little Blue Feather’s Spiraling Frost and knocked the deep abyss dragon’s head. He slashed with his arcane sword, locked on and numerous bullets were sent flying towards the dragon. The rest took the opportunity to quickly rush up the stairs. The dragon then started chasing Little Blue Feather, triggering all the traps.

Like a lightning flash, Ye Cang dodged all the traps and the dragon’s bite, attacked with his ballista, and calculated the time left for his pet to withstand in the Incredible Driving License state. Lin Le quickly unlocked the control panel at the north. With the Holy Shine, they could see Ye Cang rushing out from the abyss as the dragon was following tight. Yet, when the light was over, all they could hear were Little Blue Feather’s cries and the dragon’s furious roar.

The team only had the last vertex left and Ye Cang screamed at the top of his lungs, “I can’t hold it anymore! Little Blue Feather is exhausted!”

Little Ye Tian asked Little Ration to replace the job but it was knocked away by just one swing of the tail before it could react. Little Tadpole was nowhere to be found too. Ye Cang recalled Little Blue Feather and pulled out his scepter from his shadow, changing it to shadow blade. He stabbed the blade on the wall and dragged himself upwards with the momentum. As he ascended, he pulled out his blade and turned into multiple shadows, dodging the dragon’s attack. In the meantime, he shot a few fire bullets with Enchant Arrow and tossed his blade. As he was falling down, the dragon charged at him with its mouth. Yet, he smirked. The bullets landed on the wall where the team was at and a light was gleaming. With the blade stabbing into the wall, a shadow was formed. Shadow Step! The dragon once again missed and fell into the abyss.

Ye Cang came out from the blade’s shadow and pushed himself upwards with the momentum of the blade. He then arrived beside the team with a pulse of current. “So lucky. I was so lucky.”

Lin Le unlocked the last remote and a hexagram was formed. All the traps were disarmed and platforms were connected between all of the pillars. They had a large space to move. With the light from the hexagram, their vision was clear. Ye Cang noticed that the dragon’s movement was restricted as it could only move in the center of the hexagram.

Little Ye Tian said, “So, that means, all the corners are where it can’t reach and it can only attack us from the center. Spread out everyone! Brother A’Xiong, Brother VastSea, Brother LordAsked, stand at the nearest triangle. As for the long-ranged players, retreat to the vertex of each of the corners. With the hexagram, it won’t be able to come close to you. The close-ranged combaters will roam around the three triangles and find an opportunity to strike!”

Everyone stood at their assigned positions. With a roar from the dragon, they could predict its movement. Zhang Zhengxiong slammed the dragon’s head with his hammer as soon as he saw it rushing out from his side. Little Tadpole and Little Ren jumped on it, smashing and slicing madly but hopped away when the dragon tried to swing them off. It once again went back to the abyss but its body which was left exposed invited everyone to attack it.

Ye Cang quickly came to the edge and observed. “It’s in the direction of VastSea!”

A few close-ranged combaters went over swiftly. Ye Cang took out his heavy ballista, locked on its shadow and prepared his Spiral Meteor Shot. Meanwhile, AV cast healing spells on VastSea and summoned his healing plant - Pollen Sunflower. The flower was shooting healing pollen at VastSea.

VastSea dropped low, preparing to attack. I just have to roughly predict its location. The hexagram had saved us the trouble by taking care of our backs. It’s basically just like playing whack-a-mole. But of course, it’s not that easy too. Here it comes! Activate Blood Rage! Damage reduction! Seeing the gigantic mouth appearing in front of him, he did not think of backing off but smashed as hard as he could with his shield. Drawing Sword Slash! Rage Shockwave! He rolled over to dodge out from its mouth and stabbed its eye with his blade.

On the other hand, Ye Cang’s strong weapon was capable of shooting right into the other eye and Lin Le smashed its head with his handcart. He drew out his dragon steel blade and attacked madly. Drink the wine! Surging Dragon! Returning Dragon! Arm Destruction!

The dragon bled a lot and it once again returned to the abyss. CloudDragon pondered. We’re too slow. If SpyingBlade and I could give it a series of combos, we might be able to bring him to a weakened state!

“@#$!%%” the dragon was inapprehensible.

“It is using draconic to cast dark magic.” Being able to identify what kind of spell was being cast, Ye Cang kept his heavy ballista away and rushed to Zhang Zhengxiong.

“Come to me! Everyone!” As Zhang Zhengxiong shouted, everyone rushed over.

The dark water droplet from Zhang Zhengxiong’s ring fell into the center. Everyone could see the shape and the fury from the bloody red pair of eyes staring back at them. The dragon had only lost two eyes from its compound eyes.

An enormous dark shockwave burst out and numerous dark arrows poured from the sky. 

A black wall was formed and absorbed all the shockwave and arrows. At the same time, the color of the wall became darker. By the time it finished absorbing the damage, it turned into a dark orb and entered into Zhang Zhengxiong’s body. Everyone felt that he was as if being injected with some drugs that can enlarge his body size in multiples.

ThornyRose knew this skill of his. It can only absorb dark magic and 30% of the damage will turn into the user’s maximum health. So, his current health is… She asked Zhang Zhengxiong to let her take a peek. This... can just go solo yourself bruhh. A hundred times of my health is not even enough, even though it’s only temporarily.

An idea flashed through Zhang Zhengxiong’s mind and he changed his war hammer to his blood halberd. The halberd had an effect of changing the user’s health points into damage. The dragon once again rushed out.

Zhang Zhengxiong did not dodge the attack, instead, he was bitten by the dragon and without a flinch, he charged his energy. Pierce of Giant Dragon! His halberd pierced right into its skull and burst a hole. A larger stream of blood was rushing out and the dragon shrieked in pain. Moments later, the dragon head fell off and landed on the platform. LordAsked was dumbfounded. Everyone knows how high physical resistance this dragon has. But the attack just now...took away almost four times of the dragon’s health! In just one shot! Even though it has the anti-dragon effect and it was an effective attack.

Knowing his temporary health had two seconds left, Zhang Zhengxiong continued to attack before it was too late. Holy Judgement! Three Combo Dance! Heavy Judgement! The dragon’s blood splashed all over his body.

“Congratulations! You (Zhang Zhengxiong) have obtained the only achievement - Bloody Dragon Slayer! For dealing almost 70% damage against a boss ranked dragon and killed it alone!”

“Congratulations! Your team has successfully killed the deep abyss dragon - Barlonsha Keya! You can randomly obtain a magic iron ranked class equipment, a random item, 10 skill points, 5 talent points, one level up, permanent increase in experience by extra 5% and dark resistance by 30 and a random class skill!”

The Bloody Dragon Slayer (Only One - Honorable Achievement - Title - HeavenShakingMight) : Damage dealt to dragons increases by 50%, damage received from dragons reduces by 30%. Whenever you kill an elite dragon, your maximum health will increase by 2%; 10% for boss ranked; 15% for special field boss ranked; 50% for lord ranked; 100% for king ranked and 300% for god ranked.